13 AUGUST 1842

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The first session of the Conservative Government after the Whig

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decade is over ; and we look back to see what has been done—how far the promises of the opening have been fulfilled. In particulars there is much default ; on the whole, perhaps...


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THE Parliamentary business of the week has been important in practical results, but gives rise to little remark; for the substantial part of it has consisted in the winding-up...

Is it merely some passing tumult, or are the troubles

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of winter be- ginning, that Manchester is crowded with rioters, with whom troops are manceuvering ? The disorders of Staffordshire diminish in importance before the wide-spread...

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Debates anb iprineetangs in laarliamEnt.

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REGISTRATION OF ELF.CTORS. Sir Jsrlins GRAHAM obtained leave, on Wednesday, to bring in a bill to amend the registration of Parliamentary electors in England and Wales ; and he...

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Zbe fEletropolis.

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A public meeting of the working class, in number about four thousand, assembled in the open space near St. George's Market, Southwark, on Monday evening, "for the purpose of...

Sbt (court.

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THE cares of Parliament and its prorogation have drawn the Queen from Windsor. Her Majesty, with Prince Albert and the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Saxe Coburg Gotha,...

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Ebe Vrobinces.

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The nomination for Southampton took place on Saturday. Mr. Hum- phrey and Mr. St. John Mildmay were proposed on the Ministerial side ; Lord Nugent and Mr. George Thompson were...

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The strike of colliers and miners at Airdrie, Coatbridge, and other places near Glasgow, is not relaxed. The differences between the masters and men are very complicated, and...


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The writ for Belfast has been proclaimed by the Sovereign, and the election is fixed for today. The candidates announced are, Mr. Emer- son Tennent, Mr. Ross of Rosstrevor, Lord...

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It is confidently repor:Rd that Lord Hill, in consequence of the state of his health, has expressed a wish to resign the office of Commander- in-Chief of the Army. We understand...

We had prepared an abridgment of the Commissioners' Report on

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the Exche- quer Bills Forgery ; but the pressure of other matters of interest, towards the end of the week, both in Parliament and in the Provinces, has com- pelled us to...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The accounts from Manchester and the other disturbed districts of the North are repetitions of those received yesterday, only much worse. After General Wade and...

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Despatches were received at the Home Office this morning at

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seven o'clock ; and Sir James Graham and Mr. Manners Sutton were shortly afterwards in attendance. Three Magistrates from Manchester and two gentlemen from Macclesfield...


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Arrived-At Gravesend, August 7th. Orwell, Colbum. from Bombay; 8th. Orpheus, Digby. from Madras; Oil,, Marines, Roddam, from Singapore; 10th, Erin, Maine, from Mauritius; 12th,...


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STOCK EXIMANGI, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The publication of the monthly average of the general circulation of the king- dom, given in our last Postscript, in winch we noticed an...

To its announcement of Lord Hill's retirement, the Standard adds,

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this evening, that ill health is the cause.

The Roscius packet-ship arrived at Liverpool yesterday, with intelli- gence

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from New York to the 26th July. It is important, though it may be expressed in few words. From the statements of the National Intelligencer, an official paper, it seems certain...

Serious riots at Dunfermline, on Monday and Tuesday, are announced.

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Looms in the factories were set on ire; a prisoner seized by the Police was rescued, and several of the Police were wounded; and on Tuesday, Sheriff Monteith obtained half a...

The French Chamber of Deputies voted the whole of the

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Address in reply to the King's Speech, on Thursday ; notwithstanding the ridicule which the high-flown and " elegiac " style of M. de Lamartine, its au- thor, provoked on all...

The Dublin mail of Thursday brings the intelligence of Lord

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Ross- more's death, at his residence near Monaghan. He had recently been struck by paralysis. He is succeeded by the Honourable Henry Robert Westenra, one of the Members for the...

It is at length known who are the candidates for

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Ipswich ; where the nomination will take place on Monday, and the poll, if there be any, on Tuesday. Mr. Gisborne and Mr. Moffatt have been canvassing the town on the Liberal...

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IT is no uncommon sight to see a man born to riches die poor, and the son of a poor man die rich ; and men are apt to say gravely, when such a practical antithesis is mentioned,...


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flik GREAT RELIEF—THE RISING OF PARLIAMENT. IrIT is now what is emphatically termed "the dead season" in London. Members of Parliament have gone out, and Oysters have come in....


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"Do what we may, our commerce is susceptible of little extension as regards the nations of Europe." —Lord PALMERSTON. IT is possible that in the course of the desultory reading...

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ARCHITECTURE is lifting its head in this country, despite the

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depressing influences of ignorance and jobbing. As yet it is but in the imitative stage ; invention is shown only in the adaptation of old features to new purposes. The...


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THE English Theatres still continue in the drowsy state in which they have nodded the summer through ; but managers are rubbing their eyes, and show other symptoms of waking up,...

The chapter of accidents and squabbles at the Italian Opera

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is coming to a close. The sore throats and jealousies are healed, now that the season is ended. The leave-taking of Rumex, who has been exerting himself to give effect to his...

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MEDICAL GUIDE-BOORS, On the Curative Influence of the Climate of Pau, and the Mineral Waters of the Pyrenees on Disease: with descriptive Notices of the Geology, Botany....

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THESE volumes appear at an appropriate time, when the debates in Parliament on the alteration of its constitution create a sort of factitious interest about Newfoundland, which...

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Da. TAYLOR IS known by several publications, which display much fluency, considerable reading, and a high species of skill as a literary compiler ; though, like most...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From July 29th to August 1111a. BOOKS.

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Norway, and her Laplanders, in 184!: with a few Hints to the Salmon. fisher. By Jonn MILFORD, St. John's College, Cambridge; Author of " Observations on hely," &c. Forest Life....

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OUR attention has been this week called to the truly distressing cir- cumstances in which the family of the late Mr. MUDIE, well known for numerous and varied writings, are...


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On the 5th July, at the Goverument-house, Prince Edward's Island. the Lady of Sir Hersey FERE HUNTLEY. Of a sun. Ou the 29th, at Mitcheldean. the Wife of the liar. W. Beacerr,...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Ct. - Mexican 5 p. Ct. Arkansas (1863) 6 - Ditto (Deferred) 5 -...


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Tuesday, Aug. 9. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Guthrie and Co. London-Cooke and Hurley, Theobalds Road, corn-dealers- Smith and Reels. Wakefield, tallow•chaudlers-Hughlings and...


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ernes OF ORDNANCE. Aug. 6.- Royal Regt. Artillery-Brevet•Major M. Louis to be Lieut.-Col. vice Sabine. seconded ; Second Capt. W. .1. Stokes to be Capt. vice Louis First Lieut....