12 JULY 1851

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. The revenue *mils _for .the year and-quarter ended on

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the 5th July show; aiioniphiidoirith those of 1850, a decrease of 210,7391. in the former, and 9003.54/: in=the latter. The actual decrease is a mere trifle, more especially...


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THE Ecclesiastical Titles Bill has been read a first time in the House of J,ords. No opposition ;was offered, and-none is expected at the future stages of the bill. Ministers,...

: The latest intelligence from the Cape of Good.liope warrants very

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anxious apprehensions. The internal commotion in the Cape colony respecting the constitution of government, and the CLAW war on the frontier, have no necessary connexion in...

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The latest arrivals from North America intimate that a great

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State Convention in Pennsylvania has nominated General Scott as the ig candidate for the Presidency. Mr. Webster's friends, Ahow no inclination to withdraw him. General Scott's...

The affairs of the North of Europe are more unsettled

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than ever. The Danish Ministry has resigned, and what policy its successors may adopt is altogether uncertain. The crisis is under- stood to have been precipitated by the...

France, ever feverish since the Revolution of February 1848, has

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reached the crisis of her disorder ; and the symptoms are fully more favourable than could have been expected. M. de Tocque- ville's report on the revision of the Constitution...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Moose OF Loans. Monday, July 7. Farm Buildings Bill; Lord Hardwicke throws the bill out, on Committee, by 36 to 18—Jotee Persaud ; Government...

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Int 31Irtrupolis.

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The Queen, accompaniedby Prince Albert, honoured the Corporation of London with her presence at an entertainment in the Guildhall, on Wed- nesday evening, to celebrate the...

THE Queen has made three appearances in state during the

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past seven days. Her presence on Wednesday at the ball and supper given by the City of London to celebrate the success of the Great Exhibition of Industry, (described at length...

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The writ for Knaresbarough election was „received on Tuesday. The nomination was to take place today ; and the poll, if it be demanded, will be on Monday. The candidates are Mr....

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Fmtsree.—The report of the Committee on the Revision of the Consti- tution was read to the Assembly by M. de Tocqueville, its author, on Tuesday. It is a long and very masterly...


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Some information given by a Waterford paper of last week indicates that the enoemous mining resources of Ireland—which are perhaps greater than those of Scotland, Wales, and...

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The Earl of Mulgrave has been appointed Comptroller of the House- hold, in the room of the late Mr. Sebright Lascelles. Major-General G. Bowles, Master of the Household, will...

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Mr. Edward Strutt, formerly M.P. for Derby, has issued an

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address to the electors of Arundel, and it is expected that he will meet with no op- position.


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The chief business in both Houses of Parliament last night was of a diseussional and not a legislative character; and the topics of discussion were the government of the Church,...

We may state that the vacancy caused by the lamented

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death of our late Minister Plenipotentiary at Florence is not likely to be filleting. The duties will most probably, in accordance with the recommendation of the Committee on...

The House of Commons met at twelve o'clock today, when

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several measures were forwarded a stage. There was some discussion on the Civil Bills, &c. (Ireland) Bill.


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FEIDAY AFTERNOON. The accounts of the quarter's revenue, published on Monday, were not as satisfactory as had been expected ; and this produced a temporarily...

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The other operatic event of the week has been the

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production of II Rant° Magic° the Italian version of the Zauborfkiie, at Covent Garden. It had not been performed within the memory of the present generation of opera-goers ;...

Mendelasohn's Son and Stranger, which with some other posthumous works

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of the author has been recently published in London, and has be- come known in our musical circle& by several private performances during the season, was brought out at the...

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In one of the papers which form the series entitled liandiurgische Dra- maturgic, Leasing laid down a useful rule as to the licence which the his- torical dramatist might use in...

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THE LAST BALLOT DIVISION. MrefisriEnikr. defeat ! What then ? Are not Ministers made to be defeated ?- It is a habit they have. And what about ? Mr. Henry Berkeley's annual...


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advice given by the Committee of the Na. tional Assembly on the question of revising the French Consti- tution ; and the advice is given in such a manner that the, nation...


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. Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th July 1850 and 1851, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED...

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THE Supreme Pontiff Pins- the Ninth and her Most Catholic Ma- jesty Isabella the Second have.made a concordat between them re- gulating the position of the Roman Church in...


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THE position which the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol takes is one that must derive its principal force from the future rather than the present. Substantially, his reply to...

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IN the debate on the new House-tax, on Monday last, Mr. Ewart proposed to extend the exemption to houses constructed for letting in separate " flats," where the separate...


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OOMPABATIVE VIEW OF THE PEKE ART. Wire= the industrial art of the Great Exhibition ends and the fine art begins, is a nice question to solve theoretically, and yet more...

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THE COURT 03 CHANCERY BILL. London, 9th July 1851. Sin—It is surely a mistake to appoint two new Judges of the Court of Ap- peal in Chancery, instead of appointing . one...

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CREASY'S DECISIVE BATTLES OF THE WORLD. * BATTLES, said Napoleon, are great things ; empires lie beyond them. The remark indicated the ambitious conqueror. More than empires...

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This is a very able work; displaying extensive and well-digested knowledge, closely and clearly presented. Its logic, however, has more of the advocate - than the judge, being...

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C.A.PT.A_IN REID'S SCALP-1117N TAMS. * THIS fiction belongs to the novel

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of adventure with the advantage of a new scene. It is true that travellers' ave made us acquainted with Indians, trappers, and life in Mexico, as exhibited on the bor- der lands...

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Boons. Curran and his Contemporaries, By Charles Phillips, Esq., A.B. Fourth edition. [The variety and interest of its topics, its numerous sketches of Ireland's historical,...

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ADMIRALTY, July 1.-In pursuance of her Majesty's pleasure, Admiral of the Red the Right Hon. Sir G. Cockburn, G.C.B. has this day been promoted to be Admi- ral of the Fleet....


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On the 25th June, at Purley, Berks, Lady Hope, of a son. On the 3d July, at Hams, Warwickshire, the Hon. Mrs. Adderley, of a daughter. On the 4th, in William Street, Lowndes...


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[From the Official Return.] Ten Weeks of 1841-50. Zymotic Diseases 035 .... Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat.. 462 .... Tubercular Diseases...

MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR-OFFICE, July 8.-12th Regt. of Light Drags.-Lieut. J.

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De Montmorency M. Prior to be Capt. without purchase; Lieut. A. Is. Adams, from half-pay 7th Drag. Guards, to be Lieut. without purchase. 4th Foot-Capt. S. Stewart, from the...

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BRITISH F 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 8 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 5 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer Bills, lid. per diem...


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2'ucaday, July .8. PARTKEESIIIPS DISSOLVED.-Sutton and Co London-G. and J. Deane, King Wil- liam Street, City, gun-manufacturers-Edlin and Co. Liverpool, merchants-Bryant and...