11 MAY 1861

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A bill has been introduced in the French Legislative Cham-

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ber for calling out one hundred thousand men of the conscription, of the present year. It is chiefly important because introduced by the Government with a formal avowal that, in...

The Italian Parliament remains apparently quiescent, overwhelmed, it is said,

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with the mass of work presented to it. The Government is compelled to present bills for the reorganization of the navy, for the unification of the armies, for a national...


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O UR intelligence from America is to the 27th of April, only three days later than that recorded in our last issue. Events, how- ever, advance so rapidly, that even three days...

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"I consider it to be my duty to my peoples

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to declare the General Constitution, in accordance with the Diploma of the 20th of October, 1860, and with the fundamental laws of the 26th of February, 1861, to be the...

In Prussia public attention is still chiefly occupied by a

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conflict between the Ministry and the Upper House. Every liberal bill is rejected, as of course by the nobles, who hope to force the Court once more to adopt their policy. They...

No intelligence of the slightest importance has been received from

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Northern Europe. It is rumoured, indeed, that Russia has placed fifty thousand - men upon the Pnith, but the statement requires more confirmation than it has received. The...

The French Senate have rejected the petitions calling on them

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to advocate the retention of the French army in Syria, but the Syrian Christians are most unwilling to see the French troops depart. Christians of all nationalities at Beyrout...

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Lord Mayor Cubitt gave a dinner at the Mansion House

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on Wednesday to his friend Lord Elgin. The Dukes of Somerset and Argyll were there, and several distinguished politicians and military men, Sir Hope Grant being among the...

We have intelligence from India to the 12th of April,

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and are happy to record a general fake rain in the North-West Provinces. The famine, however, had not diminished, and the local means of relief were nearly exhausted. The...

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- At the Central Criminal Court the four men and

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three women who. shamelessly plundered M. Bisset in Bethnal-green in broad day- light, have been found guilty, and received an exemplary punishment.. The male ru ffi ans are to...

The Dublin Corporation desires complete relief from the police tax.

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Alderman Reynolds warns the Government that if they do not grant this boon to Dublin, Lord Derby will. Terrible alternative ! In fact, it seems to be an "inseparable accident"...

A. vacancy in the representation of the county of Flint

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has been caused by the death of Mr. Mostyn, who expired on Wednesday, in his thirty-first year. The annual meeting of the British and Foreign School Society was held on Monday,...

Maio ally rnatidugn in Variianaut.

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Houses OF Loans. lfonday, May G.—The Suez Canal ; Lord Carnarvon's Motion- Tuesday, May 7.—Wills of Personalty by British Subjects ; referred to a Select. Committee. Thursday,...

Vice-Chancellor, Sir John Stuart, has delivered judgment in , the case

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of the Kossuth notes. It may be remembered that the Emperor of Austria prayed that Messrs. Day, who had undertaken to furnish Kossuth with a large quantity of paper money for...

The case of Lady Forth came before the Divorce Court

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again this week. It may be remembered that she prayed for a divorce, but when the Queen's Proctor put in an appearance, and showed that. Lady Forth. was living in adultery, the...

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IN the House of Lords, Lord STRANFORD DE REDELIVER moved three resolutions, to the effect that the House would deeply regret any circumstance leading to a continuance, however...


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A report was current the end of the week that Lord Herbert was about to resign the office of Secretary of State for War, the reason given being thatim was so ill. Several papers...

CO Cunt

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THE een is still residing at the White Lodge, Richmond Park. Her ajesty has driven out every day accompanied by the Princess Alice or the Princesses Helena and Louisa. Princes...

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Bankrupts.-Willian Matthias Braider, Swansea, Glamorganshire, letterpres. printer-Henry Carter, Oxford, painter--GeorgeElliott, Farnham, Surrey, blacksmith -John Pheby,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Oux monetary news this week is rather less favourable than the last, the demand having increased, partly because of the fall in the American...


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SHARES. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) MINES- RAILWAYS- Rhymney Iron Australian Ditto St. John del Rey Cobra Copper Brazilian Imperial...

The CorrespotidefFia dutogrea of Thursday says that " Spain has

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at present entered into no engagement in reference to the annexation of San Domingo. Slavery, however, is not to be introduced. The legislation will the same as that now valid...

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CIVIL WAR IN AMERICA. TT is sometimes a misfortune to be too well informed, and it is one from which the British public suffers on American affairs. Intelligence reaches them...

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rir iE action of the House of Lords never appears more beneficial than when discussing questions of foreign .policy. The Peers on that subject are at least as outspoken as the...

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C OUNT Ladislaus Teleky is the scion of a family distinguished in the annals of Hungary by a long series of ancestors who were foremost whenever the ser- vices of the country...

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"JUSTICE TO IRELAND" I RISHMEN are never tired of saying that

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Englishmen cannot understand them, and, certainly, there are points on which Englishmen may justly confess their want of com- prehension. Sympathy, for example, seems to act on...


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T HE civil war in the States, besides the general injury to humanity, threatens to inflict a special mischief upon commerce by unsettling maritime law. Most of the prin- ciples...

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gunge such as these. When the transfer of a lease

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can bei Gibraltar up to Spain, surrender Hong Kong to the Chinese, denounced as a crime, the rights of property need no weak- and even assign the Red River to the savages who...

THE PROSPECTS OF AUSTRIA. T HE prospects of constitutional government in

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Austria, in spite of some encouraging signs, are not, we fear, im proving. The Parliament, it is true, is unexpectedly good, both as a representative and a constitutional...

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THE BARON DE BODE O NCE more the De Bode case

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is before the public, and Attorney-General Sir Richard Bethell is looking into its merits. We trust, for the honour of England, that as he will look with clear eyes, so he will...


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T HE defeat of the Lords on the tea duties was more con- elusive than at first appeared. Mr. Disraeli Wiffi under- stood, when the numbers were first announced, to threaten...

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S IR, L. Palk has done the public a service in introducing a bill for the improvement of labourers' cottages. His measure will scarcely pass, for it is encumbered with details,...

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fine arts.

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ROYAL ACADEMY. FIRST NOTICE. Tex great Art festival of the year—the opening of the Royal Academy —an event for which painters, who boast not the addition of the magical R.A....

Tin musical intelligence of this week is scanty and not

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very interest- ing. At the Royal Italian Opera, the Trovatore has been perfomed for the first time this season, but precisely in the same manner as last year ;—Penco being...

On Sunday week a festival was given at Paris by

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the choral societies of the Seine, a branch of the great Orpheon association, which extends all over France. Our readers will remember the sensa- tion created in London by the...

Gounod's new opera, Faust, has achieved great success at Darm-

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stadt. At the second performance the Grand Duke decorated the composer, and appointed the prima donna, Mdlle. Emilie Schmidt, Court chamber-singer. There is to be a great...

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MR. PAGET AND LORD MACAULAY.* THAT Lord Macaulay's History of England, though a splendid achievement in a purely literary point of view, cannot be implicitly re- lied upon as a...

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TRIS book is a dissertation, partly from an architectural, partly from an ecclesiastical and social point of view, on the subject of the extension of the Episcopate as a means'...

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HOW TO MANAGE A COLONY.* IN the autumn of 1858

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Anglo-Indian society generally, and that of Calcutta more particularly, was agitated to its very centre by the discussions then raging as to the best method of reconstructing...

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This correspondence is a supplement to the "Joarnal of Thomas Raikes," an interesting book which was published in 1856 and 1857, and had for its author one who, like Francis...


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The Englialneontan in Italy possesses merits which entitle it to the place accorded it in Hurst and Blackett's Standard Library of Cheap Editions of Popular Modern Works. In...

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SKETCHING- RAMBLES.* Dunrso the present century the pursuits and amusements

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of ladies. have undergone a great change, which is in no respect more remark- able than in the increased share they now take in literature. The' i exterior of a lady at the...

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number of places visited, and they stayed long enough at

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each to have had more sport among the reindeer, and we should have been anableiliem to carry away a rather less hurried notion of things and gladdened by many more pages of a...

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London Labour and the London Poor. By Henry Mayhew. Three volumes. London: Giiffin, Bohn, and Co.—After a lapse of we dare not venture to say how many years, Mr. Mayhew's great...

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On the 4th inst., at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, the wife of H. IV. Gordon, Esq., C.B., of a son. On the 5th inst, at 69, Eaton-square. the Hon. Mrs. Reynolds Moreton, of a...