12 OCTOBER 1861

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The Imperial Government is embarrassed by the price of bread

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in the great cities. The harvest being a bad one, bread has risen to about twenty sous the loaf, and the people cannot afford to pay more than sixteen. Accordingly, they...

Several educational speeches have also been delivered, usually against the

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Revised Code issued by the Committee, which seems to have excited the clergy to a very unusual degree. Archdeacon Denison, in particular, denounced it violently, and made an...

Earl Russell has replied to the address of the Mexican

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Bond- holders, declining to intervene in the Government of Mexico, but promising to enforce respect for British lives and property, and the " fulfilment of recorded...


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COME nineteen speeches have been reported this week, all uttered by men more or less distinguished, all sensible, all instructive, and almost all very tedious to read. An order...

That modern version of Venus Cloaeina, Mr. Thwaites, promises that

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the drainage of London shall be completed in two years. One- third is already done.

The Red Sea telegraph is not wholly lost. Sir Macdonald

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Stephen- son offers, if all the concessions are made over to a new company which he represents, to repair the communication for 48,0001. with- out a guarantee. As Sir Macdonald...

The papers still reek with details of crime. Murders, stabbings,

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and outrages on women are reported in such numbers that even cau- tious observers begin to believe that their frequency shows a dis- ordered state of the public mind. With...

Mr. Smith O'Brien has published a letter to a countryman

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in Paris, full of the extraordinary mixture of accurate fact and prepos- terous deduction which Irishmen think patriotism. He has been residing in Hungary, and bears strong...

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Sta14.—The reports from Naples are becoming favourable. Loc a l insurrection seems

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confined to distlicts like the Abruzzi, where brigandage is "permanent. Six or eight leaders have, however, landed at different points of the coast, each followed by a few...

Fuller particulars of the amender of Lexington have reached the

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North. The camp, it appears, was surrounded by low earthen works, but had no springs, the supply of water being obtained only from the river. The Confederates, whom local...

The Parisian press denies that there have been serious bread

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riots In the great cities ; but admits that menaces have been posted on bakers' shops, that the workmen are agitated, that anonymous letters have been received by the...

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Saia.—Sir Hugh Rose and the Maharajah of Cashmere have been

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invested with the order of the Indian Star. A public meeting, attended only by natives, was held in Calcutta, on 26th August, to petition the Secretary of State to censure Sir...

Vnissic —The following is the programme for the royal corona-

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tion: On the 14th is the entrance into Konigsberg ; on the 16th, the reception of the foreign envoys by their Majesties; on the 17th, a -chapter of the Black Eagle ; on the...

Inshia. — Lord Derby is reported to be at Pesth, and going

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on to Agram, perhaps to see for himself the condition of Hungary. It is reported that in the counties where the committees have been dis- solved, sentences are now passed by...


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THE Earl of Eglinton died suddenly on Friday, while on a visit at the seat of Mr. White Melville, St. Andrew's, fifeshire. On Tues- day afternoon his lordship joined in a game...

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qt Cunt

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OCT. 3.—The Queen, accompanied by the Princess Alice and Prince Louis of Hesse, and attended by Lay Churchill, drove yesterday to Alt-na-Guithesack, where ponies were m waiting,...


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A Cnitions SCENE.—The bankrupt, B. W. Wells, was an oil-cloth manufac- turer at Camberwell. This was the last examination meetiug. The balance. sheetnot being filed, an...

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The defective manner in which the new law ordering the stamping of bills and receipts is administered causes general complaints among the mercantile community. The ports have...


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THE COST OF INDIAN COTTON. A NEW apprehension appears suddenly to have struck the cotton trade. They have hitherto relied, unwillingly it is true, but still relied, upon high...


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FRANCE. Rims, Oct. 11. TnE Honiteur of to-day publishes a decree, according to which all cargoes of grain, flour, rice, potatoes, and dry vegetables are exempted, until...


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CONSTANIPOPLE, Oct. 9. At the second conference of the European Commission on the sub- ject of the union of the Danubian Principalities, great differences of opinion prevailed...


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Subscriptions to the "OVERLAND FRIEND OF Irma," will be received by Mr. A. E Oxiloway, at 1, Wellington-street, StrancL Terms : Per Annum, payable in advance £2. Postage free.


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAT AFTERNOON. THE principal event that has taken place in the Money Market this week has been the conclusion of an arrangement between the Bank of France...

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EARL RUSSELL ON MEXICO. T HE reply of Earl Russell to

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the address of the Mexican bondholders is far from a satisfactory one. It is just possible that it conceals under a reserve most unusual with the noble Lord a plan wider than...

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W HEN Truth becomes triumphant she loses some of her old friends. It is eot everybody who can acquiesce in the logic of accomplished facts. Many half-generous, half-petulant...

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I T is impossible to deprecate too strongly the new machine which the Emperor of the French has introduced into the politics of Europe. A semi-official article is sometimes...

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lif MAZZINI has many of the higher qualities of a po- 17.1. litical prophet and saint, but he lacks the highest of them all. He is angry, like Jonah, because his prophecy has...

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O NE of the favourite theories of the Conservatives is that the American crisis must lead to a military despotism. Rampant democracy, they say, invariably does so lead, and...

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THE morning papers of Saturday last contained a letter from Mr. MeNaught to his late parishioners at Everton, explaining the rea- sons which have induced him to resign the...

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THERE are some scientific problems which are so closely connected with daily life that every practical man thinks himself qualified to theorize on the subject, and the worst of...

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The Italian Opera at Berlin opened for the season on

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the first of this month. The company, under the management of Signor Morelli, comprises some distinguished names, among others that of our fa- vourite of last season, Adelina...

Miss Pyne and '.11dr. Harrison have announced the opening of

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Covent Garden, in its character of "Royal English Opera-house," on Monday week, with a new opera by Mr. Howard Glover on the subject of Victor Hu„s.o's well-known play, .Ruy...

Sim 2rto,

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CRYSTAL PALACE PICTURE GALLERY. THERE are upwards of a thousand oil and water-colour paintings in the Crystal Palace Picture Gallery, but few of them have the power of...


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MR. ALFRED Mzrzon brings his promenade concerts in Covent Garden Theatre to a close this evening. They have been well at- tended, and consequently, we presume, successful in a...

Music flourishes at the Antipodes. The Melbourne papers, among other

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musical doings, describe a concert on a great scale, given by the Musical Union in aid of the fund for the families of the soldiers who have fallen in New Zealand. The programme...

Verdi is writing a new opera for the Imperial Theatre

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of St. Peters- burg ; the subject taken from the Spanish drama of Martinez de la Rosa, La Fuerza del Destines — The Power of Destiny.

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The medallion of the author of "The Scarlet Letter," executed

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in marble by Mr. Edward Kuntze, and exhibited by him this year in the rooms of the Royal Academy, has suggested to some admirers of the genius of the great American novelist the...

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DE TOCQIJEVILLE.* Tun appearance of this book in an English dress will be welcomed by every politician and every Englishman capable of appreciating exhaustive and solid thought....

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Mn. READE'S somewhat impudent genius has achieved a great success in this book. He has shown that he carries weight well; nay, that he is greatly the better for working up...

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compendious recast of Mr. Olmsted's invaluable volumes on the Slave States—volumes full of acute, pithy, and signi- ficant delineations which bear in every line the stamp of an...

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IT is to be f•retted that the Reviews cannot, like the Bernie des Dear Mendes, be published at shorter intervals, for they supply a want beginning t be more keenly felt. Our...

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Address at the Opening of the National Association of Social Science at .Dublin, on Wednesday, August 14, 1861. With Notes. By the Right ROL Lord Brougham. (From the...

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Bankruptcy Annulled —W illlam Ronald, Manchester, warehouseman. Bankrupts—Isaac Noah Davis, Brentford, distiller—Josiah Henry Nice, Fenchurch street, bonier—William Epworth...

The Example of Christ and the Service of Christ :

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considered in Three Sermons preached before the University of Cambridge, in February, 1861. To which are appended a few remarks upon the Present State of Religious Feeling. By...


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On Saturday, the 5th inst., at Tatars° Serlupi, Rome, Cecilia Marchese SerluEd, daughter of the late Sir James Fitzgerald, Bart., of a son and heir. MARRIAGES. On the 19th...


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I per Cent Console Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 10 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent --- Exchequer Bills,...