12 AUGUST 1843

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IRELAND has again been the prominent subject of discussion in both Houses of Parliament ; and though with no immediate prac- tical result, not without hope for the future. The...

The chief Repealer of Ireland has been performing a curious

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office this week—pruning his connexion of damaging auxiliaries. He has cast off the Whigs. True, he once learned to embrace the "base, brutal, and bloody Whigs," and he might...

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The first part of the tragi-comedy in Spain is over

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: ESPARTERO has given up the contest, and has fled in an English ship to Lisbon. The revolution therefore is consummated. What to follow ?—The hardest of all questions to...

Debates anti Vrocubings in Varlianunt.

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THE STATE OF IRELAND: THE ARMS BILL. In the House of Lords, on Tuesday, the Earl of RODEN drew atten- tion to the state of Ireland, and to a petition which he had to present on...

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Zile jitetropolis.

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A special meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society of England was held on Friday, at their house in Hanover Square, to receive the report of the judges of implements at the...

'Ube (Court.

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WINDSOR has lost its Royal guests. During the short stay of the Coburg family at the Castle, the weather permitted frequent walks and rides. At half-past nine o'clock on...

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Zbe Vrobintes.

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Mr. Cobden, accompanied by Mr. Moore, held a meeting at Bury St. Edmonds, the county-town of Suffolk, on Saturday. The place originally chosen for the meeting was the Angel...

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The dismissal of Justices of the Peace continues. Among the most recently-dismisse , . are Mr. John Bodkin, M.P., for attending the Tuatn meeting ; and Mr. John Hyacinth Talbot,...


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The nomination of a candidate for the representation of Ayrsbire, in the room of Lord Kelburne, who has succeeded to the Earldom of Glas- gow, took place at Ayr on the 3d...

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A Committee of Privileges of the House of Lords has decided, that the claim of William, fifth son of the last Earl but one and uncle to the last Earl, to vote as Earl of Athlone...

gortinn anb Colonial.

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SPAIN.—Espartero has abandoned the field, and is now a refugee from Spain. The siege of Seville was raised on the night of the 27th July ; having lasted twenty-one days, and the...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Parliament got through a great deal of business yesterday. The Commons, with a short interval, sat from noon till two o'clock this Parliament got through a...

Lord Campbell's bill to remodel the law of libel has

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received a moat uncommon degree of concurrence : the House of Lords adopted it unanimously ; the press are united on it ; of conflicting parties all meet in approving it. It is...

In retaliating that part of Mr. Disraeli's strictures during the

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Irish debate, the other night, which spoke of some "great man" being wanted with great measures, Sir Robert Peel sarcastically observed, that he had looked for Mr. Disraeli...

There is nothing important in the Continental news. The French

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Go- vernment have determined that the Due d'Aumale shall be Governor of Constantine, indepetdent of the Governor of Algiers ; the Spanish Go- vernment, that Seville shall bear...

The packet-ship Roscius arrived at Liverpool late last night, with

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intelligence from New York to the 26th July. There had been a riot at Kingston in Canada, on the 12th. Some Orange lodges had been celebrating the anniversary of the battle of...

The first quarterly meeting of the Commission of the General

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As- sembly was held at Edinburgh on Wednesday ; when Dr. Cook moved a resolution, taking exception to parts of Lord Aberdeen's Church of Scotland Benefices Bill, but approving...

The weather keeps fine, having been so generally since the

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marked change which occurred on Saturday. The most striking interruption was a violent thunder-storm on Wednesday, which visited a wide extent of country in the central part of...

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Mr. Charles Green junior, emulous of his falter, ascended yesterday,

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from Stepney, in a new balloon, the Albion, for a trip to the Coutinent. He was accompanied by a Mr. Bradley. The balloon sailed away gently towards the Sussex coast.

A "terrific explosion " startled the inhabitants of Clerkenwell about

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nine o'clock last night : the pavement in Middieton Street was torn up and the report was heard as far as King's Cross, half-a-mile off. It is supposed that gas had escaped into...

The importation of fresh pine-apples in a high state of

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perfection from the West India Islands, is a new feature in commerce. This has been conducted on a large scale by a mercantile house, and the effect is that the fruit can be...


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WHAT WE THINK OF OUR NEIGHBOURS. IT would be well could people, if not exactly according to the wish of the Scotch poet, "see themselves as others see them," yet see themselves...

The following anecdote is sent to the Times by an

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ear-witness, " A. B."— • " A decent farmer's wife, travelling up to town f-om Oxford, addressed a gentleman opposite to her—' Ah, Sir, these arc sad times : what is to become...


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STOCK Excti8N08. FRIDAY AFPIERN008. The decline in the exchanges noticed in our last has not continued; a com- plete change having taken place; and on Tuesday last the rise in...

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THAT the miserable wreck of the Pegasus continues to excite a re- gretful attention, is shown in the letters which we still receive on the subject. One correspondent calls upon...


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THE House of Commons have awarded to the owners of the opium seized at Canton the dishonest composition proposed by Govern. ment ; the characteristic fidelity of the Commons...

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WITH the commencement of August, the public exhibitions of musi- cians, like those of the leading statesmen, terminate. Such of the former as know it are heard humming...


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THE approach of the shooting-season has, as usual, caused a marked increase in the activity of the Dog Exchange. How comes it that in not one of the " City letters " of the...

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TRAVELS, Narrative of the Discoveries on the North Coast of America, effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company, during the years 1836-39. By Thomas Simpson, Esq....

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THIS is a medley of history, rhetoric, fiction, and theology, set in a sort of framework, about as artist-like as that by which the "principal machinist" introduces a succession...

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As regards skill in composition, the knowledge of life of a man about town, with such observation as is likely to fall in the way ofa person of that stamp both in London and the...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From August 4th to August 10th.

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BOOKS. Straff ord; a Tragedy. By JOHN STERLING. The nferno of Dante Alighieri. Translated in the terra rima of the original, with Notes and Appendix. By JOHN DAYMAN, Rector of...

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THE NEW PALACE AT WESTMINSTER. THE " Palace at Westminster," as the new Houses of Parliament are officially called, is rapidly rising on the river-side. The magnitude of the...

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The Osceola, Luke, from Moulmein to London, put into St. Helena, 19th June, leaky. The Adventurer, for Sundown Bay to Algae Bay, was wrecked at the former Port previous to 25th...


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BIRTHS. On the 30th July, at Piltodrie House, the Lady of ALAN C. DUNLOP, Esq., of a son. On the let August, at Sandy Cove, the Lady of James Duro); MACNAMARA, Esq., of Ayl,...


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OFF/CE or ORDNANCE. Aug 7.-Royal Artillery-Second Lieut. W. IL N. Taylor, to be First Lieut. vice Maud. dec. WAR OFFICE. Aug. 1L-Coldstream Guards-Capt. H. W. Cumming, from the...


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Tuesday, August 1. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Fox and Co. Gloucester. merchants-Fox and Co. Plymouth, merchants . ; as far as regards T. and H. Fox-Watson and Duckworth....

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