12 JULY 1856

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The Guards returned to London on Wednesday, in the manner

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arranged by the Quartermaster-General. Their reception was, avowedly, not alone a welcome of the London garrison, but a tribute through. them to the whole Army. The entire...

• 'NEW'S OF -- TI1E. WEEK.' .

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Roisrit.Es are ticiw "treated in the House of Cm:Moons after the manner of packing up for -departure into the country. Such of them as demand no - revision are .sent on...

"I am now," said Sir William Williams, at the Maosionhouse

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dinner on Wednesday, "a Member of Parliament"; and per- haps no one was so moch ,amazed at the statement as" himself. Sir William will have very false ideas as to the facility_...

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PRINCIPAL BlISINESS OF THE WEEK. Hos= or Loans. Monday;.July 7. Royal Assent to Industrial and Provident Societies Bill, and the Stock in-Trade Redemption Bill—Nawab of Surat...

The position of Austria in Italy grows even more enigmatical

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than it has lately been ; and one cannot wonder that Lord John Russell has been impelled to ask, how it is that the " Western " Power can remain in alliance with the two-beaked...

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thr Curt.

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Quaes Vicroata has been showing herself to the troops who have re- turned from the Crimea, and making a little speech to them in the wind and rain on the Hampshire moors. On...


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The arrival and entry of the Guards into London on Wednesday is the most conspicuous incident of the week. The three battalions who have seen service in the Crimea had been...

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The Queen went down to the camp at Aldershot on Monday, to review the troops assembled there on their return from the Crimea. But the rain fell incessantly, and confined her...


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The Lora-Lieutenant went from Dublin to Limerick on Wednesday, and was the chief guest at a public dinner given in the theatre of that city the same evening. • Mr. Smith O'Brien...

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An inquiry has been held at Stranraer, before four Magistrates, with Cap- tain Brittain, R.N., as assessor, into the loss of the Princess Royal steamer. The investigation was at...


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PRINCE ALBERT ON THE MANCH/WEIL Exittammor. — Last week, a deputation from the Committee who have in hand the execution of a pro- posed exhibition of art treasures at...

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srium—The Emperor remains at Plombieres, enjoying the baths, taking a good deal of walking exercise, and apparently abstaining from riding. He is naturally an object of...

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SATunidi; In the House of Lords last night, Lord LYNDHURST made a statement respecting Poland. He inquired whether the recent act of amnesty in favour of the Polish exiles had...

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The Gazette of last night notifies that the Queen has

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directed a conge d'elire to be issued to the Dean and Chapter of Bristol authorizing them to elect a Bishop, and that she has recommended them to elect the Reve- rend Charles...


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On Monday, Ministers carried the second reading of the Appellate Jurit- diction Bill by a majority of 49 (191 to 142). On Thursday, the bill was practically lost' a majority of...

An aotion of some interest was tried yesterday at the

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Oxford Assizes. The Reverend Richard Meux Benson, Perpetual Curate of Cowley, near Orford, was charged with marrying two persons who were already man and wife, without due...

The Morning Post publishes the following list of military appointments

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that will be made immediately. "The Duke of Cambridge to be Inspector-General of Infantry. Lord Rokeby to the command and general supervision of the Guards. Sir Colin Campbell...

The Globe announces that Lord Hardinge has tendered his resignation

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as Commander-in-chief, and that his connexion with the Horse Guards has "formally as well as virtually terminated."


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY A.YELENOON. There have been very few variations this week in Government Securities: upon the average there has been no retrograde movement, but eirciun-...

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Last night, - Madame Ristori essayed a comic part, for the

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first time in the presence of an English audience. The play selected was La boffin- diera, a comedy by Goldoni • in which she represents a fascinating and virtuous but...

4t Otatrts.

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We may elicit sermons from ballets as well as from stones. The new Terpsichorean spectacle at Her Majesty's Theatre, entitled Le Corsaire, reveals to us the profound practical...

A short farce played at the Olympic . , with the titlatti

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Conjugal Lesson, has proved much more effective than is usually the ease with pieces sus- tained by two characters only. The squabbles that arise between Mr. Lullaby and his...

At the Royal Italian Opera, on Monday, Madame Bosio appeared

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for the first time as Leonora in La Trovatore. She sang beautifully, of course ; but she also displayed a degree of tragic power which the audi- ence were less prepared for; and...

For the sake of keeping our record complete, we simply

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name a very weak piece, entitled MU8k halls Charms, produced at the Princess's on Monday. For precisely the same reason we also mention a burlesque Medea, produced at the...

PARISIAN Tutairsicais.

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M. Scribe's comedy Uric Chaine which made so great a sensation when first brought out in 1841, has been revived at the Theatre Fran- cais- The passion for speculation ' gravely...

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IN almost every question that relates to the welfare or honour of the country, the intentions of the Ministers become a matter of solicitude, because there are no data for...


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PARTIES AND STATESMEN. round ban many men pl cise Any control over Lord almerston. In other words, Sir John lalthñ would have to rally round him some band of men ; to dO so he...

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ANOTHKR protest has come ont against the Kensington Gore pro- ject. The science of geology as represented by its incorporated society protests against being removed from its...


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How can any Legislature make or mend laws in accordance with. the opinions and wishes of the whole community ? It could more easily legislate for its own. class in foreign...


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Jr Prince Albert's suggestion of an institution illustrating a history of art were carried out in a proper place, it would be one of the most interesting and instructive. If an...

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21 Soho Square, 9th July. Srs—This mornin g I paid a first visit to the new " Giovanni Bellini." - Imagine, instead of thelimpid, sunny, and gemlike surface of Giovanni Bellini,...

itittrs in t4e Eititor.

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PARTIES OR S TA TESHEN. Slit—Some months back,* you were good enough to print a letter of mine under the above heading. Since then, recent events have forced some of the...

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THE AMERICAN EXPEDITION TO THE CHINA SEAS AND JAPAN. * THE mode ado • ted in the composition of this Narrative of the American ition to Japan, though perhaps unavoidable, is not...

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THE conclusion of these supplementary letters to Southey's " Life and Correspondence " extends from 1815 to 1839. The quarter of a century is one of which many readers will have...

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BOOKS. THE week has been slack so far as regards books of promise. The only one of that nature on our list—Southey's Letters being already disposed of—is Missionary Wilson's...

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On the 3d July, the Wife of Sir Justin Shell, K.C.B., of a son. On the 34, in Queen's Road, Regent's Park, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Lyell, of a daughter. On the 3d, at...

lint irto.

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THE NATIONAL GALLERY. Two of the nation's new purchases have been hung within the past few days—the John Bellini, and the Marco Basaiti. The Bellini is a Virgin and Child...

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[From the Official Return.] • Ten Weeks of 1848-'55. Zymotic Diseases 240.4 .... Dropsy, Cancer, and other Diseases of uncertain or variable seat 43.9 Tubercular Diseases...


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WAR DEYARTMENT, Pall Mall, July S.—Brevet—Lieut.-Gen. Sir .7. Burgoyne. Bart. G.C.B. of the Royal Engineers, to be General. To be Lieutenant-Generals- Major-Gen. Sir R. England,...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 8. Partnerships Dissolved.—Garrison and Co. Leeds, and Harrison and Singleton, :• Bradford, Yorkshire, timber-merchants—B. and J., Harrison, Hull,...

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BR ITISH FUNDS &turd. (Closing Monday. Prices Nadal,. ) Warne,. Thurs. Friday. per Cent Consols shut 951 ex d. 951 951 951 951 Ditto for Account 961ex d. 93f 965 95/ 96 951 3...