12 FEBRUARY 1842

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measure is before the world. It "will not disappoint those who expected next to nothing ; the most . likely to be disappointed are those among his own friends who ex- pected him...

A imiiety of smaller subjects have received some attention from

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. . the House of Commons this week: the right to discuss petitions on their 'presentation, unavailingly asserted by Mr. WALLACE and others ; an extension of Mr. LenpecuERE's...

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"The progress of our arms" in India has received a

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severe check : arms which have conquered the whole of that vast peninsula, which have crushed a NAPOLEON, and withstood all Europe, have been baffled by hordes of nameless...

Brbatts anb Vroctebings in Varlianunt.

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MINISTERIAL MEASURE ON THE CORN-LAWS. The House of Commons, on Wednesday, was filled in every part long before the usual time for commencing public business. About five...

The Peninsula again sends forth murmurs of civil commotion :

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in Spain, a new insurrection against the Government is brewing; in Portugal, the Government is half suspected of favouring a revo- lution which has broken out. The Chartists are...

The Lords, meanwhile, have been lying on their oars ;

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con- versing a little about the Corn-laws, forwarding a few measures of minor interest, and passing the time easily, as is their wont at this period of the session.

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Zbe (Court.

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THE movements of the Court have been varied this week by going to Brighton, once the favoured retreat of Royalty. On Saturday, the Queen held a Court, for the reception of the...


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RESOLUTIONS INTENDED TO BE PROPOSED IN THE COMMITTEE ON THE CORN-LAWS, BY SIR ROBERT PEEL. 1. That the following duties shall be paid upon the importation of corn, grain, meal,...

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gbt Ililetropolis.

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Deputies appointed by Anti-Corn-law associations and religious congregations in every part of England, Scotland, and Ireland, have assembled in London, to hold a Conference on...

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Prince Esterhazy, the Austrian Ambassador, arrived at Dover on Monday, on his way to London. The marriage of Prince Nicholas Esterhazy, the eldest son of Prince Esterhazy, to...

be Vrobinces, Liverpool e'ection took place, at the Town-ball, on

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Tuesday. Sir Howard Douglas was proposed by Sir T. Brancker and seconded by Mr. N. Robinson. No other candidate appeared, and he was declared ditty elected. Sir Howard returned...


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The Dublin papers say that Dr. O'Brien, the Dean of Cork, is to be the new Irish Bishop. His Excellency the Lord-Lieutenant has issued a Commission to inquire into the state...

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Sir Robert Peel's list of towns added to the number

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of those that re- turn the corn-averages was laid on the table of the House of Commons last night, and was issued this morning. In producing it, Sir Robert assured Lord John...


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12, Ordnance Row, Portsca. 10th February 1842. SitiA paragraph appeared in your paper of Sunday last, stating there was a schism among the Jews in England, and that the...

An order has just been issued from the General Post-office,

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extending the time for posting letters at the branch offices until a quarter past six o'clock p. m. After a quarter before six o'clock, however, all letters must bear an extra...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons, last night, Lord JOHN RUSSELL stated the exact terms of the motion which he is to oppose to Sir Robert Peel's Corn-law...

The explanation of Sir Robert Peel's measure has already created

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considerable excitement about the country. At Manchester, Birming- ham, and other large towns, meetings have been held, or are getting up; at Derby, Sir Robert was burnt in...

Despatches have been received at the East India House. They

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in- clude some from Sir Robert Sale, to the 2d December ; when he was still at Jellalabad. On the 1st he made a sortie against the enemy by p whom he was blockaded, and...

A correspondent, on whom we can rely, has favoured us

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with some interesting information as to the navigation of the Indus and the British craft now on it. Sir Alexander Burnes had thougbt.that a vessel of four feet water might...

Intelligence has this morning been received of the arrival at

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Barbados of the Tweed and Solway steam-ships, which left Southampton on the 15th December. The former arrived on the 4th January, and the latter thirty-six hours later, on the...


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STOCK EXCIIANOZ, FRIDAY ATTEIMON. There was sonic degree of excitement in the Money-market during the first few days of the week, and rumours of all kinds were prevalent as to...

Lord Jocelyn was elected Member for Lynn on Thursday.

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At the meeting of the Anti-Corn-law Conference today, communi- cations

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were read from Notting, Bradford, Sheffield, Derby, Manchester, and other places, testify ing to the universal dissatisfaction at Sir Robert Peel's Corn-law measure. Mr. George...

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WHEN Mr. MACREADY, in his address published some months sinoe, announced his intention "to revive the English Opera," every one felt that the pledge would be redeemed, not to...


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Arrived—Off Salcombe, 6th Feb. Diann, Barrett, from Singapore. At Liverpool, 6th Feb. Fairfield. Lee. from Bengal. At Bombay. previous to lit Jan. Bombay. Finley, from London ;...

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After the second performance of Acis and Galatea, on Tuesday,

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the Prisoner of War, a two-act piece written by Mr. DOUGLAS jERROLD, was produced ; and kept the house in a Continued state of excitement, alternately mirthful and tearful, from...

We never saw a colder audience than was assembled at

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Covent Garden on Monday, to witness the presentation of 771e Irish Heiress. The temper of the house was dubitating, yetpatient, and its disposition impartial even to indulgence...

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LAW REFORM. THE Morning Chronicle has bad a fair enough'hit at the announce- ment made some time back by the Times, of a Comtnission "about to be issued to inquire into the...


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Mn. WILSON introduced a striking novelty in his entertainment this week, of which both the design and the execution were happy. His prelection consisted of a condensed but...

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Tun first fruits of the inquiry of Sir ROBERT PEEL'S Government into the probable effects of diminishing the statutory protection to the agricultural produce of this country,...


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TRH news from Afghanistan has cast a gloom around many a hearth : there is one loss, however, that will be felt by a wide pub- lic — the loss of Sir ALEXANDER BURNES. Although...

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Ma. O'CONNELL has intimated that it is his intention to bring the condition of the Spanish clergy before the House of Commons! What has the House of Commons to do with the...


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TRAVELS, • Excursions in Albania; comprising a description of the wild boar, deer, and wood- cock shooting in that country; and a Journey from thence to Thessalouica and...

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NEAR Totness in Devonshire are the ruins 'of a castle. called Berry Pomeroy,. with a terrace on the verge of a precipice ; and, according to a country legend, _a lord of this...

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TILE present month is distinguished by two rival editions of SHAH- SEE ; 'both of considerable magnitude, extending to many octavo *aunties; both involving a very heavy outlay...

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Prom Febnutry 4th to February 10th. BOOKS. General History of the World, from the earliest times until the per 1831. By CHARLES VON ROTTECE, LL.D., Professor in the UniT...

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EXHIBITION OF MODERN PICTURES AT THE BRITISH INSTITUTION. Tun exhibition of pictures by living artists at the British Institution opened on Monday, with a still worse collection...

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BIRTHS. At Berlin, her Royal Highness the Princess Ammar, of a daughter. Al Woodlawn, Glaway. Lady ASHTON, of a son; who SIITIlIed but a few hours. At Meanie, Cupar Fife, tile...


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Tuesday, Feb. 8. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Wheateroft and Co. Bull Bridge, Derbyshire. quarriers-A. and D. Wheateroft, Backhand Hollow. Derbyshire, wharfingers-Browir and...

MILITARY GAZETTE. • WAR OFFICE. Feb. 8.-Rayal Regt. of Horse

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Guards-Comet J. P. P. W. Bastard td. be Lieut. by purchase, vice Maynard. who retires; Lord A. F. C. G. Lennox tube Coenet, perchase, vice Bastard., 8th Light Drags.--Lieut. G....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday hfonday. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 891 89 89 89 894 • 894 891 89 89 89 894 894 891 894 891 894 894 891 991 991 994 991 991 994...