12 JUNE 1847

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The smaller movements among the constituencies towards a general election

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multiply, without the appearance of any wider interest or any broader recognition of principles. The next elec- tion is to be without a leading motive, the next Parliament with-...


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THE measure for suspending railway speculation is before the House of Commons, in the shape of resolutions based on the re- port of Sir Charles Wood's Committee. The measure is...

Irish parties already present signs of that disorder and con-

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fusion which were to be anticipated. Mr. Smith O'Brien, leader of " Young Ireland," makes overtures to join the Repealers at Mr. O'Connell's funeral, and is coldly repelled....

Lord Palmerston's intervention in Portugal rests on the modest defence

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of being apis alter. The publication of the ponderous blue book—nearly four hundred pages thick—cannot be said to throw any new light upon the subject; but it renders the chain...

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Saldanha, however, entered office under embarrassing circum- stances: to restore

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the Cabrals would have been un peu trop fan; but the old Marquis laboured under some deficiency in himself to be the ruler of the country ; and he had a bigoted terror of the...

'Mates an 113rocuilings faiiarliamtnt. SUSPENSION OP RAILWAY. SPECULATION.

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The Select Committee appointed by the House of Commons to consider the expediency of suspending Railway Bills, made their report on Monday; and Sir CHARLES WOOD endeavoured to...

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'i!Tbr court.

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GAYETY has been the characteristic of the week; and the chief festivity was the state ball at Buckingham Palace, last night,—the second of the season. Besides the various...

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'Int _Metropolis.

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Mr. David Salomans met a body of bfarylebone electors, on Monday, at Blagrove's Concert-room, in Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square. He de- clared himself favourable to an Irish...

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'tbe tirobintes.

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Mr. Disraeli met a large party of the influential freeholders of Bucking- hamshire on Wednesday, at the Anchor Inn, Newport-PagnelL Having been introduced by the Reverend A....

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East Lothian will be contested by the Honourable Francis Charteria on the Conservative, and Sir David Baird on the Ministerial side. There is expected to be a close contest for...


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The first open meeting of the Repeal Association since the death of Mr. O'Connell took place on Monday. The occasion brought forward the bead of the house, Mr. Maurice...

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Alluding to the Income-tax and the detected abuses in its collection, the Times says—" Since we drew public attention to this subject, on the 15th of May last, we understand the...

iforrign anti colonial.

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Poirruosr..—Advices from Lisbon, of the 4th instant, recount a serious reverse to the insurgent forces. The British fleet off Oporto consisted of the America frigate and three...

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Dr. King has addressed a letter to the Secretary of

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State for the Colo- ides, volunteering to go out for the relief of Sir John Franklin's party, which left this country in the spring of 1845, on an expedition of discovery in...


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Aaarm—At Gravesend, 5th May, Kestrel, Beauvais. from China ; 9th, Togliatti, Black, from Adelaide ; Lancaster, Bailin, from China ; and Tudor, Lay, from Calcutta. In the Downs,...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of Commons was occupied for many hours last night with the subject of British intervention in Portugal; but the debate lost a por- tion of its...

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The main theatrical event of the week has been the revival of The Bridal, at the Princess's. This play, it will be remembered, is an adapta- tion to the modern stage of The...

A public meeting was held this afternoon, in the great

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room of the So- ciety of Arts, John Street, Adelphi, to promote the erection of a monument to commemorate the introduction of printing into England, and the services of William...

The Paris papers of Thursday mention that an order had

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been received at Toulon for two of the ships of the squadron commanded by the Prince de Joinville to proceed to Lisbon. On Thursday, the Committee of the Chamber of Deputies...

ExErEn Hatz.—The Sacred Harmonic Society give a performance of Haydn's

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Creation on Monday evening, the 14th, in aid of the funds for the relief of the distress in Scotland. The Queen, the Queen Dowager, the Royal Family, the Archbishops, and the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Though the books of the Three per Cent Consols and various other Stocks close today, and money business in all of them will be suspended till...

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At the Covent Garden Opera, the new performances have been,

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Norma added to the repertoire of the season, in a style never surpassed; and the assumption of Rosina by Mademoiselle Alboni, in order that the Barbiere di Siviglia might not be...


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The concerts have been numerous this week. First, there was the Phil- harmonic, on Monday; an excellent concert, but consisting chiefly of pieces well known to the Philharmonic...

The ballet entertainments at Her Majesty's Theatre have been a

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little varied by the revival of a portion of Giselle for Carlotta Grisi, and of Ondine for Cerito.


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A very singular and interesting group of savages is exhibited at the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly—two men, two women, and a baby, of the Bosjeman tribes diminutive race of So uth...

Some unimportant novelties have been produced at the St. James's;

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which may be considered in a state d interregnum between the departure of Reg- flier and the arrival of Routh% announced for Monday.

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Tun occurrence of two very fatal and shocking railway accidents has forced public attention to this subject again. It is true that sta- tistics show the railway to be,...


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DIFFICULTIES. Inn gentlemen at present in office have a great genius for one branch of official routine—the discovery of " difficulties." Their great resources are...

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THE specific charge against Sir Eardley Wilmot has at last been distinctly stated, and proves to be what was commonly supposed. The fuller discussion of the subject seems to...


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OF all occupations to soften the manners and refine the mind, none is so efficacious as money-making. Judge it by its fruits. Of all classes, that which displays the most...

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BIOGRAPHY, Memoir of the Life of Elizabeth Fry ; with Extracts from her Journal and Letters. Edited by Two of her Daughters. In two volumes. Volume I TRAVELS. Notes from a...

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THERE is little promise from travels in Italy ; and the reader who only looked at the beginning or end of Mr. Francis's Notes from a Journal would have an unfavourable...

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THE English musical student is indebted to America for this great ad- dition to his means of improvement. Gottfried Weber's Theorie der Tonzeshunst (or Theory of Musical...


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IN his preface Lord RobertsOn admits that the present volume cannot hope to be received with the "indulgence so freely bestowed on his first essay.' Leaves from a Journal came...

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BOOKS. Memoir of the Life of Elizabeth Fry; with Extracts from her Journal and Letters. Edited by Two of her Daughters. In two volumes. Volume L Memoirs of Viscountess Sundon,...

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ROYAL ACADEMY : STORY PICTURES. TM temper of a time is shown not only in its historical events, or even in its social manners, but eminently in its arts. You may descry a state...


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Mr. Claudet has opened new rooms for the taking of portraits by the daguerreotype, at the COlosseum; a building which offers peculiar con- veniences for the purpose, in its open...

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" Why dost thou wound and break my heart?" Romance;

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the Poetry by Her- rick; the Music by T. H. Severn. This is one of the pretty poetical conceits of old Herrick turned into a very pleasing ballad. The air, though possessed of...


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°slues or °amuses, June 1847.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-Brevet Major T. 0. Cater to be Lieut.-Col. vice Hope, retired on Rill pay ; Sec. Capt. G. Gambier to be Capt. vice Cater ;...

The &a-Nymph's Song. Written by J. F. Smith; the Music

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by John Barnett. It is refreshing to see the name of John Barnett on the titlepage of a piece of music. Of all the English composers of the day, he has come nearest to the...


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Swedish Songs; with the Original Words, and an English Translation. Part L This publication, independently of its intrinsic merit, has the further ad- vantage of opportuneness....

"There is a tongue in every leaf." Song, with an

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Accompaniment for the Pianoforte; composed by J. APMeardie, Mus. Bac. Oxon. Mr. Midurdie is an excellent musician, belonging to the school of Eng- lish vocal harmony. His...


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On the 30th May, at Copenhagen, the Wife of the Rev. Robert Stevenson Ellis, M.A., or a daughter. On the 2c1 June, at Edinburgh, the Lady Anne Charter's, of a son. On the...


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Tuesday, June 8. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Hustler and Co. Billinge, Lancashire, coal-miners ; as far as regards J. X. Hustler-- Allerton and Allen, Great Potton, Essex,...

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(Last Official Quotation llszLwm- Edinburgh and Glas g ow Eastern Counties Great Northern North of England Great Nod . G reat Western... Hull and Selby Lancaster and...