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THE destiny of Italy is too strong for the powers that have so long held her down. The discretion and firmness of Pius the Ninth have kept his case so clear from doubt, whether...

Spain has at last witnessed its long threatened Ministerial crisis;

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and has been the scene of one of the most curious hoaxes ever practised on a public man. Narvaez had been sent for in a hurry, professedly in the Queen's name, to form a...

The Government of Greece struggles on with a series of

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disas- trous successes. Coletti has triumphed over the constitution in assembling a Legislature elected by fraud, force, corruption, and every means but a simple and fair...

The difficulty of 'eying rates towards the expenses of sup-

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porting the destitute in Ireland places the Executive in a "fix." The law is, that certain payments shall be charged upon the land for the maintenance of the destitute, and be...

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COE CI:lettere Ulna ter AuratIenIL

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Drumm the last week, the proeeedings at Ardverikie have afforded, little employment for the Court chronicler. On Wednesday sennight, the Queen took advantage of the fine...

Zbe iffittropalfs.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, for the despatch of general business. Amongst other matters, a magnificent salver was ex- _ hibited, which had been voted by the...

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Lord Auckland has paid an unexpected visit of inspection to Cove, in his capacity of First Lord of the Admiralty. He arrived on Sunday, in the Queen's steamer Fire Queen,...

Zbe glrobinces.

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Mr. Charles Villiers having left it to be decided by his old constituents of Wolverhampton, whether he should remain their Member or sit for South Lancashire, the electors met...

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The ceremony of electing sixteen Representative Peers for Scotland took place on Wednesday, in the picture-gallery of Holyrood Palace. The special interest arose from the fact...

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_foreign arrb ITALY.—The accounts from Italy maintain their interest. Private

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let- ters from Rome, to the 28th August, announce the important fact, that the Wing of Naples had declared, through his Ambassador to the Papal Go- vernment, his approbation of...

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The Queen Dowager- has. returned to Busby Park, from the Isle of Wight. Her Majesty left Ryde on. Tuesday morning, in the Lightning; steamer, and travelled to town by the...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The foreign intelligence announces important movements in Spain, in Italy, and on the Algerian frontier. As a sequel to the amnesty, the Madrid Gazette of the...


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SATURDAY MORNING. Alumni—At Gravesend, 3d Sept. Borneo, Davidson, from Penang ; and lone, Robb, from Mauritius; 4th ; !Bodo°, Burgoyne, from Batavia ; Recovery, Bryer, from...


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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 10.-4th Light Drags.—Lteut. T. Hutton, from the 15th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Montgomery, who exchanges. 6th Regt. of Foot—Capt. W. F. Viscount Chewton,...

The Duke of Lucca was at this time absent at

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San Martino in Vignale- The Council of State assembled, and sent a deputation to him to inform him of the popular movement. Meanwhile, the populace waited on the Piazza, without...

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The Journal des De:bats publishes the following intelligence from Algeria-

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" We are assured that the Government yesterday received the news that Abd- el-Kader had possessed himself of the town of Taza, in Morocco, and would march on Fez. Taza is...

Apropos to the state of business in the corn-market, the

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Times supplies - RODIe further particulars respecting the new batch of commercial disasters- Apropos to the state of business in the corn-market, the Times supplies - RODIe...

Advices from Rome mention that the commanders of the different

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garri sons have been instructed to repel foreign invasion and to this end they are authorized to use the assistance of volunteers.

Last night's Gazette notifies the appointment of Lord Wrottesley, Professor

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Robert Willis, MA., Captain Henry James, R. E., Mr. George Rennie, Mr. William Cubitt, and Mr. Eaton Hodgkinson, to be her Majesty's Commissioners for inquiring into the...

The Lisbon letters of the 31st August contain little news.

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Revolution- ary agents were still at work on the South bank of theTagus, where symp- toms of another Democratic insurrection were manifesting themselves.


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STOCK EXCH•NOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Money has been more in demand than usual; and the English Stocks have expe- rienced a decline of 1 per cent, the closing quotations of today...

Some of the newspapers announced last week that Jenny Lind

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had been engaged for next season at Her Majesty's Theatre. We passed the state- ment by, until it should be confirmed: but this week we learn, from more unquestionable...


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An extravaganza on the subject of Shakspere's House, and the sale thereof, has been produced at the Adelphi. The author, Mr. Stirling Coyne, of course makes the piece a vehicle...

The Builder suggests this "compendium of requisites." "Cheap and efficient

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sewerage, suppression of all cesspools, ample supply of water, the widening of allies, provision of healthful dwellings for the industrous classes, means of carry- ing off the...

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Cam - telt WOO of

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THE NEW HOUSE OF COMMONS. ELECTED IN JULY AND AUGUST 1847. List L—THE WHOLE HOUSE. ENGLAND AND WALES. (001Mtlee, 168; Unlverettes, I ; Cities and Boroughs, 336; Sudbury-...

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• CLASSIFICATION OF MEMBERS. OUR present number contains the corrected and complete Est of the new House of Commons. A correspondent has expressed a wish that we should...


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On the 1st September, at Cubzean Castle, Ayrshire, the Marchioness of Allsa, of a son and heir. ' • On the 2d, the Wife of,the Hon. H. T. Stanley, of a daughter, still-born....

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Two Members of Parliament have lately been successful in pleading their privilege to escape from arrest : Mr. Blackstone fought that constitutional fight by dodging the Sheriff...


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IN our paper on the present chaotic system of statute-making, last week, we advocated the superiority of a code over our undi- gested statute-book ; but we understand that a...


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INSTEAD of trying to devise means for meeting, their difficulties, we find Irishmen generally persevering in the endeavour to shuffle off their liabilities. We see advocates of...

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AN intelligent correspondent is scandalized at our breach of poli- tical economy in the matter of steam-boat cheapness; severely ; observing, that however spirited and talented...


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LETTER IL THE Federal Pact under which the Swiss Cantons nowlive has become un- popular not merely from its own intrinsic defects and ambiguities, but also from the time and...

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Tuesday, 7th September 1847. SIR—I regret that after expressing, as you had done on former occasions, (what appeared to me) sound and well-considered opinions in regard to the...

SCHOOL or DESIGN.—Speaking of the Government School of Design, the

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Budder says- " The turmoil here still continues: Lord Colborne, the President, the two Vies- Presidents, Mr. Cockerell, and Mr. Etty, have resigned their beats in the Council;...

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Taavgis, Notes of a Residence at Rome in 1846. By a Protestant Clergyman, Rev. M. Vicary, B.A Bentley. NATURAL Burney, ' Illustrations of Instinct, deduced from the habits of...

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IN the earlier stages of society among a people sufficiently imaginative to have ideas of their own immortality, and reflective enough to have formed some notions of a future...

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THE history of NavyLists has its notabilities. Those who are old 'enough to remember the little, slender, imperfect, but eagerly-sought compilation of Steel, and the delight...

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Brass. The Crisis of Popular Education: its Historical, Internal, Statistical,Fi- nancial, aud.Political Relations; including a Consideration of the "Minutes of the.Committee...

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ARTS AND MANUFACTURES. IN a former paper under this head, written before the Parliament and the Elections turned people's minds on other topics,* we noted how our manu-...


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Tuesday, &pt. 7. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Vero and Leighton. Liverpool, jute-spinners—M•Gettick and Macnair, Restock Street, St. George's-in-the-East, soap-bollers—Spriby...

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BRITISH spar Cent Consols Ditto for Account . :i 17 , L . C , en en ta ts Reduced Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 Exchequer Bills, 34. per diem India...