12 MARCH 1842

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ANOTHER busy week has shown Parliament active in the public service. With the second reading of the new Corn-importation Bill, in the House of Commons—carried by a majority of...

A division of races in Ireland has had its usual

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concomitant, is closer union of each race within itself—a preference of the claims of blood to all others. Is a man accused of a crime, the popular question is, not whether the...

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Debatts an Vrottebinas in Varliament.

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SUPPLY: ARMY AND NAVY ESTIMATES. On the motion that the House should resolve itself into a Committee of Supply, on Monday, Mr. WOOD put some questions respecting the...

No such disastrous news has for many years reached this

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country as that which has arrived from India. "The progress of our arms" was carried merrily on till our flag was set beside that of our puppet, SHAH &wait, in Cabal ; but there...

Diplomatists are at their favourite work again making much of

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portentous trifles. They have acquired a habit Of minutely watch- ing each other's countenance ; and at length, taking the means for the end, just as the miser takes money for...

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be eourt.

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THE Court has returned to London. The Queen and Prince Albert arrived at Buckingham Palace, from Brighton, at about two o'clock on Tuesday, in an open landau and four, escorted...

ZbE inetropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Saturday, for the purpose of taking into consideration the appointment of a successor to Mr. Henry Woodthorpe, the late Town-Clerk. The...

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Michael Colgan and Michael Doherty were arraigned at Tullamore, on Monday, for shooting at Mr. Biddulph, a Magistrate of the county. The men have twice before been placed in the...

be 24ebn from Irtbia.

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By the overland mail, intelligence has been received from Bombay to the 1st February, and from China to the middle of December. The accounts from India are as uncertain as they...

C Vrobinces.

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Lord Alfred Hervey, a son of the Marquis of Bristol, has addressed the electors of Brighton, as a candidate for the seat vacant by Mr. Newton Wigney's disqualification. He avows...

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We have great pleasure in announcing that the Government is about to send from 8,000 to 10,000 troops to India immediately. A more numerous force may be expected soon to...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Sir ROBERT PEEL made his financial statement in the House of Com- mons last night, in Committee of Ways and Means. Its breadth and boldness took the House by...


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The science of chemistry is now popularized for the enlightenment of the many, at Exeter HalL Dr. Rem, whose name has acquired extensive celebrity by his successful improvements...

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It is reported that either Sir Richard Jenkins, M.P., or

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Mr. Sprat Boyd, the Political Commissioner at Baroda, will succeed Sir William .M‘klaghten as Governor of Bombay.

The Queen held a Court today, at two o'clock, and

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received the address of the Corporation of London.

The Committee of the Stock Exchange have decided that Mr.

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Charles. Brown, an Exchequer Bill jobber, is bound to give Messrs. Cole and Mullins, stockbrokers, a genuine Exchequer Bill for 1,0001., instead of one which they received from...


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S7OCK Excaaxas, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The prices of the Public Securities, which had previously been firm at the closing prices of Saturday, underwent a decline on Wednesday...

The House of Commons sat today, at twelve. Mr. GRRENE

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brought up the report of the Committee of Ways and Means ; and leave was given to bring in a bill founded on the resolutions. Some other routine business having been disposed...

Captain Harvey Tuckett has written a letter to the papers

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this morn- ing to throw discredit on the accounts of the disasters in Cabal. They are, he says, derived from a letter which professes to be from Dr. Brydon, and to be dated...

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At the French Theatre, this week, Psalr has appeared in

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Le Malade Imaginaire and L'Avare, having previously performed in Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme ; but his success in MOLIERE comedies has not been so great as in the vaudevilles of...

We have received the following commubkcation from a correspond- ent—we

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need not add a lady—whose name mbst be guessed, not given. It is not the criticism of a musician, but of one`who has sense, experi- ence, and taste enough to enable her to...

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The Italian Opera season is at last commenced : "Her Majesty 's Theatre" opens tonight, with Gemma de Vergy, by Dourzern; m which four new singers, Mademoiselle ADELAIDE...

At Covent Garden, Bubbles of the Day float gaily on

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the breath of popular applause, that is wafting the airy nothings triumphantly through the season. JERROLD'S sarcastic ridicule of the humbug of party po- lities, money-getting,...


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TEE revival of a musical afterpieee would scarcely seem worth more than an incidental, if any mention ; but, taken as evidence of the man- ner in which English music is intended...

The Adelphi season is drawing to a close. Mrs. YATES

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takes her benefit on Thursday, when she will appear as the heroine of two popular pieces, The Wreck Ashore and Black - eyed Susan.

The Haymarket closed on Tuesday ; when Mr. CHARLES MATHEWS

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played for the benefit of his brother manager, Mr. WEBSTER. The theatre reopens at Easter, with a holyday entertainment ; when Mr. and MTS. CHARLES KEAN, (late Miss ELLEN TREE)...

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MARRIAGES OF AFFINITY. THE Conservative Lord FRANCIS EGERTON, following last session's example of the Conservative Lord WHARNCLIFFE, has introduced a bill into the House of...

A correspondent, who dates from Bath, informs us that "he

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has in his possession a copy of Dryden's Opera of King Arthur." We are happy to hear that this unpublished and long-lost work is likely to come to light. We have sought and...

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Lord MAHON has followed MT. EMERSON TENSEST ' S Copyright of Designs

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Bill with a considerable modification of Sergeant Tar.- NOURD'S attempts to 'amend" the law of Literary Copyright. He proposes to give a copyright for the author's life and for...


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Ma. EMERSON TENSEST'S Copyright of Designs Bill, which was abandoned last year in consequence of the early break-up of the session, is again before the House of Commons, with...

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IT is difficult to imagine any object in the howl which has been raised this week about Lord ABERDEEN'S language respecting the French occupation of Algeria: Lord ABERDEEN said...


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Ma. FERRAND informed the House of Commons, that "shoddy- cloth was made from old woollen rags, reduced, by means of power- ful machinery, as nearly as possible to their original...

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TRAVILI, and Co. A Visit to the United States. in 1841. By Joseph &urge Zia miII4/11 ORATORY. Speeches of Lord Campbell, at the Bar and in the House of Commons; with an...


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THERE is something exceedingly melancholy in the contemplation of a great than retiring from public life. We know that be is not dead, but we feel that he is to live no more for...


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FAMILIARITY and inexperience are the two great sources of public security : the inhabitants of volcanic regions and of London are equally undisturbed by the threat of a coming...

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" Sezzenas are made to be spoken, books to be read" ; and in this dictum lies the whole rationale of publication. Any gentleman is entitled to print what he pleases in the form...

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AMONG the playwrights of the day, JEasiorm, we think, ranks next to Mumma—for SHERMAN KEOWLES more resembles the dramatic poet than the playwright. Mr. JERROLD has great ex-...

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WAIEOFFICE, March 11.-4th Regt. of Drag. Guards-Lient. G. H. Eliot to be Capt. by purchae, vice Place, who retires; Cornet F. R. Forster to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice Eliot;...


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Arrived-At Gravesend, 9th March. Edward Hilton, Pollock, front Bengal. In the Downs. 8th, Belvidere, —; and Bolivar —, from Bengal; 9:h, Olympus White. from Madras; Marc. Kemp....


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BIRTHS. On the 241 February, at Rome, the Lady of WILLIAM BECHTORD, Esq., Of a SOa• On the 24 March, at Chndleigh, the Lady Carmuusis PARKER, of a daughter. On the 4th, at the...


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Tuesday, March 8. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Lewis and Co. Hackney. dress- makers-Ensoll and Dyer, Shoreditch, cheese- mongers-Cripps and Taylor. Leicester. drapers-J. and W....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. !roaster. a Aura. Jemmy. 89* 891 891 891 89 89 691 f391 89* 891 891 89/ shut shut - - - - - 981 981 981 981 981...