12 MAY 1838

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?IRV-SPIRIT has been almost banished from the discussions in Parliament this week : the calm is to be ascribed to the avoidance of Irish subjects, and to the accidental...

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ligebstrt mitt Vrocceltingli in Vatliament.

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PLURALISM AND NON-RESIDENCE. The House of Commons, on Monday, went into Committee on the Benefices Pluralities Bill. Clause 21st was agreed to. On clause 22d, which relates to...

The bill for reducing the interest of the French Five

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per Cent. Stock to 91 per cent. passed the Chamber of Deputies, by a vote of 251 to 145. There Is some gossip in Paris about a grand con- gress of representatives from European...

Reports have been received of several actions between the Queen

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of Spain's troops and the Carlist insurgents, all ending in the defeat of the latter. It is, however, peculiarly necessary at the present tine, to receive these accounts with...

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A meeting of the members of the Church-rate Abolition Society, and of other persons interested in the subject of Church-rates. was held on Tuesday, at the City of London Tavern....

Clic Court.

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THE Queen took carriage-rides in the Parks ou Monday and Tues- day, attended on both occasions only by the Marchioness of Tavistock. On Monday evening, her Majesty hail a...

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At a meeting of the " Friends to the Unob , trineted

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Diffusion of Literature and Science," held on Tuesday evening at the Freemason ' s Tavern, with Dr. Birkbeck the chair, resolutions were passed in opposition to Sergeant...


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A large number of noblemen and gentlemen assembled on Wednes- day at the Freemason ' s Tavern, for the purpose of forming an Agri- cultural Society, oat the plan of the Highland...

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SCOTLAND. The Aberdeen Bank was plundered, on Saturday night or

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Sunday morning, of notes to the amount of 20,0001. by persons who bad con- cealed themselves, as is supposed, on the premises. A woman named Jeffrey is now waiting in Glasgow...

Mr. Harry Spencer Waddington was elected Member for West Suffolk

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on Monday. No Whig or Liberal opposition was attempted. Mr. Peter Borthwick's late constituents have given him a public dinner ; and the ladies of Evesham have subscribed to...


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The nomination of a Member to succeed Mr. Peyton in the repre- sentation of Woodstock took place on Wednesday. The Marquis of Blandford and Lord John Churchill having been both...


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In a paragraph founded on a statement in the Standard last week, the number of crimes committed in Ireland in 1837 was put down st 27,396, of which the homicides were 722....

The funds collected for the use of the Dorchester labourers

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amount to 5501. ; but it is hoped that the subscription will reach 1,200/, to be laid out in stocking small farms for " the labourers." Seizures, and sales of property seized,...

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• SATURDAY. The House of Commons sat till half-past one this morning; but as most of the time was devoted to the consideration of the Benefices Plurality Bill in Committee,...

Mr. Borthwick and Mr. Rushout had a hostile meeting on

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Tuesday evening; the authorized account of which is given as follows by Cap- tain Biddulph, Mr. Rushout's second. Windsor, Stay 911i. "Mr. Rudiout, M.P., having called on Mr....


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Arrived-01f Penzance May 9th, Doke of Bedford, Bowen , from ltemol. At ';t. Arleen, precious to 15th ' March, Princess Ciroldtie; and Unini”, Kin:LS[111H Bola h' r; Holmes ;...


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We understand from the best authority, that, with a view to obviate the injury likely to be sustained by trade in the Metropolis from the Coalition taking place at the early...

Fifty-two clergymen in Derbyshire have presented a memorial to the

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Archbishop of Canterbury, expressing strong disapprobation of the Denefires Plurality Bill. They state, t h at there are five thousand benefices now held in plurality, of which...

Several private races have taken place, within the last few

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days, in the Bois do Boulogne. One of the best was between au Antbiati and a thorough-bred English horse ; the latter, which belonged to M. de Calvielve, coming off winner. A...

The Hull Election Committee met fur the last time on

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Monday. Mr. Hill stated the result of an arrangement between the contending parties- " The Committee leaving decided that tire lists of objected voters on both sides are...

In the Norwich Election Committee, yesterday, an arrangement was entered

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into which will result in the substitution of the Liberal and unsuccessful candidate, Mr. Benjamin Smith, fur Mr. Scarlett, the Tory sitting Member. Both parties exhibited...


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Snout Exco•NOR, FRIDAY Arreale00)f. The English Stock Markets have all imploved. The rise in the Three per Cent. Stocks has been about 7 . ; per cent., and that in the...

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" SHALLOW POLITICIANS." patieHntecgkenoaci..: To statesmen of enlarged views, much experience in affairs, d superior ability — persons of Lord BACON'S stamp — nothin an D -...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPF.CTATOR. Sla—It is a glorious sight to see the Working Classes putting down an igno- rant Aristocracy with argument at public meetings, as was done...


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[DESCRIBED BY A CORRESPONDENT WHO VISITS THE. ITALIAN OPERA AT RATHER LONGISH INTERVALS.] MT appetite for genuine Italian music (now rarely gratified, alas !) led me on...

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IT is generally known that a Select Committee, of which Sir WILLIAM MOLESWORTII is Chairman, has, during the lust session and the present, been engaged in inquiring into the...


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MR. W A Runes proposition to stop Sergeant TesFOURVS Copy right Bill going into Committee, was defeated by 116 to 64. The at- tempt itself was injudicious ; for, as the...

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EVEN as we predicted, so it turns out : we shall be furnished, dining the rest of the season, with Sinfunias and Overtures from the yearly list, and no other. The following...


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ALTHOUGH not the most amusing, this volume is by far the most comprehensive and informing work upon the Spanish Civil War, that we have met with. The writer has not indeed re-...


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MILITARY nvirsvronri:, Six Yeats in ltis,ea ; eon-p r isin g a Personol Narrative of the f=irves of in Jatio atci oen,e•r 1)..crinhor 18,36, 2111.1 or the hilicipar !News...

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How is it that a general imitation of the manner of another fails of yielding more than a transient, and that by no means a high or unmixed pleasure,—even when the subject is...

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French instead of the original, and by persons not over

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well ARABIAN ESTIMATE OF THE SEX. deserves a better translation than our literature possesses. And The dead lie stiffening on the shore, deems uninteresting or on any account...

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The Journal of the Statistical Society is a monthly periodical,

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intended to contain a narrative of time proceedings of the Society, and of the provincial institutions of a similar kind with which it h abstracts of Parlia- reviews of...


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AN immense pile of works is before us ; indicating considerable activity amongst the booksellers, yet, closely examined, nearly all consisting of what the players cull stock...

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ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION. Ter grand picture-show of the season was thrown open to the public on Monday at noon ; and the cast wing of the Gallery in Trafalgar Square was...

Mr. JAMES'S fifth and last volume of the Lives of

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the Most Eminent Statesmen, (in Dr. LARDNEIt'S Cabinet Cycloptedia,) contains FLEURY, ZINZENDORF, POMBIL, FLORIDA BLANCA, CHOISEUL, and Nausea. As in the former volumes of this...

Recommending a small volume of Select English Poetry de- signed

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for the use of Schools, as a collection made with consider- able care and taste, and from a wide range of poetical reading, we must cry a halt, from sheer exhaustion. Those who...

The Natural History of the Quadrupeds of Paraguay and the

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River La Plata. Vol. 1. This volume is a translation, by Mr. PRIMEVAL HUNTER, of a work by Don FELIX DE Az ARA ; a Spanish author of industry, zeal, and acquirements, who took...

The extensive changes made of late years in the laws

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affecting real property, have to a certain extent tendered the old tiirms of deeds useless, or worse than useless ; and grievous must be the condition of a country mechanical...

Walter Deverell ; a Domestic Tule. In 3 vols. As

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a picture of real life or character, this novel is altogether improbable, not to use a harsher term ; but it is not ill put together, or without interest as a mere circulating...