12 JANUARY 1856

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In the absence of very stirring action, we have been

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iivitei to peruse a species of advertisements by public men who are rather afraid that they may be lorgetteii or asisigSied to wrong positioffit Lord Elgin favours the public...


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THE - Council of War, which is now assembling in Paris, does not seem destined to have its labours interrupted by any pacific arrangement between Russia and Austria. The whole...

We now have, under the official hand of Baron Stierneld,

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a declaration of the position that Sweden has taken in concluding an alliance with the Western Powers. In announeing that alliance to the Foreign Courts, the Government of...

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Or Cud.

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TEE tisseitleal season at Windsor Castle recommenced on Thursday, with the pertommince of "The Wonderful Woman" end "Only a Half- penny."; in presence of the (lumen, Prince...

Ottruiloli5 guit Viriuittr.

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The Metropolitan Board of Works, at its sitting on Monday, was cc-. copied in making provisional arrangements required by the transfer of powers from the late Sewers Commission...

The United States Government has done its beet to fulfil

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the implied pledge to this country, of maintaining neutrality towards Central America, by arresting a vessel laden with adventurers to recruit the forces of Colonel Walker. But...

We have at last apparently the conclusion of the Franklin

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searches. Another of those bold expeditions has been accom- plished, under the guidance of Mr. Anderson, one of the chief factors of the Hudson's Bay Company ; who has again...

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The citizens of Glasgow have conferred the freedom of their city upon the Earl of Elgin, as an expression of their sense of his services in the British Colonies, more...

Vrutriuriat littaL

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Anticipating the coming retirement of the now notorious Francis Villiers from the representation of Rochester, Mr. Bodkin and Mr. Mar- tin, the former a Conservative, the latter...

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Intign nub

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Pantr.—The French and Foreign members of the Council of War, about to be held in Paris, have now assembled. The Duke of Cambridge, Admiral Lyons, Sir Richard Airey, and General...


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The Galway- people have conceived the idea of constructing a Harbour of Refuge at their port, and they propose that the bulk of the work should fall upon convict labourers. The...

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Mn. COIHOHC ON Ressm.—The journals of Monday contained an ad- vertisement that set all the quidnunes agog : "What next? and next? By Richard Cobden, Esq., M.P." Duly on Tuesday...

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A "Retired Flag-Officer," who also took part in the "last

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war," strikes into the affray between Sir Charles Napier and the Times, but a gainst the old Admiral. Be asks 'whether 'Sir Miles cannot remembbç the actions performed against...

The Morning Post, on "authority," states that direct adsices from

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Persia do not confirm the reported capture of Herat by the Persians. "AU that has happened at Herat has been a conflict between two Aff- ghan factions, in which one _has...

The morning papers publish official letters by Mr. J. B.

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Owen, the secretary, and Mr. Peter Bruff, the engineer of the Eastern Counties Railway Company, on the subject of the communication from:the Board of Trade. The effect of these...


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SATURDAY. According to the Honitenr of yesterday, the Council of War had as- sembled at the Tuileries, under the presidency of the Emperor. The list of the members presents the...

The Gazette of last night officially notifies that Sir James

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Paike, late Baron of the Court of Exchequer, has been raised to the Peerage, "for the term of his natural life, by the name, style, and title of Baron Wens- leydale," in the...

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The Beaux' Stratagem—once one of the most favourite comedies of the old repertory, now a fossil relic of another period — has been revived at the Haymarket with great success,...

The inquest on the exhumed body of Anne Palmer, the

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wife of William Palmer, began yesterday. The witnesses examined were Ann Rowley and Mrs. Bradw, attendants on Mrs. Palmer ; Eliza Theme, house-servant ; Sarah Palmer and George...


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Spoon Excnsxos, FRIDAY ArrEasoox. Great excitement still prevail& in the English Stock Market on the Loan question, and the impressami increases that the amount to be raised...

The Royal Albert, 131, on her passage from the Crimea

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to Malta, sprung a leak, caused by sonic defect in the screw-machinery. The water rushed in at the rate of half a ton a minute, and the ship put into San Nicholas in the island...

Casualties and Services in the .Russian War.—A correspondent reminds as

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that the Duke of Csinskridged tlte Earl of - Errol served in the Crimea. Othef coltespoudents mention t ha t Colonel Edward Somerset, Member for Monmouthshire, served also in...

At the meeting of the Royal Geographical Society, on Monday,

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among other papers, there will be read one of some interest taken in con - nexion with the report on the recent expedition to Montreal Island by the servants of the Hudson ' s...

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As we have no space to write a "novella "

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of the Boccacio dimensions, we shall not attempt to describe the plot of the very amusing farce pro- duced at the Adelphi with the title Urgent Private Affairs. When a piece has...


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Madame Jenny Goldschrnidt-Lind has begun a series of "miscellaneous concerts," at the Hanover Square Rooms. The first was given on Thurs- day evening. Its announcement excited...

Psarst&N Tinsiv.reaLs.

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M. Alexandre Dumas, who has lately been thrown somewhat into the shade by his son, has awakened from his lethargy, and furnished the Porte St. Martin with a trilogy in the...


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MR. COBDEN'S NEW PAMPHLET. TEE pamphlet is a lever with which an ingenious man may move the world, provided he catches the world in the disposition to be moved, and exerts his...

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Ma line of railway from London to Norwich by way of Cambridge seems in a fit state to be shut up. Colonel Wynne, of the Royal Engineers, -who has examined it under the orders of...


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NOTWITHSTANDING the prosperity of capitalists and artisans under the special activities created by the war, those who have not a ready command of capital; or who cannot adapt...

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MAN is not bound to be absolutely in the right--who can be so? —but he is bound to feel rightly, to wish the right, and to desire that his fellows should appreciate the...

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A. FAILURE of justice does not consist only in the escape of "the guilty" ; its worst part is the failure of a defence for the in- nocent. Where the discovery of poisoning is...

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INSIDE SEBASTOPOL AND EXPERIENCES IN CAMP. * A VOYAGE to Constantinople and BalaIdava, albeit in a screw- steamer with no other passengers than self and friend, is no very...

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SMITH O'BRIEN'S PRINCIPLES OP GOVERNMENT. * THE respectable character and misfortunes

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of Mr. Smith O'Brien, the superiority of his conduct in exile compared with that of se- veral of his eomates and the philosophical investigations in which he employed himself...

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THESE volumes by the Honourable Miss Murray evidently are what they profess to be—letters written home on the spur of the moment, during upwards of a twelvemonth's extensive...

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Boons. Of the various books in the following list, Mr. Marsden's "History of Christian Churches and Sects" promises well from its subject and the writer's ability, as &own in...

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lint 3,rto.

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Tan PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION. "The eye is the only critic of photography much worth attending to,—unless, indeed, the verbal critic is scientifically profound regard- ing...


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Fifteen years have elapsed since first the Spaniel]. Ballads appeared in the Illustrated edition which was hailed with so much delight at the time of its advent, and has...


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On the 7th December, at Gibraltar, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel C. E. Michel. Sixty-sixth Regiment, of a daughter. On the 21 January, at Rankeilour House, Mrs. Maitland...

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C4t kiln!.

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 8. WAR DEPARTMENT, Jan. 8.—Caealry.—Royal Regiment of Horse Guards—Cornet George Bull, from the Ilth Light Drags, to be Cornet, without...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY; . Partnerships Diuolved.—Field, Brothers, Croydon, confectioners—Smerdon amid Co. Bristol, surgeons—Miller and Lancaster, Preston...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &Used. Monday. Tuesday. /Vanes. Thum Friday, 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Athena 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities...