13 JUNE 1857

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AGAIN a vast amount of business has been pressed forward in both Houses of Parliament; the legislative activity extending over a great range of subjects, amid which, however,...

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PRINCIPAL BEEFINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE OF LORDS. .31091day, June 8. Mr. Sheddon's Case ; Earl Grey's Motion negatived. Tuesday, June 9. Mutinies in India ; Lord Ellenborough's...

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Tree QIFEEN held a drawingroom at St. James's Palace on Saturday. The attendance was very large ; it is estimated at two thousand persons. In the evening, her Majesty and the...

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A very large deputation of English and Irish Roman Catholics, including many Peers and Members of Parliament, waited on Lord Palmerston on Monday, to urge on him the propriety...


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Apropos to the publication of the Life of George Stephenson, preparations have just been made for the preservation of a memento of his skill—the first locomotive engine...

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Irantr.—The activity of electoral France seems to have been rather stimulated than checked by M. Billault's circular. There is a very considerable amount of opposition, with...

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The date of the Queen's visit to Manchester, and other details, are now published on "authority." "The Queen and Prince Albert, accompanied by the Princess Royal, the Prince of...

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SAT17RDAY. In the House of Lords last night, there was a considerable discussion on the well-worn question of secondary punishments. It arose on the motion for going into...

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The performance of lion Giovanni at Her Majesty's Theatre, on Thursday, did a great deal more than furnish "the agreeable change" that we anticipated last week ; for the...

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THE POLITICAL STAGNATION. For.rrremes anticipated uncommon activity at this period of the present year. It is usually a time of movement in the political world, because...

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SMILES'S LIFE OF GEORGE STEP]IENSON. * Lrgn many men of robust and manly character but humble origin, the great railway engineer had a turn for talking of his early poverty and...

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History of Civilization in England. By Henry Thomas Buckle. Volume I. Memoirs and Adventures of Felice Orsini, written by Himself; containing un published State Papers of the...

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9111 June 1857. Sni—My attention was directed a few days since to the review of "The Unprotected" in your pages; but being a deesernaker as well as the writer of that book, my...


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THE TuRNER GALLERY. With a very few exceptions, the whole of the oil-pictures bequeathed by Turner to the nation are now hung in Marlborough House,—mostly in the upper rooms...