12 JULY 1834

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THE recent proceedings in Parliament must have prepared every one for an event which has this week occurred—the dissolution of Earl GREY'S Cabinet. An Administration which...

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Dissensions have broken out in the French Cabinet. The ap-

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pointment of the Duke DE CAZES to be Governor of Algiers is sup- ported by TRIERS, GUIZOT, and most of the Ministers ; but obsti- 'lately opposed by SOULT,—who is said to have a...

A recent arrival from New York brings accounts confirmatory of

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a statement which we made a month ago, on private authority, of the disorders in the American Post-office department. A re- port, which was read in the Senate on the 17th June,...

The Portuguese Regency have decreed that the money due from

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Brazils to Portugal, said to be about 1,600,000/., is to be applied to the payment of the British loans. The Duke of PALMELLA will probably soon join the Ministry. He is also...

The second reading of the Poor-Law Bill in the House

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of Peers was postponed last night, till Friday next. The fate of that mea- sure is, we suppose, no longer doubtful. The argumentum ad crumenam prevails, as usual. The Duke of...

The accounts from Spain give reason to expect that the

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Liberals will have a decided majority in the Cortes. In Madrid, a new panic has broken out, in consequence of the cholera having reached Toledo. RODIL is marching towards the...

It appears very plainly, from articles in the German Papers,

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that the plans of the Northern Despots for the dismemberment of the Turkish empire are ripening fast. The necessity of yield- ing up Bosnia to Austria is urged without disguise....

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Eleluttett antt Proreettinint in Parliament.

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1. RENEWAL OF THE COERCION BILL. The House of Peers resolved itself into a Commi:tee on this bill on Monday ; and a brief discussion arose ; in the course of which, Earl GREY...

Fresh disorders have broken out in Peru ; but the

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details are deficient in general interest.

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Cbr Court.

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TIIE King, accompanied by Sir Herbert Taylor, arrived at St. James's Palace, from Windsor, on Wednesday afternoon. Several of the Cabinet Ministers had audiences of his Majesty...

Cbc Otttrapolii.

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The Lord Advocate on Wednesday introduced Captain Carnegie fron, Leith to Lord Althorp, to present to his Lordship a snuff-box from the ten-pounders of the Leith district of...

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scour AND.

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The salaries of tine Judges in the Court of Session are to be in- creased ; those of the heads of the two Inner Courts to 50001 each, and those of the other Judges to 30001. ;...

Captain Charles Knatchbull, formerly of the 12th Regiment of Light

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Dragoons, and brother to Sir E. Kna:chbull, the Member for Kent, was charged at the Marylebone Office, on Satusday, with having robbed ilia ready-furnished apartments of a...

t Countrv.

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Mr. Pendarves, M. P., has been approved bybis Majesty as Recorder of Falmouth. TheCorporation sent up two names to the HomeOffice for appronal : the other named was Lord...

The preparations which were making at Lansdowne House for the

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grand dinner to his Majesty were countermanded at three o'clock on Wednesday ; it being signified that his Majesty, at the conclusion of the Levee, would return direct to the...


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Mr. Cadwallader Waddy, time Repealer, and some years ago a Captain in the 65th Foot, was elected for IS'exford, by a majority of 71. on the 3d instant. It was expected that the...

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TUE proprietor of this Theatre had issued cards of invitation to his friends and introns, in the hope of king able to present them, this evening, with a dress rehearsal of Mr....

POSTSCRIPT • SATUR DAT NIGHT. We can positively state, that

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up to a late hour this evening, no Ministerial arrangement whaterer was determined on ; nor has the re- sponsible task of the formation of an Administration, we believe, been...


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Mn. STANLEY'S slang simile of the " Thimblerig " has furnished H. B. with a subjeca: ready to his hand, and he has handled it with greater delicacy than the suggester. Mr....


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Tar Managers of this Festival begin their arrangements at the right end, and in the right spirit. The first object with them is the music—the second, the band—tc:e third, the...

The imprisonment of the two old men for a debt

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due by the parish of Chingford in Essex, an account of which appeared in the Spectator last week, has, we are glad to see, attracted attention. The following letter on the...

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TO TO E EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Paris, 911, July 1834. SIR-Nothing is more often said or more generally felt in _Europe. than that the Foreign policy of Great Britain was,...


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Arrived-At Deal, July 10.b. Malcolm, Eyles ; Dithe of Argyle, Bristow: ant! Sophia. 'Thornhill, from Bengal ; Lady Nugent, Donald, front Bondi:1y' ; and Roy:, George, Embleton,...


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" Sia-The account in your last viper of the cruel ease of the two olel men im- prisoned in the Essex gaol fur a debt tie,' by the pat kit of Chingfuol, will. I should hope, make...

THE REVENUE. 9,516,378 9,889,806

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• • 917,775 327,639 Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th July 1833 and 5th July 1834; showing he Increase or...


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STOCK E NCI:, Fairsav AFTERNOON. The dissolution of the Cabinet has not been without effect en the Money Market. A decline of rather more than 1 per cent. occurred in the price...

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THE necessity for strong and extraordinary measures for the sup pression of agrarian disturbances in Ireland, is admitted by Mr. O'CONNELL, and urged by Earl GREY and his late...


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STATE OF PARTIES ; FORMATION OF A NEW MINISTRY. THE extreme difficulty of forming an Administration likely to last, is admitted by all who are aware of the state of parties and...

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WE promised last week to say something in answer to the objec- tions against the South Australian Colony. These, however, have crowded so thickly upon us, and the present...


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"In irsofkration placing all my glory." Poen A NOTE appended to the paragraph in last week's Spectator which narrated the result of the Finsbury election, has called forth a...


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THE ruffians who committed the extraordinary outrage on MI. GEE, the solicitor, were tried for the robbery at the Old Bailey on Monday, and acquitted on a point of law. There...


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A FOREIGNER, ignorant of the nature of the British constitution and its conventional phrases, might suppose, from reading the Parliamentary proceedings of the week, that...

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FROM A CROAKER IN THE COUNTRY. AT this distance from

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the scene of action, it is not safe to speak of any thing as certain ; and yet I think it looks as if my words had come true, and that we are not only without a Government, but...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. to—that of' all the candidates at the Finsbury election, Mr. DUN- that, insteadof myself or family, on our retirement from office, carrying away...

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HERE is a neat little volume on an important and

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interesting sub- ject. A manual of the prit.ciples of Colonization, and a plain, popular, and matter-oh fact account of a new country, which seems to anvil, as fin. as Nature is...


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COLONIZAT Ori• Tin new Ilitish Province or South Australia or a Description of tlw Country, Musts:dell by Chaos awl Views ; with an Amount of the Principles, Objects. Plant and...

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So much for the general features. Now for the working

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of the plan : and, looking at the volume as a demi-official publication, the Spectator is perhaps to a certain extent implicated in its dis- cussion,—premising, that it is...


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Is the name of an ice composed of the choicest fruits of the fruit- producing land of Italy. The selection of such a title for a book, is indicative of the variety of its...

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THE splendid embellishments of the Annuals have eclipsed the beauty of their literary contents ; and left the latter to boast of attractions in the celebrity of their authors,...