12 APRIL 1851

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THE discussions in the House of Commons, this week, have not been deficient either in variety or interest. Along with other and minor,matters, they have embraced the Income-tax,...

The annual and quarterly revenue returns tell one thing em-

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phatically. As a mere question of revenue, it is not worth while to look into the ins and outs of the figures, resulting in such totals as an increase of 283,000/. for the...

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Notwithstanding the proverbial procrastination of Spaniards, the present Spanish Ministry

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have cut the Gordian knot of Parlia- mentary difficulties with more promptitude than our Ministers have done. Finding themselves unable to carry their financial measures in the...

Accidental circumstances have occasioned a considerable num- ber of partial

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elections, some of which have been more keenly contested than the apfarent near approach of a general elects= would have led people to expect. The unopposed reeleetions of the...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE MEEK. Horsz or Loans. Monday, April 7. Apprentices and Servants Bill, read a second time—London Corporation Reform ; petition presented and enforced...

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THE Queen and Prince Albert, with their two elder sons, visited the Ex- hibition building on Monday : on Thursday they took the two elder daughters to the British Museum. The...

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The Lord Mayor's annual dinner to her Majesty's Ministers, given on Wednesday, had no feature of special interest. Lord John Russell marked the circumstance that the banquet has...

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At the election for Coventry, on Tuesday, two Liberal candidates ap- peared,—Mr. Edward Strutt, late Member for Derby ; and Mr. Coach, a citizen of Coventry. The turning-point...

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Fitaxez.—Another week has passed without the assured formation of a permanent Ministry : each day has produced its new combinations and lists, and every day it has been stated...


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Mr. Rutherfurd, the Lord-Advocate, has accepted the judicial seat va- cant by the death of Lord Monereiff ; and Mr. Monereiff, the Solicitor- General, a son of the deceased...


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The Liberal Club of Longford, rejected by Mr. Sergeant Shee, the ac- complished Tenant-League lawyer, of the English bar, have in turn thrown overboard the Tenant-League itself,...

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A Committee, composed of Military, Naval, and Commissariat officers, is sitting at the Treasury, for the revision of naval and military establish- ments abroad. They have...

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Last night's Gazette formally notifies the promotion of Mr. Rutherfurd

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to be a Lord of Session, and the promotion of Mr. James Moncreiffi the Solicitor-General, to be Lord-Advocate. Major-General Smelt, of the Sixty-second Regiment, gets the...

The election for Aylesbury has issued in the return of

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Mr. Bethell; the numbers being—for Bethel' 544, for Ferrand 518--majority for the Free-trader, 26. There seems to have been a most enthusiastic feeling on Mr. Bethell's...


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SATURDAY. The debate in the House of Commons last night, on Mr. Disraeli's motion for the consideration of agricultural distress, was the most barren that has taken place on...

Great alterations will shortly take place in the dress of

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the Army. It is in contemplation to supersede the scarlet shell-jacket of the Infantry by a frock-coat of the same colour, and the "bobtailed" costa of the heavy Cavalry by a...

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A letter, addressed within these few days, by a shrewd

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observer of men and politics, to a friend at a distance, contains some remarks on the pre- sent state of parties in England, which we are permitted to publish. "The public news...

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The simultaneous performance of the same play or opera at two rive theatres naturally provokes comparison ; and it is agreeable when such a comparison can be made without...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The progress made in the financial arrangements for the year has produced a favourable elect upon the prices of the Government Stocks, and an...

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8th April 1851. Sre.—I beg leave to call your attention to a case of great oppression, and of more tyrannical nature than that relating to the coopers, arising from a...

A letter by an enthusiastic habitué of the Italian Opera

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at Paris, gives the following account of the results of Mr. Lumley's French season : the language is more high/lawn than we deem suitable in our own sober strictures, but we...

Dropping from the elevation of Hamlet to the humbler sphere

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of Claude ifelnotte, Mr. J. W. Wallaek has achieved a respectable success, and con- firms our anticipation that he will just become a useful actor—neither snore nor less.

This has been by no means a prolific week as

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far as English theatricals are concerned. The forthcoming " Passion Week" as we call it, "holy Week" as the Roman Catholics call it—comprising seven nights of shut...


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Overture Introduction, Quartet and Chorus-principal Voice parts by Miss Louisa Pyne, Miss '..Tessonda...Spohr. Williams, Mr. Lockey, and M. Jules Stockhausen Recitative Aria,...

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ORDER OF BUSINESS IN TIIE NOUSE OF COMMONS. London, 8th April 1851. Sin—There are a number of Secondary Measures (of great national im- portance in the aggregate) constantly...

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THE RENEWED LEASE. Trfouoir Lord Stanley's coy evasion of office leaves the Whigs tin- disputed masters of the field, some perverse influence in the stars seems destined to...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th April 1850 and 1851, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED...

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THE Income-tax is to be continued—" the Property and Income tax with which the country has been acquainted since 1842 " : such is the definition of it given by Mr. Herries and...


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"THE poor woman was in a dreadful state of agitation "—to wit, Mrs. Charlotte Jones, of number 4 Cottage Place, Limehouse. She found herself unexpectedly in collision with the...


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LORD ASHLEY has made another bold stroke to improve the con- dition of the working classes in respect of their lodgings ; present- ing to the House of Commons his usual array of...


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IT will not do to dismiss Lord Londesborough's case as an indi- vidual grievance—it is but an overt specimen of a whole class of grievances. We admit, however, that it is one...

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THE two most eminent publishers in London Messrs. Longman and Co. and Mr. Sohn Murray, accuse Lord Tohn Russell's Govern- ment of reviving the system of monopolies and bounties,...


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Tli most powerful corporation in the world has been beaten by one of the weakest governments in the world. The Ministerial David has whirled a pebble into the forehead of the...

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MARIOTTI'S ITALY IN 1848.* SIGNOR 11.1.niorri is well known to the public as an Italian patriot of considerable acquirements, enlarged and philosophic views, and a familiar...


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A QUESTION of some moment has been frequently referred to in Parliament, on the relative progress of land, trade, professions, and other subdivisional interests of the...

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PATRICK SCOTT'S POEMS. * "LEmo," the principal poem of this volume,

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exhibits considerable poetical spirit, and great though untamed power. This irregularity is not shown in crudity, for every single part is distinctly pre- sented ; nor is the...


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of this tale "spent some time among the frontier Farmers, Dutch as well as English, in the interval between the two Feat Caffre wars" of 1834-35 and 1846. He also undertook a...

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BOORS. Journals of a Landscape Painter in Albania, Fre. By Edward Lear. The Theory of Reasoning. By Samuel Bailey. A System of Apparatus for the use of lecturers and...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY. THE sanguine-tempered in Academical matters received checkmate on the 29th ultimo: so, at least, we must regard it until the pending election of Associates,...


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NVAR - OFFICR, April 11.-2d Regt. of Drags.—Cornet F. Sutherland to be Lieut by purchase ' vice Hibbert, who retires. 7th Regt. of Foot—Ensign G. J. A. Cameron, from the...


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ADMIRALTY, April 8.—The following promotions hare this day taken place, con- sequent on the death of Vice-Admiral Thomas Browns: Vice-Admiral of the White Sir S. Pym, K.C.B....


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Tuesday, April 8. PARTNERSIIIPS Dissotven.—T. and W. Tartan, Liverpool, flour-dealers---J. and W. Turton, Liverpool, flour-dealers—Proctor and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire,...


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On the 5th April, at Shanks House, Sonsersetshire, the 'Wife of the Rev. 8. Mae rindin, of a son. On the 6th, the Wife of the Rev. Charles Wolley, of Eton College, of a...

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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes. Thurs. Friday. I per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank...