12 NOVEMBER 1842

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THE flowing hospitality of the Mansionhouse at the great annual banquet, on the day when the Prince of Wales was born carnally and London's Lord Mayor officially, gave occasion...

' There is avowing outcry against the recent changes in

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the Court of Chancery. Last session there was a bill to " reform " the Court, and last week an Order in Council was issued to carry the new law into effect ; but as soon as...

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Continental appearances and rumours are unfavourable to English interests, and

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not very promising to the perfectibility-philanthropist. A meeting of commercial representatives has assembled at Paris, ostensibly to protest against the contemplated Customs...

The intelligence from India tells less of deeds than of

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the pro- gress of preparations for deeds—the movements of the troops in Afghanistan. General POLLOCK and General NOTT had simulta- neously sallied forth from Jellalabad and...

'tbt _Metropolis.

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Wednesday was "Lord Mayor's Day "—and a better day than usual, for although cold and dull, it was not wet till night. The show took place in the usual way, with the customary...


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THE Court has passed from Windsor to Walmer Castle ; given up to the use of the Queen by the Duke of Wellington. The Queen and Prince Albert, with the infants and the suite,...

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She ilirobintes. We have accounts of the Municipal Elections from

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a few additional places. The list is necessarily imperfect, because in some cases the account is given in such a way as to convey no political information to the distant reader...

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The usual skeleton Parliament assembled on Thursday, in order to the form of a further prorogation. A. little before three o'clock, the Lord Chancellor, the Duke of Buccleuch,...


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Mr. Henry Kemmis, Chairman of Kildare county, has been appointed to the Chairmanship of Kilmainham, vacant by the resignation of Mr. Maxwell Blacker. The post is worth 2,000/. a...


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There are no materials to complete the summary of the Scotch Municipal Elections, on account of the same defects that we have no ticed in the case of the English; but we add a...

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Papers from the Cape of Good Hope to the 9th

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of September, re- ceived today, narrate most disastrous shipwrecks. Two of them occurred on the 28th of August, in Table Bay. The Abercromby Robinson, bound for Algoa Bay, with...

A very numerous meeting of the Anti-Corn-law League was held

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at their rooms in Manchester, on Thursday evening. The great attraction was an address from Mr. James Silk Buckingham ; who enlarged on the general question, and on the capacity...

Several fires are mentioned as having occurred about the country

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lately ; and some of them are " suspected" of being the result of incen- aatism. It is, however, a common trick of the peony-a-line reporter, to - throw the spicy hint into his...


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Sinew EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The intelligence brought by the Indian mail produced a favourable effect upon the general tone of the Money Market, as evinced by an increased...

According to the Austrian Observer, Prince Ghika has been dismissed

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from the office of Hospodar of Wallachia. A temporary Regency has been formed ; and after the meeting of the Deputies, the election of a new Hospodar is to be proceeded with.

The Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to

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be passed under the Seal appointed by the Treaty of Union to be made use of in place of the Great Seal of Scotland, granting the office of her Majesty's Solicitor- General for...


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People begin generally to recognize the importance of the negotia- tions between this Government and the Canadian respecting some fur- ther alteration of the British duties on...

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The Tempest is again produced at Covent Garden, with increased splen- dour of scenic effect and ingenuity of mechanical contrivance, and, what is of greater importance, a more...

The appearance at a minor theatre of ALICE LOWE, the

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young woman who lately figured at the Old Bailey, is a scandalous indecency, that one is surprised to find tolerated by any portion of the public. The stage must be degraded...


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Arrived- Off Scilly, Nov.9th, Lydia, Brunton, from Bombay. At Liverpool, 10th, Nestor, — , from Bengal ; and Ward Chapman, —, from Bom- bay. At Mauritius, July 14th, Pliwnix,...

Madame Vzorius and Mr. CHARLES MATHEWS appear to have seceded

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from Drury Lane, in consequence of some differences with the manager, into the merits of which it is not our province to enter.

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AT the risk of appearing to repeat ourselves, we must direct atten- tion to the additional illustration of the real dangers of the war with China furnished by the last mail from...


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OUR AWKWARD POSITION AMONG THE AFGHANS, AND WHAT TOOK US THERE. Form years ago the British forces crossed the Indus and advanced into the Afghan country. The professed objects...

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SINCE the time when the "identical horse and chaise" of the WEARE murder graced the boards of the Surrey Theatre, we have not heard that any manager has ventured on a more...


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Acrs of musical indiscretion are not rare, but among the chiefest may be reckoned the performance of Samson at Exeter Hall on Friday sennight. With the glorious oratorio which...


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Ii these shocking levelling times, some people will deplore the ex- tension of duelling amenines to the " lower orders " ; but the en- lightened patriot will see in the fact a...


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THE second of these excellent concerts was given at St. James's Theatre last night. It is a high gratification, and a rare one, to hear so admir- able a band engaged in an...

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Researches is Asia Minor, Pontos. and Armenia; with some Account of their An- tiquities and Geology. By William I. Hamilton. Secretary to the Geological Society. In two volumes....

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THIS fiction appears under melancholy circumstances : the author- ess, HattatEirrs CAMPBELL, died in "the very spring-time of youth and beauty"; and Mr. GLEIG, as a family...

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IT has often been a matter of wonderment why the French, a mer- curial people, and other Continental nations with more vivacity of temperament than we possess, should have been...

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THE Art - Union schemes are beginning to show what they really are,—namely, lotteries tempting the cupidity of subscribers, not joint- stock funds for the promotion of fine art:...

The three new Associates of the Royal Academy, elected nu

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Moll" day last, are Messrs. Taomes,CitaawrcK, Joan Houma, and FRANalg GRANT, all artists of superior merit in their several departments of landscape, figure, and...

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TEE British Institution was opened on Wednesday for the annual pri- vate view of the "copies," by courtesy so called, made by students, from such pictures of the old masters as...


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Londou, 8th November 1842. Sts—Last Saturday you quoted from the German periodical on Art a remark from a Dr. MERE, on the exhibition last year, " that there was not a work in...

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Tuesday, Nos. 8. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Spencer and Co. Nottingham. dyers-Wing and Jones, Goodge Street, butchers - Mullins and M'Mahon. Dublin. contractors for public works...


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WAR-OFFICE, Nov. 8.-3d Regt. Drag. Guards-Lieut. F. Garrett tobe Capt. by pur- chase. vice Campbell. who retires; Cornet H. H. Bacon to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Garrett ; C....


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BIRTHS. On the 1st November, at Langtou Rectory, the Wife of the Rev. ROBERT FARQUHAR- SON, or a daughter. On the 3d, at Shirley House, near Southampton, the Lady of...

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BRITISH Saturday FUNDS. bfonday. (Closing Prices.) Tuesday. 'redact Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent. Consols 331 94} 94 941 941 944 Ditto for Account .. 94} 94} 94 94 93 1 941...