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Queen Victoria has just completed a second pleasure-voyage in her

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yacht, which bore also her husband and children. Jersey, Devonshire, and Cornwall, have rejoiced in the Royal presence, and have been moved to delight in proportion to the...


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Even supposing that the occasion were sufficient to justify in- tervention, it is not clear on what point the interference could be made to turn, or in what way it could be...

Government interference is invoked by certain British residents in Madeira,

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who have been placed in jeopardy by the indiscreet zeal of a countryman. Some time ago, Dr. 'Kelley, a medical man who joins to his worldly calling the vocation of missionary,...

When substantial news is failing, the Indian "news-writers,' eager to

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do suit and service in their places, make up for the de- ficiency by reports, easily manufactured in that distant land. Poli- tically there is no event : the cholera in Seinde...

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Had the misgivings as to the necessity of Government inter-

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ference to aid the Irish in meeting the calamity of the potato crop not already been routed, they would be so by the multiply- ing reports of suffering which continue to come in...

The mutual advances of the Whigs and Repealers in Ireland

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pro- ceed most favourably for a "compact alliance." The correspond- ence of the Lord Chancellor with the Repeal Magistrates, once dismissed now reinstated, is a series of...

Zbe iftetropolis.

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The Lord Mayor held Courts of Thames Conservancy at Stratford and Greenwich, yesterday. Several cases connected with obstructions, en- croachments, and nuisances on the Thames,...

Zbe eourt.

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Orin narrative of the Queen's sea-voyage broke off with her arrival at Jersey. The Royal squadron reached St. Helier's on the Wednesday after- noon; but neither the Queen nor...

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Zbe Vrobinres.

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The British Association for the Advancement of Science holds its six- teenth annual meeting at Southampton. The town is full of visiters ; yet the endeavours to secure lodgings...

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Both from the North and South of Ireland the most gloomy accounts continue to be received as to the failure of the home-grown supply of food; and unless either food or work be...

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Nortign anti egionial.

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Sesne.—The preliminary arrangements for the double marriage of Queen Isabella the Second with Don Francisco de Assis, and of the Infanta Luisa with the Duo de Montpensier,...


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The fifty-third annual general meeting and show of the Highland and Agri- cultural Society of Scotland was held at Inverness, on the 1st, 2d, and 3d. instant. The exhibition of...

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A rumour prevailed on the Paris Bourse on Monday that the Emperor Nicholas would visit the French capital in the course of next month. He was said to have expressed much...

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Never was a drama more truly Trench in its character than a piece pro- duced at the Princess's under the title of Love's Telegraph. In the first place, there is the love of...

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The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland made his first public appearance, after

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the customary fashion, at the Dublin Theatre, on Wednesday evening. It is Observed, however ' that there was a " long and rapturous" cheer for 4 Smith O'Brien and Young...


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From Burampooter's banks to cold Quebec, Thy name is known: and where St. Lawrence rolls Its mighty tide of waters to the sea, Bearing the iceberg on its swollen bosom, Thy...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. There is little news of any kind, political or otherwise, but some gossip not without interest. Still first in importance is the Spanish marriage affair;...

The Standard contains a letter to the Earl of Ripon,

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from Mr. Newton, ia reference to the published correspondence between the Earl and Mr. Crow- ther: Lord Ripon having reflected upon Mr. Newton, and " calumniated " Mrs. Newton,...

The Paris papers of Thursday contain several items of foreign

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gossip. The municipal elections in France are reported to have run strongly against Ministers—most disastrously so; but the returns are by no means complete. - A letter has...

Mr. Charles Pearson, so.licitor, has addressed a letter to the

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Mae*, professedly because "so many errors are going the round of the papers" relative to Mr. Crowther, Mr. Newton, and Lord Ripon; and the writer has been instructed by the Earl...

The sugar-refining works and warehouses belonging to Messrs. DiTie and

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Sens, in Bachelor Street, Liverpool, were burnt dovrn on Thursday evening. Fortunately, no other buildings were destroyed; but the poor people who inhabits.' the neighbouring...

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POPULAR ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE. PRINCE ALBERT'S visit to the British Association, now in full session at Southampton, is likely to prove of some advantage to science. It is...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTERNOON. The English Funds have this week been depressed to the extent of per cent, and they present rather a heavy appearance. The prospect of famine...


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The John Cree, Goodslr, from Calcutta to Liverpool, was totally wrecked at St. Jago, 16th June ; crew saved. The Guiana, Talbert, from Adelaide, was wrecked at Mauritius, 24th...

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Tan acount of Queen Isabella's marriage reads like an old fairy tale—that is, like the unhappy parts ; but, unlike the fairy tale, it is to be feared that it will not end...


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Two railways stand charmed with betraying the public interests —the Eastern Counties an d the South-eastern. The accusation against the Eastern Counties is, that the management...

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THE Times having quoted our paraphrase of the popular helpless- ness in the matter of Metropolitan improvements, a correspondent of that journal has taken the pains to...


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"TEE poor always ye have with you " : every country has its poor, and must perforce deal with that class as a constituent ele- ment of the community. Lawmakers, whether from...

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LETTER IX. (AND LAST.) I have now gone through the whole of that portion of the Code which is at lire- sent before the public, article by article almost: it will be convenient...

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HISTORICAL FICTION, The Favat of &florins. In two volumes Longman and Co. BIOGRAPHY, The Dispatches and Letters of VIcc-AdmIral Lord Viscount Nelson ; with Notes by Sir...

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Tans volume is a sort of sequel, or in the language of the author of the Vestiges of Creation an " explanation," of Dr. Nichol's former work on the Architecture of the Heavens....


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THE present volume concludes this national undertaking. It opens in August 1805, when Nelson was returning from his celebrated pursuit of the French fleet to the West Indies ;...

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Boons. The Dispatches and Letters of Vice-Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson; with Notes by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, G.C.M.G. The seventh volume. August to October 1805....

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A n English Adaptation of Mozart's Requiem, with an Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte. By Vincent Novella. The new forms in which the works of the great masters are...

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Handers Sacred Oratorio "The Messiah," in Vocal Score, with a

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separate Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte. Arranged by Ilincent Novelk. An uncommonly clear and beautiful specimen of musical typography: we may safely say that...

The Hundred-andfifteenth Psalm "Not unto us, 0 Lord." Composed by

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Felix MeWdelssohn Bartholdy. This work, which forms the fortieth number of Novello's Musical Classics is a good specimen of Mendelssohn's sacred style; the most favour- able c...

Anthems and Service.s for Church Choirs. Nos. 1 to 4.

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Numerous arrangements of the compositions of Palestrina and Orlando di Lasso, with fine specimens of our own Cathedral writers, Tallis, Gibbons, Farrant, &e., give this...

The Spirit of the Shell; a Serenata. Composed by Thomas

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Henry Severn. This composition, in the German style, belongs to a class familiar to us in translations and arrangements, of which Schiller's song of "The Bell," with music by...


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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 8.-5th Drag. Guards—Major W. II. Archer, from the 14th Light Drags. to be Major, vice King, who exchanges. 3d Light Drags.—A. A. M. Campbell, Gent, to be...


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On the 2d September, at Castle Bernard, county of Cork, the Viscountess Bernard, of a daughter. On the 3d, the Lady of William Longman, Esq., of 36, Hyde Park Square, of a son....

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BRITISH 17 N D S. (Closing Prices.) &Surd. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes. — :81 961 951 96 961 96i 965 es 963 961 961 9 981 951 981 101 10 101 101 — 2o9 210 211 260 2604 — 15 pm. 17...


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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVE). Denham And Co. Pudding Lane, ship-agents-Davis and Prebble, Hertford Terrace, Haggerston, grocers-Gredwell and Co. Liverpool, corn-merchants-Milli:a and...