13 DECEMBER 1856

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The Court Circular of politics is all in confusion—its record

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meagre, its portents doubtful. Mr. Disraeli, now in Paris, has been visiting M. Guizot and M. Kisseleff—the advocate of the Bourbon Fusion and the Russian Plenipotentiary ; and...

An , attempt, it appears, has been made to assassinate the

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King of Naples ; but as little is known of this attempt as of the insur- rection in Sicily. The naked facts ate, that while the King was reviewing some troops, a private soldier...


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Wit= claiming a reconvocation of the Conference of Paris, the Russian Government has issued a memorandum to its repre- sentatives in foreign courts, setting forth its own case....

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Although it ended in no practical conclusion, the discussion at

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the Society of Arts on Wednesday evening may assist to expedite the decisions of practical men. It was a debate upon the compara- tive merits of the three different courses for...

A letter which Lord EMI° sent to the Times at

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the end of last week, calling upon Ministers to appoint the Commission demanded by the House of Commons to determine the future site of the National Gallery, has been answered...

(g4t Court.

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THE Court newsman records nothing of the doings of the Royal Family at Osborne beyond their ordinary walks and drives. The weather was so stormy on Saturday that the Queen did...

C4t aittrovolio.

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The question of who shall be Recorder for London, what duties he shall perform, what salary he shall receive, agitates the Court of Alder- men and the Common Council. The...

The new 'Bishop of London has justified the expectation formed

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of him, but in an unexpected manner. He has taken the first occasion after his elevation to show that he intends to prosecute his supervision practically. Invited to preside at...

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It is stated that Government have determined to send a commission forthwith to Aberdeen to make inquiries with a view to a union of the two Aberdeen Universities in the next...

intrip mar (Entrant.

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e t r a III t.—The alforliteur of Sunday contained a few words on the proximate meeting of the Conference, but it adds little to our previous knowledge. " The treaty of Paris...

Chichester has taken the matter in hand. lie alleges that

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the Coroner made certain remarks in order to prevent the Jury from returning a verdict of " fele de se," and that he sought no evidence as to the state of the girl's mind. La a...


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Dr. Cullen's annual Christmas pastoral—twenty-eight pages of close print—was read last Sunday in all the Romanist chapels of Dublin. It treats almost entirely of the education...

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Sir Charles Napier has once more thrust himself on the public by the printing of letters. He has forwarded to thejournals two epistles addressed by himself to Lord Palmerston....

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The Queen has been pleased to give and grant unto

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Colonel the Honour- able William Lygon Pakenham, C B., her Majesty's Royal licence and per- mission that he may accept and wear the cross of a Commander of the Se- cond Class of...

A discovery has been made at the Broadstone terminus, Dublin,

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which, it is hoped, may afford a clue to the murder of air. Little. ' On Thursday, work- men were engaged in a house behind the carriage-factory. The master car- penter,...

The controversy about " Railways and Revolvers in Georgia "

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seems now to be fairly settled ; and the Times has provisionally consigned the writer to his proper place. A few days back, the Leading Journal pub- lished a letter by Mr....

Sophia Myers, described as a schoolmistress, residing at 26 Farnborough

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Terrace, Bridge Road West, Battersea, was yesterday charged before the Wandsworth Magistrate with wilfully neglecting a child placed under her care. A policeman said that he...

The Resolute, in charge of Commander H. J. Hartstein of

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the United States Navy, anchored yesterday at Spithead, amidst a storm of thun- der, lightning, and rain. The weather was so foul that communication with the shore on the part...


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&TURD &Y. The summary of the Indian mail, which reached Trieste yesterday, has been forwarded by telegraph. The latest dates are Calcutta the 8th and Bombay the 17th November....

The Metropolitan Board of Works met yesterday, and received a

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re- port from Mr. D'Iffanger on street-nomenclature. It seems there are seventeen names only for 571 streets,—sixty-two George Streets, fifty- five Charles Streets, forty-five...

Lord Chief Justice Campbell made two announcements yesterday from the

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Bench. In consequence of a question, which arose during the last sitting of the Court, as to the fees which the secretaries to the different Bishops are entitled to demand from...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arrinumox. 'The English Funds have exhibited less firmness this week. Consols opened heavily on Monday, at a decline of 1 per cent ; some speculative...

Miss Glyn successfully continues her performances at the Standard ;

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where she has added to her repertory the character of Isabella in South- erne's Fatal Marriage.

If the art of embodying high tragic ideals is verging

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towards oblivion, we have some extraordinary instances of talent in the accurate repre- sentation of thorough reality. For perfection of detail, the delineation by Mr. Webster...


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Last year, M. Montigny, director of the Gymnase, celebrated the bap- tism of his child by granting to all the persons engaged on his establish- ment an increase of salary during...


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The new play, The Cagot, produced on Saturday at the Lyceum, prov es by its success, that a well-told story, with strongly defined resting-plac e; at which an audience may stand...

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THE ROOT OF OUR FOREIGN TROUBLES. Row many countries of Europe at the present moment are cursed with bad or inefficient kings ! In how many cases has our own Government become...


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AMONG the subjects which have occupied and still occupy the at- tention of Ministers at the Cabinet Councils so frequently held during the past month, it may fairly be presumed...

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Sic, CHARLES NAPIER has retorted the question how it is that he is still in the list of British Admirals, by the question " whether a member of Lord Palmerston's Government, who...


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METAPHYSICAL freedom has been attained. by Prussia in perfec- tion, and it appears that the spiritual liberty must compound for that advantage by a short allowance of material...


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WE welcome the assistance of the Daily News in correcting the gross fallacy under which persons who ought to know better re- peat, parrot-like, a condemnation of " the...

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tztttro fu tO Eititur.

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THE GREEK APOLOGY. Sra—The document which has been recently issued by the Greek Go- vernment, and which has, I believe, been distributed through its resident Ministers to the...


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inquiries which the Railway Com- panies appeared to contemplate for the purpose of ascertaining how far the system of fraud and defalcation had extended. One company which was...

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Sin—Allow me to set you right on two matters of fact. In the second page of your last week's number, (December 6,) you erroneously attribute to the Bishop-designate of Ripon...


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London, 4th December 1856. Sin—In reading over your article on " Lay Schools," of the 15th No- vember, it occurred to me that such a school as you recommend to illustrate the...


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1 Adam Street, Addphi, 9th December 1856. Sin—While the London sewage continues to be made up of its present constituent elements, there can be no doubt that the place of its...

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Belfast, 10th December 1856. Sna-In any plan of dealing with

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the whole drainage of the Metropolis in one mass, it is necessary to bring the drainage of the South side of the Thames across the river. This must be done either above or below...


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ADMIRALTY, Dec. 6.-The following promotions, dated the 1st inst. consequent on the death, on the 29th ult. of Rear-Admiral of the White F. W. Beechey, have this day taken...

t i p arm.

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, DECEMBER 12. Wen DEPARTMENT, Pall Mall, Dec. 12.-Caralry ...egt. of Drag. Guards- Troop Sergt.-Major W. Don to be Cornet, without p ase, vice Still,...


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On the 3d December, at Milliken, Renfrewshire, Lady Milliken Napier, of a son. On the 4th, at Portobello, near Edinburgh, Lady Campbell of Barcaldine, of a son. On the 5th, at...

[For Booxs and FINE ARTS, see the accompanying Supplement.]

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, DECEMBER 9. Partnerships Dissolved..-Emsley and Rothwell, Pendleton, stone-masons-Cat- taneo and Co. Stockton, watch-makers-Stanton, Brothers, Walsall...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices ) 1 per Cent Consols Ditt o for Account ..... ......... 3 per Cents Reduced. . New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1883 Bank. Stook,...

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• London: Printed by Josesn CzArrox, of 320, Strand, in

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the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Joan's Cur - Ton, No. 10, Crane Court, in t he Parish of St. Dunstan'. is the West, in the City of London ; and Published by...

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KAYE'S LIFE OF SIR JOHN MALCOLM. * IN the series of lives of Indian Worthies which Mr. Kaye is un- dertaking, he appears to be addressing himself somewhat exclu- sively to the...

,p'ettatot .$111.1plement.

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DECEMBER 13, 1856.

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CAMBRIDGE ESSAYS. * IN point of literary ability, the second volume

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of " Essays" by members of the University of Cambridge is equal to the first. The topics on which it is exercised, and often the treatment itself, have not the living interest...

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GIFT-BOOKS. * THE practice is increasing of giving to works of

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established cha- racter or of some literary pretensions an external appearance of so attractive a kind as at once to fit them for a drawingroom orna- ment, or a memorial of...

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BOOKS. Letters from Head-Quarters; or the Realities of the War in the Crimea. By an Officer on the Staff. In two volumes. With a Portrait of Lord Raglan, and Plans. A History...

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The nation has scarcely begun to ascertain the treasure which it ac- quired in the Turner bequest, when another collection of British art comes into its hands. Mr. Sheepshanks...


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FLEMISH ART EXHIBITION. London is growing cosmopolitan in her taste for art. In the way of contemporary pictures alone, we have the universal collection at the Crystal Palace,...