13 MARCH 1841

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Bad as the aspect of affairs in the United States

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was last week, it appears worse in the intelligence received since. The House of Representatives has sanctioned a very belligerent and inflamma- tory report upon Mr. M‘LEon's...


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THIS week again, Parliament has talked more than it has acted ; -and yet even the talk has been comparatively scanty. The practi- cal business has been almost confined to...

The renewed rebuffs and frustration of purpose wholi the Bri-

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tish plenipotentiaries in China have encountered in their every act, threaten a distant if not a disastrous termination to -ihe expedis tion. Intelligence from Macao reaches to...

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Lord PALMERSTON is again in his glory : the great

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Eastern ques- tion, after all, is still "open." The hereditary government of Egypt in feudality to the Porte, which was promised to MEHEMET Au, turns out to be a disgraceful...

India was comparatively tranquil at the departure of the mail,

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and the news is stale. It is nt> novelty to learn that SHAH SOOJAH is unpopular and his throne precarious; and that is the most pro- minent item in the Indian news of the mouth.


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Two more packets have arrived from New York during the week, the Westchester and the England, with papers to the 20th. The in- telligence from that quarter grows in importance :...

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The overland Indian mail brings intelligence from China to the 18th December, six weeks later than the date of the previous advices. No further progress, however, seems to have...

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pebatez anti Iprourbirto in 'parliament.

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ORDNANCE ESTIMATES. In Committee of Supply, on Monday, Sir HUSSEY Vieux brought forward the Ordnance Estimates. The total increase on the Estimates of last year was 186,631/....

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gbe Vrobintes.

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We are authorized to state that Mr. Fuller will be a candidate for East Sussex at the next election. There can be no doubt of his return to Parliament, in conjunction with our...

Cbt court.

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THE annals of the Court do not present much variety this week. The parties at Buckingham Palace have been few. The Queen and Prince Albert have taken exercise daily, walking or...

gbe Ifletropolis.

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A public meeting was held at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, in the Strand, on Thursday morning, to petition against the New Poor-law Amendment Bill Mr. Walter, the Chairman, was...

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A large meeting of Chartists was held in the Bazaar at Glasgow, on to oppose both Lord Stanley's and Lord Morpeth's Irish Re- gistration Bills, and to petition the Queen to...


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At the weekly meeting of the Repeal Association, on Monday, the- usual letter from Mr. O'Connell to "My dear Ray" was read, together- with an "hereditary bondsmen" letter to the...

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Sir Jeremiah Dickson, K.C.B., is appointed to the command of the troops in Nova Scotia. There was a conference, on Wednesday afternoon, between Viscount Palmerston, Prince...

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The first February mail from the West Indies has arrived

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this morn- ing. The papers are for the most part filled with English news or small local topics, nothing more important being astir in the islands.

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Baron Bulow's departure for Germany is postponed until next month,

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circumstances having arisen that will preclude his Excelleecy's depar- ture so soon as he intended. Baron Nieumann, who 'was expected to have left for Vienna on the 19th, is...

We believe we may state 'with confidence that the Heads

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of Houses in the University of Oxford have appointed a Committee to prepare some measure giving testimony of their entire disapprobation of /dr. Newman's tracts, particularly...

The Paris papers of Thursday are mostly engaged in discussing

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the new Egyptian question, generally with some warmth. The Paris papers of Thursday are mostly engaged in discussing the new Egyptian question, generally with some warmth. In...

Madrid letters of the 4th mention, that on the 3d

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instant a Council of Ministers was held, at which Senor Gamboa, the Finance Minister, made an exposition of the state of the finances, which was most deplorable, the war having...

Rumour is busy as to the successor of Rear-Admiral Elliot

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in the East Indian command. Among the numerous officers named, are the gallant Lord Cochrane, now the Earl of Dandonald, Sir Charles Adam, and Sir William Parker.—Hampshire...

Manchester, Friday Evening.—Things were never more gloomy than they have

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been since Tuesday senmght ; and with the advance on cotton, and a declining value in goods and yarns, makes the business worse in the way of profit than at any former period....


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STOCK EX6IAIVOI: . F4IDAT AFTZRROON. The fear of a war with the United States, of which the intelligence brought by every arrival from America this week seemed' to increaee the...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons, last night, Lord Palmerston was put to the question, by Sir ROBERT PEEL, Lord SANDON, and Mr. EWART, on the subject of the...

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OUR RELATIONS WITH THE UNITED STATES. THE printing and circulation of the report of a Committee on Foreign Affairs by order of a majority of the House of Representatives of the...


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The Heroine, Fretwell, from China to Loudon, was wrecked off Cape Spartel, Feb. 18th—master, mate, and twenty-four of the crew drowned. The Hector, trom Calcutta, sunk off...

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THE temper in which the House of Commons took up the question submitted to it by Mr. G1LLON'S motion respecting Mechanics Institutions was creditable. But although it is a good...


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IT might serve a good purpose if some of the well-meaning.indi- viduals who directly or indirectly patronize the Nonintrusion agi- tation in Scotland would ask themselves the...

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OUR lyric drama has made another struggle for existence ; and, for the first time, it has found a home of its own and been placed under the direction of a musician. Regarded as...


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'SPRING, with her balmiest breath mildly effacing our bitter recol- lections of old Winter's severest mood—dispelling with her bland and genial influence the chilling thaw of...

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LONG after the usual time, and after much wonderment on the part of the musical quidnuncs what was become of the Italian Opera, the doors of her mansion in the Haymarket were at...

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-Tnavass, Six Menthe with the Chinese Expedition ; or Leaves from a Soldier's Note-Book. By Lord Jocelyn, late Military Secretary to the Chinese Mission Murray. The Spas of...

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IN the summer and autumn of 1839, Dr. GEANVILLE set forth on a tour through England to examine its Spas—their prospects with his eyes, their accommodations by his experience,...

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IT seems needless to tell the reader, that life-insurance means an un- dertaking to pay a certain sum on the death of an individual, in con- sideration of an annual premium...

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Boons. Six Months with the Chinese Expedition; or Leaves from a Soldier's Note-Book. By Lord JOCELYN, late Military Secretary to the China Mission. Nome Sketches and Foreign...

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While speaking of new portrait-engravings, we may mention a miniature

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whole-length of Sir ROBERT PEEL, by Mr. J. D. FRANCIS, which is about to be engraved for Messrs. WELCH and GWYNNE, of St. James's Street. The likeness of the Conservative leader...


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Wr, were shown the other day several articles of bijonterie, the work of a French jeweller, which were so remarkable for beauty of art, both in the design and execution, that...


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MORE ROYAL PORTRAITS. MR. MOON, eager to gratify the "impatient loyalty of the nation," as his eloquent annonce expresses it, is exhibiting at his rooms in Thread- needle...


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BIRTHS. On the 7th just., at Bexley House, Kent, the Lady MARGARET MARSHAM, of a son and heir. On the 10th just., in Arlington Street, Lady Maar Srrensxsorr, of a daughter....


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WAR-OFFICE, March 12.-5th Foot-G. Ledingham, M.D. to be Assist.-Snrgeou. vice I4PBean, appointed to the Staff. 20th Foot-Lieut. F. C. Evelegh to be Captain, by purchase, vice...

LUCAS'S second or University portrait of the Duke of WELLINGTON,

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representing the veteran commander wearing the Chancellor's robes, and composing his iron features to suit the Doctor's cap that he holds in his hand-has been engraved in...

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Tuesday, March 9. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Austin and Masterman, Wine Office Court, atturnies-1PCulloch and Co. Liverpool, wine-dealers-Alsop and Bent. Manchester,...


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BRITISH FUN DS. Saturday Monday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Trednes. Thurs. Friday. Spec Cent. Consols 88* 881 83/ 871 8Th 871 Ditto for Account ner Cents. Reduced 31. per...