11 OCTOBER 1845

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Arbitrary government has again been disturbed in Italy by armed

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revolt ; and crude conspiracy has again been crushed by Arbitrary government has again been disturbed in Italy by armed revolt ; and crude conspiracy has again been crushed by...


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THE sound of arms has drawn closer to us, echoing from French Africa and from Italy. Abd-el-Kader has reappeared; and so formidable has been the rising of the Moorish Arabs...

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be court.

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THE quiet in the life of the Court at Windsor Castle this week has been extreme. The Queen has walked out occasionally, weather permitting, accompanied by Prince Albert, who is...

Zbe Iftetropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday for the despatch of business. A report was presented from a special Committee, on the proceedings at Christ's Hospital on St. Matthew's...

Some characteristic personalities absorb public attention in Ireland.

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Mr. John O'Connell has discovered that Mr. "John Foster" at Halesworth in England is not Mr. "Thomas Campbell Foster" at BalLina in Ireland ; and he has duly apologized to the...

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Zbt 1Probinrcs.

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There has been some little manceuvering among the Conservative candidates for South Warwickshire. The funeral of Sir John Mordaunt having taken place on Friday, an address from...

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The Dublin Evening Mail publishes a charge delivered by the Lord Primate to the clergy of his diocese, on the occasion of his visitation at Armagh. It consists mainly of a...

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ffortign an (Colonial.

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ALGERIA.—Abd-el-Kader has reappeared, and the French have sustained some untoward reverses. We compile our account of the affairs from va- rious sources. The most signal...

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An agricultural correspondent in Surrey reports progress, or rather want of progress, in the harvest; and touches upon the recent agricultural-dinner proceedings in a. spirit...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Revenue-accounts for the year and quarter, published this morn- ing, and printed in another page, exhibit a considerable decrease; less, however, in the...

Another candidate has offered himself to the electors of Windsor,—

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Colonel Reid, of the Second Life Guards. The Colonel professes local attachments and Conservative principles- " I am warmly and sincerely attached to our Protestant Church, and...

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Though the Princess's opened on Monday, it was without Milt : the main body of the forces mustered, and showed a good front on parade, but the chiefs have not yet taken the...

The Paris papers of Thursday state that the Minister of

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the Marine has sent de- spatches to the maritime Prefects, urging them to expedite as much as possible the fitting out of the ships destined for the station on the Western...

The Dublin Freeman of Thursday publishes a letter signed" A

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Celt," and purporting to be written by the son of a Peer, who, having travelled, has come home a convert to Repeal. On this letter another journal observes—" Strictly speakin g,...

Advic,es have been received in London Way, by mail of

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the 22d August, from Rio de Janeiro. They inform us that General Rosas had rejected the ultimatum of the Allied Powers, and that General Oribe had refused to retire from Monte...

At the Haymarket, Mrs. Seymour, formerly Miss Alison—who made her

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debut at the St. James's when it was first opened under Braham's manage- meat—is taking the lead in genteel comedy. She has played Miss Donlon in Mrs. Inchbald's comedy of Wives...

Last night's Gazette announces some minor appointments: the Reverend John

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Giffard Ward, MA., is appointed Dean of Lincoln Cathedral; Mr. J. A. Tasche- ream Solicitor-General for Canada Rut. The Gazette also notifies that Lieutenants in the Navy who...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, 5th Oct., Assam, Currie ; and Protomelia, Finlay, fronz Calcutta; and Hamilton Ross, Douglas, from Madras ; and 8th, Thomas Jones, Hamil- ton, from Ceylon....


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The business in the English Funds has not been extensive; but prices have ad- vanced, principally from the effect of the purchases made on...

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RAILWAYS IN LONDON. A GREAT scheme is on foot to build in Farringdon Street a can terminus for railways, uniting Liverpool, Manchester, Bir- mingham, and other places, with...


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la SPECTATOR—Is the Rererend James West a clergyman? Part of his story is a detected fabrication; suspicion is on all of it. You have, however, made it the occasion, if not the...


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Yorkshire, 6th October. Ma. Enrron—Permit me to say, that in your article on " Mortgages," in last week's Spectator, you have fallen into two important errors. You have stated,...


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OIIR great towns are diseased because we will not take prop& pains to arrange the drainage, the course and nature of the build- ings, and the supply of water. It is evident that...

The only variety in the entertainments at Drury Lane this

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week has been one of so novel and agreeable a nature that its repetition is desirable. We allude, not to the extempore divertissement got up by M. Pichler on Thursday, under the...

The Olympic also opened this week, under the joint management

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of Miss Kate Howard and Mr. George Wild. The house has been newly decorated in a very complete and handsome style; and the comfort of the public ap- pears to have been studied...

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THE Dorsetshire landowners have been entertaining their la- bowers at dinner ; the Oldham factory-hands have been enter- taming . their masters at tea. The two meetinbss, both...

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THE newspaper criticisms, favourable or unfavourable, on the Con- veyancing Acts recently come into operation, denote a growing spirit of friendly attention to Law Reform. This...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 10th October 1844 and 1845, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED...

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BIOGRAPHY, The Life of Mozart, including his Correspondence. By Edward Holmes, Author of "A Ramble among the Musicians of Germany." Chapman wad Hall. TRAVELS, Revelations of...

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These volume] are offered as the results of some years' residence in Spain; • as in a still later publication, The Ocean Flower, the writer (Mr. T. M. Hughes) turned to account...

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IT has often been said that if any man would write an account of all that occurs to him in his life it would make an interesting book. Unless with so many exceptions as to...

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From October 3d to October 9th. BOOKS. The Lady of Milan; or Fidelity unto Death. Edited by Mrs. Thomson, Author of 'Widows and Widowers," &e. In three volumes. [A precise...

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SCHOOL FOR WORKING ARTISTS. WORKING artists are now wanted in England, and we have no schools to train them thoroughly. We think it was Professor Waagen who said, a few years...

BIRTHS- On the lath March, at Wellington, New Zealand, the

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Lady of the Hon. Homy Petre, of a son. On the 13th May, at Sydney, New Smith Wales, the Lady of William Montague Manning, Esq., Solicitor-General, of a daughter. On the 3d...

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MILITARY GAZETTE. vim ...,ncr., Oct. 10.—bib Drag. Guards—J. Fort, Gent, to

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be Cornet, by purchase, vine Bridge, promoted. 4th Light Drags.—W. F. Burton, Gent, to be Cornet, by per- a w e, vice Barron, promoted. 10th Foot—Ensign J. W. Medhurst to be...


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Tuesday, October 7. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. E. and R. Rees, Abergavenny, statiouers—Saxby and Co. Lewes, chemists—Parker and W:udlow, Glossop, Derbyshire,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Seemed. Manday. Tuesday. Walnut. 3 per Cent Consols . ....... Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced ..... 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank...