12 APRIL 1856

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After long delays, the Board appointed by the War Ministry

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to inquire into the allegations against the report of the Crimean Commissioners, Sir John M'Neill and Colonel Tulloch, have begun their sittings at Chelsea Hospital, and have...


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As the smoke of actual warfare clears away, the course into which the politician reverts is not unlike that of the voyager who under the variable sky of this season begins a...

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&luau nia rouriug inVarlinutrut,

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Horn OP LORDS. Monday, April 7. Australian Postage ; Lord Hardwicke's -Motion--The Currency ; Lord Eglinton's Motion. Tuesday, April 8....

From the Conference still sitting at Paris we have nothing

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new ; but the formal proceedings for promptly carrying out the peace are not without interest. Our Baltic fleet has orders to return home ; and our Gazette announces that the...

By far the most interesting fact of the week consists

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in the dearer shape given to the accounts of the memorial laid before the Emperor of the French by Count Cavour, in reply to the friendly question, "What can be done for Italy ?...

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t4t Cant Tun QUEEN held a Court and Privy Council,

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at Buckingham Palace, on Wednesday. At the Privy Council it was ordered that the prohibition of the export of certain articles of commerce and contraband of war should be...

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the Court of Common Council sat on Monday as a Committee of the :whole Court, for the first time, to consider the provisions of Sir George Grey's Bill for the reform of the...

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fortigu nub Colonial.

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"rant. —The Congress of Paris continues to sit, and the state of ItalY is confidently reported to be the subject of its deliberations. More than this, the English Leading...

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Mr. Robert Parry Nisbet, of Southbroom House, was elected, on Wednesday, Member for Chippenham, in the room of the late Mr. Neeld. An effort was made at Great Yarmouth on...


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The Irish Attorney-General, Mr. Fitzgerald, has been returned for Ennis without opposition. There are two candidates for Athlone; Mr. Jelin Ennis, Liberal, and Mr. Handcock,...

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A considerable number of persons assembled in the great hall at Chelsea Hospital on Monday, to witness the proceedings of the Board of Officers. Many ladies were present, and...

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THE GI:N-BOAT REVIEW.—In order that there may be the greatest possible display of ships of war and gun-boats, the review at Spithead, _which was to have been on the 16th, has...

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The Mintiteur of this morning publishes the following despatch from

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Marshal Pelissier. "Sebastopol, April 7.—The very marked improvement in the general state of health continues. The typhus becomes daily less violent. It is visibly abating. I...


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SATURDAY. The Education debate was brought to a close last night, by a division 'which affirmed Mr. Henley's amendment by a great majority. Before the debate was resumed, much...

The Gazette of last night contained a despatch from Dr.

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Hall on the sanitary condition of the Army in the East. All are healthy ; and even the condition of the Land Transport Corps is more satisfactory. "Taking the whole force in...

At a special meeting of the Court of Common Council,

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yesterday, Mr. Valiance moved a series of resolutions denouncing Sir George Grey's bill, and affirming that its provisions would justify opposition to the entire measure. Mr....

It is understood to be her Majesty's intention that state

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balls shall take place on Thursday the 8th of May and Friday the 6th of June ; and that concerts shall be given on Wednesday the 30th of April and Friday the 30th of May.—Court...

Justice has at length overtaken one of the assassins of

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Miss Hinds. In the trial of James Murphy before the Special Commission at Cavan, on Thursday, the evidence for the Crown being irresistible the Jury, after a consultation of two...


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The letter of" W. .B. C." is in type, but postponed for want of room. " Stylites" should have given his address.


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&rocs ExcHANoz, FRIDAY Arrsauoos. The Stocks that lately closed for dividends reopened for private transfer on Monday : the general operations consequently have been numerous....

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A long four-act piece by George Sand, so much more dependent upon detail than upon idea that we could not venture to follow its intricacies, has been produced at the Gymnase,...

The legitimate drama continues to flourish at the National Standard

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Theatre ; where Antony and Cleopatra has been revived, with Miss Glyn as the Queen of Egypt,--one of the best characters in her repertoire.

ittatres an Muir.

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The truth that an old idea, well worked, is almost as good for the stage as a new one, was amply demonstrated at the Adelphi Theatre on Mon- day last, when an English version of...

Those who lament the Gallic Influence over the English stage

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are bound to bestow their most liberal patronage on a musical farce now performing at the Haymarket, with the title of The Pastmata's Knock, Nothing done, and five scenes to do...

The Lyceum—for the time the domicile of the Royal Italian

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Opera— opens on Tuesday next, with the Trovatore, east as in last season with one exception but a serious one ; Azucen; the gipsy, is to be personated by Mademo iselle Didiee,...

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THE PIEDMONT MEMORIAL ON ITALY. Is human affairs, of nations as of individuals, we cannot at any moment say that we have arrived at the end—that our work is done. The sun that...


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As if to give the debate upon our system of penal servitude a practical and startling illustration, the Morn i ng Post conspi- cuously advocates a proposal for founding a penal...

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GREAT exhibitions like those of 1851 and 1855 comprise an agri- cultural show upon an international plan ; and the advantages are on a scale proportionate to the difference...

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STAMESMEN who employ the public money in giving salaries by favour are just as much guilty of misappropriation as clerks who embezzle;' and when public property is intrusted to...


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THE new bill extending the duty of fire-insurance to foreign policies is a bungling attempt to get over a difficulty and to avoid the only feasible course. The demand to lower...

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IT sometimes has happened that the highest publio offices have re- mained vacant for a time without candidates to fill them. The post of Premier has within memory been thus the...


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TMERE is nothing by which sovereigns and governors live more in the memory of a people than by their works. From the Pyra- mid of Cheops to the Hyde Park improvements of...


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Mn. JELINGES SYMONS has undertaken to prove, in the columns of the Times, that the moon has no rotary motion of her own. The ordinary theory is stated in Schcedler's Book of...

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Gui3OT'S HISTORY OF RICHARD CROMWELL LED THE RESTORATION.. Tim interval between the death of Oliver Cromwell and the Re- storation of Charles the Second has an historical...

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is one of the ladies who, carrying their lives in their hands and making up their minds to bear with all offences, accompanied or followed Miss Nightingale to the East. The work...

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THERE are something like signs of exhaustion in this new work by Dr. Doran, as well as of an attempt to make a manner, which at its best is rather forced, do the work of matter...

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BOOKS. Ac-rer.u. affairs, either past or contemporary, still predominate in publi- cations. Besides a Lady Volunteer's Experience among the Hospitals of the East, we have for...

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On the 27th March, at Howbury Hall, near Bedford, the Wife of Frederick C. Polhill Turner, Esq., of a daughter. i On the 2d April, n Craven Place, Hyde Park, the Hon. Mrs. James...


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We spoke some considerable time ago of the picture by Mr. T. Y. Barker of "Napoleon the Great Rebuking his Officers at Bassano." "The conqueror and his suite," says the story,...

jiut Arto.

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MR. NOEL PATON'S "HOME." On Tuesday, the final "sending-in day" for the Royal Academy, while so many other artists were receiving within their own doors the verdicts of...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL 8. - Partnerships Dissolced. - Taylor and Rankin. Bridgwater, wine-merchants-L Rankin and Taylor, Bristol, wine-merchants-Kershaw and Co....


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, Aran. 4. Brevet-Brevet-Major J. C. Stock, retired full-pay 10th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. in the army, the rank being honorary only. The undermentioned...

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BRITISH FUNDS &turd. (Closing Monday. Prices Tnesday. ) Wednes. Thurs. Friday. Spec Cent Confab 931 93 924 93 931 921 Ditto for Account 931 921 921 931 932 934 3 per Cents...