12 APRIL 1845

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Other subjects of business or talk have been diligently handled

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by the an English University question being of the number. Mr. Ch ristie has made his quasi-annual move towards a reform in the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, in an...


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THE struggle about the additional endowment of Maynooth Col- lege, which shakes the House of Commons while we write, grows fiercer as it proceeds, and some even - hope that it...

The Lords have been conversing on the dangerous extent of

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the railway speculation, and the extravagant powers given by Par- liament to the speculators. It seems that some hundred and forty millions sterling would be needed, in two or...

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Although the revenue accounts for the year and quarter do

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not display quite such a serried array of " increases " as those issued at the beginning of the year, they indicate a satisfactorypro- gress : the grand totals are all that...

Civil war and bloodshed have visited Switzerland. A large army

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of fanatics have attacked the city of Lucerne, because the assailants differed with the local Government of that Canton as to the expediency of appointing seven Jesuits to be...

Debates anb iproceebings in Varliament.

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MAXMOOTH COLLEGE. In the House of Commons, on Thursday, some conversation arose on the procedure in respect to the Maynooth grant. Sir Cusamas NAPIER had observed the absence...

The intelligence from the United States is scanty enough. The

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relations with Mexico were all in disorder, in consequence of the in- tended annexation of Texas. President Polk had selected a Cabi- net described as somewhat Ultra-Democratic....

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cbr court.

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THE Queen held the first drawiogroom for the season, at St. James's Palace, on Thursday. Her Majesty and Panes Albert arrived from Buckingham Palace, in the usual order, at two...

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Zbt iliattropolfs.

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A meeting of Dissenters, at which about two thousand persons were present, was held.at the Eastern Institution, in Commercial Road, on Monday—Sir Cul- ling Eardley Smith in the...

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TEbt IjvoUtnrts.

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A meeting of Conservatives, to select a candidate for the seat for West Kent, Vacant by Lord Marsham's succession to the Peerage, was held at Maidstone on Monday. Reporters were...


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The proceedings at the weekly meeting of the Repeal Association, on Monday, were rather entertaining. Mr. O'Connell introduced Mr. Richard Grey Porter,. late High Sheriff of...

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_foreign an Tolonial.

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FRANCE.—The Chamber of Peers have been occupied with a bill for amending the , administration of the Colonies, involving an amelioration in the condition of the slaves with a...

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A phial of the colourless writing fluid to which this name has been given, and a few sheets of the prepared paper, have been sent to us for trial. The fluid is limpid, and flows...


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A deputation on the subject of Maynooth waited on Sir Robert Peel, on Wed- nesday. It consisted of several clergymen, Dissenting ministers, and laymen. In a letter which appears...


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Aantvan—In the Downs, 10th inst. Viscount Bandon, Lancaster, from China; He- brides, Melville, from Calcutta ; and Stag, Young, from Bombay ; 11th , Stratheden, from Calcutta ;...


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WAR-OFFICE, April 11.—let Drag. Guards—Lieut. Sir R. Gethin, Bart. from the 20th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Hollls, who exchanges. let Foot—J. P. Williams, Gent. to be Ensign, by...

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At the Central Criminal Court, today, the trial of Joseph

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Connor was post- poned till the next Sessions; the prisoner alleging the absence of a material wit- ness to prove an alibi.

We learn by the Paris papers of Thursday, that the-

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Chamber of Peers adopted on Wednesday an amendment moved by M. Beugnot to the first article of the Colonial Bill, which entitles slaves hereafter to demand one day per week to...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Maynooth almost exclusively occupied the House of Commons last night, and gave rise to some curious displays. First, a vast heap of adverse petitions was...

Theagitation against the endowment of Maynooth waxes. In compliance with

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a requisition signed by some very respectable firma in the City, the Lord Mayor has appointed a meeting of those "who feel desirous to take part in opposing" the measure, to be...

Dr. Wolff arrived at Southampton yesterday, from the East.

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AITERNOON. All the Stocks whose dividends became due on the 5th are now open; and, contrary to the usual course of events, the investments consequent...

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OPERA is now in great force, both at Her Majesty's Theatre and elsewhere. The musical dramatic season always fairly opens with the return of Grisi, Mario, and Lablache; to whom...

The only change at the lesser English theatres has been

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at the Lyceum; where a two-act piece of love-intrigue, by Pocock, has been revived, under the title On Duty. There is nothing so attractive either in the drama or its...

Duprez has revived his first success in William Tell, at

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Drury Lane. But we reserve our notice for the novelty in which he is to appear next week- Edgar in the Lucia di Lammermoor. Another opera by Auber, Le Duc d'Okmne, is announced...

At the French Plays, the elegant Mademoiselle Plessy-who has at-

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tracted the Queen to the St. James's Theatre twice this week-gives place to the lively droll of the Palais Royal, M. Ravel, on Monday. But she has not taken her final leave for...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and ' Quarters ended 5th April 1844 and 1845, showing the Increase or Decrease ' thereof. • - Customs...

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" TAIPOSSIBLB," said the great adventurer of the age, is the ad= jective of fools. What would he have said of " difficult"? who would have dared to breathe it in his hearing ? "...


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LOCAL sectarianjealousy has kindled a civil war in Sivitzerland. The professional Revolutionists of Europe have doubtless had s finger in it ; but the inispioion with - Which...


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MAYNOOTH. TEE opposition to the Maynooth grant is headed by two parties of the most irreconcilable opinions,—the men who maintain that their own church, and none but their fern...

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YOUNG IRELAND does not excel in courtly inuendo. The Nation promises to treat the Queen with the utmost civility when she visits the country; but warns her, when she passes the...


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THE Post-office debates have taken an improved tone, because speakers have less resorted to personal incriminations. Nothing is more delusive than the apparent triumph which is...

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A . stonG the striking revolutions of great towns, are the changes which take place in the destinations of buildings, streets, or wider localities. A chapel becomes a...


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EMORY, The History of England from the Accession to the Decease of George the Third. By John Adolphus, Esq. Vol. VII. Lee. POMMY, The Child of the Islands ; a Poem. By the Hon....

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WHO shall say that Blue Books are useless P—seeing that they furnish materials for fiction, and illustrations for poetry. Writers of yore, who wished to strike out a new line of...

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Tins volume of the statistics of Bridewell and Bethlem is an annual pro- duction from the Committee appointed to report the yearly doings in the houses of correction for...

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From April 4th to April 10th. Boors. The mad of the Islands; a Poem. By the Honourable Mrs. Norton. Lands; Chissical and Sacred. By Lord Nugent. In two volumes. The Life of...

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EXHIBITIONS are coming on thick and fast; and for the last few days that small section of society called the world of art has been as busy as an ant- hIll. Painters have been...


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THE SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY. NEuxostat's David, produced as an oratorio at the Birmingham Festival of 1834, but which has slumbered in undisturbed peace from that time to the...


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Tuesday, April 8. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Naylor and Co. Bradlbrd, Yorkshire, machine-makers ; as far as regards J. Wood— Dodd and Leech, Chichester, surgeons—Milner and Co....


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On the 5th April, at Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir David Dundas, Bart., of Beechwoed, of a son. On the 5th, at Coln Rogers Rectory, Gloucestershire, the wife of the Rev. Henryit....

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BRITISH . YIINDS. Prices) Tuessissy. Warms. Thum Prielaj • &Mord. (Closing Monday. 3 per Cent Consols . 99} 991 99} 99/ Ditto for Account 119* 991 999 9 991 993...