13 JUNE 1835

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The French state trials are proceeding very slowly. The Peers,

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having disposed of the signers of the letter in the Tribune, in the manlier mentioned in our last Postscript, have recommet‘ecl the " monster process ; " and were employed, when...


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OUR record of Parliamentary proceedings this week will not be very long. Monday and Tuesday were riolydays for legislators as well as fair-frequenters. Both Houses met again on...

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The Representative Chamber of Baden has refused to sanction the

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engagement of the Duke to enter into the Prussian Com- mercial Union ; but the Government disregards the opposition, and issues its decrees for completing the junction, as if...

Reports of the resignation of MAaTiNzz DE LA ROSA are

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again prevalent in Madrid. It seems to be generally admitted that be Las not vigour of mind or body equal to the efficient discharge of the duties of Prime Minister in the...

Elcbatcl ratlf Pratcainal in Patlimurnt.

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1. lrswien ELECTION. III the House of Commons, on Wednesday, Mr. P. M. SrEwAnT brought up the report of the Ipswich Election Committee ; and by the direction of the Committee,...

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hjt Court.

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Tim King and Queen, accompaoied by the Dutehess of Kent, the Princess Victoria, the linkes of Cumberland and Cambridge, and other visitcrs, in a suite of seven carriages, went...

Clic ctrapoTid.

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The anoiversary dinner of the gentlemen educated at Ilarrow School took place On Saturday, at Willis's Rooms ; Sir Bobert Peel in the chair. 'Elle compeny consisted, for the...

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rbr Countr”.

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Mr. D. C.triraer , , the Corporatiou Member for Hull, (lied surf- derily oil Tuesday. Mr. Ashton Yates is the Liberal candidate to suc- ceed him ; he will be opposed by Mr....

In the Court of Chmeery, vi terday, whilst a entice

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was procneding, the Serjeant-at. Arms brought in a young man and two interesting young women, aged about eighteen or nineteen, who had been at rested in Wales fur not having put...

I I st:

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: • v. , :h a t tin at !P the :11 of 1 . 11 t 11 l', r est-1.: . their se. 1,, • •,e and to 11,fi C I • settlement of tIte to be made on th: „ in dm OulilVu of i in the...

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I It ELAN is.

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We are glad to learn, that the same broa 1 at d libtoal spirit which characterizes the measure of l ' orporation lief( rot in Eogland awl Walet, will pervade that intended for...

The Earl of Go-ford has been created it British Peer,

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by the title of Baron Worlinghasn of Beceles, in Suffolk. Ile has also been ar. --pointed " Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief in the Provinces of Lower and Upper Canada,...

The Earl of I:glom:out has resigned the Lord-Lieutenancy of Sussee

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; and it has been offered by time Government to the Duke of Biehmoial, svlos has accepted it.—Prighten The rioters, svho rebelled against the proveedings of the Poor-law...


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The General Assembly has terminated a 'muss - , and upon the whole, an interesting session, by all act, the necessity and propriety of wh:ch is very open to appoiminent of a...

There is a rumour in Exeter that Sir W. Follett

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and the Chamber of Exeter have had a split. Sir William is reported to have refused to °tiptoe Corporation Reform when a - ked to du so. The Tories, it is %veil known, have...

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The barque Manly, John Davies, master, arrived last week in

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St. Katherine's Docks, from Buenos Ayres, into which port the Captain bad been forced to put, owing to a mutiny in his crew. The vessel was on a whaling expedition; but being...

The horoughs which will fall under the operation of the

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bill are Ifei in number. In each of these is to be a distinct body corporate, under the title of Mayor and Burgesses. The qualification of a burgess consists in the occupation...

The Committee appointed to consider the complaint of the t

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of Colonel Tremenhere, who was charged with improper inter:ertome in the last Chatham election, sat from the alist of :March to the Oath ef May bacht , ive, when they presented...


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" TO PROVIDE FOR THE REGULATION OF 7.117NWIPAL CORPORA- TIONS IN isswessm esro WALES. " One readers w ere last week put in possession of the main prin- ciples and provisions of...

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From an advertisement in the Tina: s of this morning,

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it appears that persons wishing to enter into the service of the Queen of Spain are to address themselves to Colonel EvAss, " under whom this fOree is to serve." The measures...


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Slf, , K I: ".: , 01st , :F.. FR/1111 'The market for English Stock has received a considerable impulse since our last ; the prim of Consols for Account having ri:en nearly I...


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Tut: oratorio of the )I,,siat was performed at Guildhall, for thc 1 .t. of' the London National Schools, on Friday morning, under the patronage and iii the presence of several...


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: s e e s °Tiny:AY:Cr, June G.-Cid:is or lloyal Engineer, -First %V. lasts. 41 , 1 Capt, VieC WeSr, ' Lieut. 1'. It. \Vright to be U list Lieut. Si,.,. Farb:. NV:kit:on- FICF,...


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S\Tnwvv. Lisbon papers to the :10th of May have been received. They con- tain accounts of a change. in the Portuguese Ministry, which was very suddenly and capriciously...

EAST INI)LA A rriveil-o1I rollas.:tone, June Etit, Recovery, Wellbank, from

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(Ilion. S hod' 0 avm.tunl. June 511]. myne, Iticharibon, for Itombly; fdli, Kirk- man Ibulbly, Itustrell, for ditto ; Ileorgiatia, 'chorus. rut. Mauritius; and Velocity,...

Several correspondents ask for information conrorning the proceed- ings of

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the South Australian Commission. We are told that the 11 ‘ rules, orders, and regulations," for the disposal of land and the emigra- ton of labourers, will be issued...

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TO ICY A7'.I 1 7 _ 7.IE NT : THE DR ....)ONS

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AT woLvERnAmpToN. 1;e of arms at I ver the flying or their swords a' eli that door, oirnes swords. ::,.:l of all miii- ToE Tories eintel.le w lilt do . ..:,2,1it ov.e. the i...


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As examination of the b,ll for imprming tho system of Muni- cipal Covernment m Zngland and Wales, has contained the opinion NYC expressed last week of its exceeding value and...

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Trio Tea fratle has been nominally open for better than a year ; but it is only now, in the fourteenth month after the Parliamen- tary ilitinction of the monopoly, that flue...


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that bribery had not been Fined aeaitist nsts. awl KELLY, 15 evideoce of this. The Ct:nonittee %vete ilwere IC the difficulties in the way of making g Itlet of bribery, THE...

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Aliss KLI.Ly has hid “dieu tt , the stage a: an actress ; and retires, not to the seclusion of titivate life, Ina to the arduous task ef teaehing the young idea how to shoot" in...

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11IoNistv oight's concert tannin:it-al another year's existence of the Soda ty ; a society fOrmed on the bet principles, from the most laudable motives, atal et hiell ft a- many...

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TRAVELS, Journal of a Rotidenee and Teer in the United States or North America, from April 14.93 to Oetolior 1134. By L. S. Alaty, Fellow of Je.als College, Cambridge. In 3...

ABBY'S nEstnENCE AND TOUR IN AMERICA. AnnY differs considerably from

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the American travellers ho have lately come before us, both in the character of his mind and the matters he sought after. He deals: little in man- ners and the external...

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TIIIS is the English title of DE L ALM A RTI NE'S work, superadded to the original title of" Souvenirs, Impressions, Penses, et Paysages, pendant tin Voyage en Orient." It is,...

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WHEN DT. JOHNSON'S Life of MILTON first appeared, Sir EGERTON BRYDGES was a boy, or we are led to infer that it would have fared but ill with the great biographer. The Memoirs...

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11g. .1 xsox itt devoted his leisioe to the perusal

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of' orieinal (locum., tits a ti 1 co%telnpaory c,1111eutLA with the Civil Wars : ftein which he lies derived o 'oNte opiuions, and an admiration of Feavaeo Geiser:1;ES: 1.91:1S...


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Is a readable and aniusino publication, but with little pretensions to the title ofa biooraphical work. The book indeed is a collaction of anecdotes relating to one person, and...

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T1IE title of this "Historical Tale " fixes the time and the country in V. hich the scene is laid. The events are made to connect them- selves with the series of plots and...


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THE Reverend ALEX:ANDER FLEMING, of Neilston, appears to be considered in his own district a stalwart champion of the Church. Having incidentally said to some of his friends,...


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tin ilidil rsl ru'll wnrtli and beauty 11:1, and L.:ilia...Ts the comprehension. .Adini- ration and attention ripen into love and rcverenee. A sceond awl third visit to this...

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LANDSCAPES tentless superseded the feeble and unsatisfactory efforts of designers as illustrations of books, we have every month spread before us it ete a a ty o f e h a tard e...