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We have discussed so fully elsewhere what the Archbishop of

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Dublin is pleased to call his reasons against the disestablishment of the Irish Church, that we need only add hero that in his charge, delivered on Thursday week, in St....

The Cab Strike has taken place, and failed,—as was to

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be supposed from a proceeding which beat any Irish bull that was ever made for perverse inconsequentiality. The Cabdrivers, wanting to punish the Railways for not admitting them...


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T HE events of the week have not been thrilling. The usual chronic nervous fever still runs on in France, caused by doubt and anxiety as to whether the Emperor intends to go to...

The Queen, Princess Louise, and Prince Arthur, who have been

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up not only the Rigi, but the more select Mount Pilatus, besides making a short stay on the Furka Pass, returned to Eng- land yesterday, with pleasant memories, we trust, of...

The Duke of Marlborough, our enlightened President of the Council

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of Education, is, as is well known, opposed to moral com- pulsion in the sense of compelling the poor to learn anything, but he seems to be rather in favour of moral compulsion...

The reported outbreak of disturbances on the north-west frontier of

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India may betoken the beginning of another little war—possibly a very serious one. The independent tribes have attacked our frontier posts, and it is said the villagers on the...

Yesterday week, the new American Minister to this country, Mr.

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Reverdy Johnson, received from the Sheffield magnates, by whom he had been entertained, as we recorded last week, on the previous day, two complimentary addresses,—for, in...

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There is a rumour abroad, rather thinly supported, that Mr.

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Disraeli is meditating another flanking movement on the Irish Church. We cannot believe that it is in his power to do this, looking to the bitter Protestant feeling he has...

Mr. Reverdy Johnson also took occasion to promise his audi-

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ence a speedy settlement of the existing difference between England and the United States. " I entertain no doubt that all the difficulties which now exist between the two...

Yesterday week the coroner's jury on the bodies of the

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thirty- three victims of the railway disaster at Abergele brought in a verdict of manslaughter against Richard Williams, the senior breaksman, and Robert Jones, the junior...

Mr. John Hardy,—the comic brother of the Home Secretary,— having

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lost Dartmouth by the Reform Act, is canvassing South Warwickshire, where he recommends his cause by comparing Mr. J. S. Mill to an owl, who looks very wise and sage in the...

The Venerable Archdeacon Denison is canvassing East Somerset for the

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Conservative candidates, Major Allen and Mr. R. Bright, and in speaking on their behalf and that of the Irish Church, at Chew Magna, he said it was much more honourable for the...

The Coroner so bitterly attacked by Lord Farnham and Sir

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Henry Edwards, M.P., for incapacity, has written and circulated an exceedingly temperate and, we think, extremely success- ful defence of himself, in which he says that he...

Is West Surrey to be represented by two•opponents of Mr.

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Gladstone? At present the Members for West Surrey are Mr. Cubitt, a thorough Conservative, and Mr. Briscoe, a nominal Liberal, who were returned at the last election without a...

There has been a great deal of merriment at Mr.

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Roebuck's choice of a term for abusing the Spaniards,—" the dumbfounded Spaniard,"—but this incriminated expression seems to us the only one of any merit in the speech,—not for...

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Some Oxfordshire Liberals appear to be anxious to lose the

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single seat which they can certainly secure. An announcement has been made that they are not satisfied with the arrangement -4 ' of the county squires to allow Mr. Henley,...

The first evening's discussion of the Congress seems to have

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been far the most vigorous and exciting, and was upon the steps which the working-classes ought to take to prevent war. One man (a . Parisian) was for the working-classes making...

The third International Working Men's Congress met at Brussels last

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Sunday, and began by reading the annual report of the Association, which was of a rather vigorous political character. It sneers at the French Government as compelled to "...

Yesterday and on Friday week tho loading Foreign Bonds left

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off at the annexed quotations :- Sept. 4. Sept. II. I Sept. 4. Sept. 11. Brazilian, 1865 751x ti ' 11115819.11 ( Anglo - Dutch ) . 931 624 Egyptian, 1864 MI 874 Spanish,...

The Times in these dull days has fallen back upon

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nurse- maids, perambulators, and the finer feelings of mothers and grandmothers. "A Mather and a Grandmother," "A Real Mother," " Mater," " A Mother of Seven," " An Old Hen,"...

There has been an unusually small attendance of members at

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the Stock Exchange throughout the week, and the amount of business passing has been very limited. Consols have remained at 93/ to 94 for money, and 94 to 4 for the 6th of...

The Express, perhaps the most efficient and best organized, in

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respect of news, of any of our evening papers, has disinterred the baptismal register of the Prime Minister, as to the exist- ence of which a doubt was expressed in " A...

Yesterday and on Friday week tho leading British Railway Shares

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loft off at the annexed quotations :- Sept. 4. Sept. 11. Sept. 4. Sept. IL Great Eastern 384 384 Lon.,Chatham t &Dove 18 184 Great Northern 106ex. 0. 1064 Metropolitan 107...

The movement on the part of liberal clergymen intended to

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pro- mote religious intercourse with Dissenters is not likely to prosper -without a change in the law. At present there is every encourage- ment held out to common religious...

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THE ARCHBISHOP OF DUBLIN ON THE EVIL EYE. A RCHBISHOP TRENCH has discovered a few new argu- ments for the Irish Establishment,—or rather, we should say, for even his ingenuity...

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MR. T R. ROEBUCK tells us in his letter to Tuesday's imes that, so far from insulting Mr. Reverdy Johnson and the -authorities of the United States, when he explained so...

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W HEN Mr. Mill accused the Conservative party of political stupidity, he could not have meant that the various members of it are, as a rule, stupid in the sense in which we call...

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W ITH the prospect before us of a stormy election, we cannot be reassured by the steps which the Manchester magistrates have taken to prevent and punish rioting. The large towns...

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T HE difficulties hitherto in the way of Extradition Treaties may be briefly summed up. The conflict of laws and judicial process in different countries has created confusion...

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T HE Confederation of the British Provinces in North America has had, at all events, one good effect. It has set the Canadians heartily to work at the problem how colon- ization...

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T HE metaphysician strives in vain to define a unit of " pheno- menon." The human consciousness will grasp nothing that is really simple ; and if you include what is complex,...

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W E have probably received the last news we shall have for many months to come respecting the Expeditions which have been sent from Germany and Sweden to the Arctic Seas. The...

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Than, Monday, September 7, 1868. Arran all, in spite of two great disadvantages, one casual,—that I was so oppressed with a variety of cares on leaving home that I had almost...

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WHEN the little cutter Tern, agile and beautiful as the

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sea swallow from which she takes her name, weighed anchor in Tobermory Harbour, and began to work westward through the Sound of Mull towards Arduamurchan, the long swell coming...

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(To THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR...) Sin,—The complaints of indignant Protestants, fresh from the incense of " High Celebration," are at this period of the year as plentiful as...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] Six,—I have read many letters and articles on the Abergele disaster, and am surprised that nobody seems to have noticed the fact that if the...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—When " Vigilantius " objects to your phrase " the horrible faith" of the Recordite, he is, of course, unaware that the epithet...

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MARIOLATRY FOR ENGLAND.* WHEN Madame Bunsen was showing to Sir Walter Scott, among other Roman objects of interest and art, a representation of the Madonna and the infant...

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4 g Happy thought!" (Mr. Burnand must have said to himself when he reprinted these papers) —" puzzle the critics." The present critic -confesses himself puzzled. There is such a...

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AMONG the philosophers whose researches must reach even a highly educated public through the agency of middle-men, is the great German philologist whose most important work has...

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IT is, to a certain extent, difficult to know what to say of this story. That it indicates unquestionable power in its author, and that of a double kind, power of conceiving and...

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Mn. QUICK has studied his subject so thoroughly, and he writes upon it so cleverly, as to deserve a better fate than he seems to anticipate, and a better treatment than he has...

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The Life and Teachings of Confucius. By James Legge, D.D. (Triibner.)—This volume, the work of a well known Chinese scholar, gives us a most complete and, as far as we can...

his case with considerable ingenuity. Among the points which he

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makes are these. The apologetic tone in which St. Patrick speaks of himself, and the account which he gives of the opposition offered by his- parents to his resolution to...

The White Rose. By Whyte Melville. 3 vols. (Chapman and

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Hall.)— Mr. Whyte Melville is a pleasant and agreeable writer, he is never too sen- sational in his incidents or extravagant in his delineation of character. But in the present...

Lichens from the Old Rock, by Jessie M. Saxby (Nimmo)

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; and historical Pictures from the Cumpagna of Rome, by John Wynniatt Grant (Hamilton, Adams, and Co.), are two volumes of verse which we do not care to criticize in detail. We...

Alice Rushton, and other Poems. By Francis Reynolds. (Longmans.) —This

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is a volume of carefully written verse. The anther shows culture, good taste, tenderness, and purity of feeling, and yet we cannot say that ho has made out a claim to be called...

Through Flood and Flame. 3 vols. (Bontley.)—This is a highly

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original and vigorous novel, although the promise of the first volume is• not quite sustained through the second and third. Tho typos of character in Flood and Flame, albeit not...

The Railway Service. By W. F. Mills. (Adams: Fleet Street.)—

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This volume contains a number of papers, some of them republished from the Railway Times, on the various institutions for mutual help which have been established among the...

The Idolatress, and other Poems. By James Wills, D.D. (Hotten.) —

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These poems belong to what may he called the pre-Tennysonian period. The writer, though not by any means an imitator, recalls the style of Walter Savage Lander and of Croly. The...

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The Pilgrim with the Ancient Book, by M. A. C.

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(Hunt and Co.), is a volume of sacred verse, of very poor quality indeed, which touches a great variety of solemn subjects, but does not by any means adorn them. It may be...

Strawberry Hill, and other Poems. By Colburn Mayne. (Flotten.)— We

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cannot say more for this volume than that it contains some passable vers de societe: If Mr. Mayne would be less copious, more diligent in correction, more careful of his metre,...