13 MARCH 1847

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THE first step has been taken towards extending the Property and Income tax to Ireland ; but the enjoyers of property and income in that country have escaped for the present...

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In France, there is an alarming tendency to rise even

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above the high level of the present prices for grain. - Belgium has been disturbed by food-riots of a very formidable and embarrassing kind. - Portugal exhibits the most...

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PROPERTY AND TAXATION IN IRELAND. The House of Commons having come, on Tuesday, to the order of.the day for the recommittal of the Landed Property (Ireland) Bill, Mr. ROEBUCK...

By abstaining from introducing their educational scheme into Parliament, Ministers

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do not avoid opposition to it ; though they do forego some of the advantages of support which a determined stand might have won for them. Leeds has become the focus of the...

King Louis of Bavaria, famed for his poems and his

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taste in art, has in his old age carried his taste into the practical province of gallantries. The Andalusian dancer Lola Montes, after wan- dering over Europe from the...

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The Court of Alderman met on Tuesday, for the despatch of general business. The Town-Clerk applied, on behalf of the Committee of the Court of Common Council, for a copy of the...

Zbe Probintes.

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Mr. H. Plumtre Gibbs has issued an address to the electors of Canter- bury. Mr. Gibbs put up in 1837 with Mr. Bradshaw, on the Conservative interest, but was defeated. The...

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Two domestic tranquillity of Osborne House has been interrupted by affairs of state. On Tuesday afternoon the Queen held a Court and Privy 4 Council At the Court, Lord Howden...

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There has been a renewal of the food-rioting in the North of Scotland; the scene this time being Ross-shire. On Saturday sennight, symptoms of disturbance broke out at Dingwall....


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Amidst the general hopeless aspect of affairs in Ireland, there are soma gratifying proofs of well-directed energy on the part of landlords. Upon estates in Chancery, advances...

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goreign anb eolonfal.

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RUVARIL—The Journal des Debate publishes a letter purporting to have been written to the King of Bavaria by four of his Ministers on tendering their resignation. They state that...

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The Cabinet met in Connell on Saturday, at the Foreign Office, and sat for nearly three hours. A Supplement to the Gazette of Tuesday contains orders in Council, agreed to at...

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Mr. Kay Shuttleworth, Secretary to the Educational Committee of the

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Privy Council, has published a letter intended to correct a mistake on the part of Dis- senters who oppose the Government scheme of education. The Reverend Robert Eckett had...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons, last night, when Lord Joule RUSSELL moved khe order of the day for going into Committee on the Poor Relief (Ire- land) Bill, be took...

Last night's Gazette contains proclamations for a general fast, to

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be observed on the 24th instant in England and Scotland. It also announces the following appointments— Viscount Torrington to be Governor and Commander-in-chief of Ceylon. Mr....

On the 21st February, at Gibraltar, the Lady of Captain

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Dunlop, Royal Artillery, of a daughter. On the 3d March, at Astley Castle, War. lekshlre, Lady Mary Hewitt, of a son. On the 4th, at oIreenock, N.B., the Wife of N. C. Cotton,...

• To ConausacumEnTs.

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It 'every difficult and inconvenient to make room for any Letters at present. Another • communication from our Camberwell correspondent, "An Old Subscriber," has been in type...

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By the packet-ship Virginian, there are advices from New York

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to the 18th February. On the 9th and 10th, the Senate bad been occupied with providing 3,000,000 dollars for the Mexican war. Mr. Calhoun made an important speech, describing...

SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY.—Handers Belshazzar, a work which has been suffered

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for years past to lie hi unmerited neglect, is to be revived by the Society on Friday next. It was originally produced in 1745; the words being written by the compiler of the...

Papers have been received, today, from Hobart Town to the

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12th September. There had been a meeting on the subject of transportation. Lord Stanley's despatches throwing a doubt on the unardoiity of the colonists in desiring the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arrzasioolt. The books of the Stocks whose dividends become due next month have all closed: to reopen for private transfer on the 11th April. The Bank is...


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Fraschini, the celebrated tenor of Italy and Germany, made his first ap- pearance at Her Majesty's Theatre on Tuesday, as Edgard°, or Edgar Ra- venswood, in Lucia di Lammermoor....

According to the Augsbury Gazette, the Austrian loan is for

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80,000,000 florins, inatead of 40,000,000.


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AaatvED—At Gravesend, 10th March, Quintets; of Eglinten, Grange, from Chins. AtPortsmouth, 10th, Hoop, Prouk, from Batavia. At Falmouth, 6th, Nora WDonald, Proud, from Calcutta....

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Cairo is transported by Mr. Burford's magic art into Leicester Square; and the Londoner may lounge at his ease to the high ground near the Suez road, just outside the walls....

It is a good thing when Mr. Buckstone steps in

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to the assistance of the Adelphi. The days when that house enjoyed its greatest dramatic import- ance were those in which he used to furnish his one piece per annum. Then an...

A concert for the benefit of the destitute widow and

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nine children of the late Mr. Kearns is to take place next Wednesday evening, at the Hanover Square Rooms. It has been arranged by a committee of professional mu- sicians and...

Among the attractions already announced for next week, we observe

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Castellon and Gardoni in La Sonnambukt, and a new ballet. Pretty ample and various fare for Lent.


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There has been a variety of musical performances this week, rather un- common, it strikes us, on this side Easter. On Monday evening, there was the third of Hullah's Historical...

Whether the success of M. Alcide Tenses at the St.

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James's in London will correspond with the reputation acquired at the Patois Royal in Paris, is matter for serious debate. The last thing which one nation can under- stand is...


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The collection of specimens illustrating decorative manufactures, at the house of the Society of Arts, is a very fair beginning, and limited, as the first of an annual series...

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REMEDIES FOR IRELAND: COLONIZATION. THE Morning Chronicle brings formidable evidence from statistics to show that the task of supporting the poor in Ireland will be too vast...


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one time a great party cry, is once more attracting some attention. In Lord Eldon's time, and even in Lord Lyndhurst's and Lord Cottenham's early Chan- cellorships, the defect...

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FURTHER consideration of the plan promulgated by Sir George Grey for a new system of treating convicts instead of trans- portation, strengthened our first impression, that it...

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HIETORT, A History of the Royal Navy. from the Earliest Times to the Wars of the French Revolution. By Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, G.C.M.G. The lint volume-Bentley. Ficrion,...


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Ourt orators are much behind our musicians in one respect. If you look into a work of Handers time, you find that all the pieces are marked at the end "Da capo," so that every...

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Barn these novels are so far didactic, that their writers appear to have some theoretical notions, and to have considered fiction rather as a means of exhibiting their views in...

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" 0, thou hadst damnable iteration, and wert indeed able to corrupt a saint!" In point of substance, Thomas Hood might be but slight, and his power of evolving by incidents a...

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BOOKS. Poems of Wit and Humour. By Thomas Hood. Iiirkholme Priory, or Modern Heroism; a Tale. By the Author of " The Ransom." In three volumes. Irish Popular Songs; with...

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PAILTNEBSHIPS DISSOLVED. Thornton and Son, Leeds, cloth-merchauts—Hayward and Co. agricultural-agents- Marshall and Edwards, Moorgate Street, land-agents—The Lydgate Mill...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, March 8.—Corps of Royal Engineers—Brevet Major F. R. Thomson to be Lieut.-Col. vice Gipps, deceased; Second Capt. W. Tolland to be Capt. vice Thomson; First...


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Published Music in " Matikla of Hungary." A new opera, in this country, is never published as an entire work; an emphatic indication of the state of our musical stage. Setting...

The Pastoral Weelc; Six Vocal Quartets. The Words by John

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Major; the Music by J. S. Major. These quartets are very much in the style of a kind of chamber vocal harmony much used in Germany,—short and simple in form, but exhibit- ing a...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prima.) Seined. Monday. Tuesday. Wednes -- -- rfrt 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent 3 Pm 3 FOREIGN FUNDS. Austrian 6 — 1091 Mexican...