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Sims no longer seaworthy, when about to break up between the strain of winds and waves, have been known to give forth strange Monitory - sound.s like wailing : the sailor cannot...

In South Africa, confusion is becoming worse confounded. Sir Harry

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Smith could no doubt beat the Caffres if they would fight him in his own way ; but that the obstinate savages will not do. Since the beginning of the troubles they have given...

In the beginning of the week came news of the

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cutting of the first sod of the first Norwegian railway—a work of British enterprise and capital. A few days later, came intelligence that to British undertakers has been...

All foreigners intending to reside permanently in Paris, or exer-

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cise any calling there, must henceforth present themselves person- ally to the authorities, and obtain permission to remain. This new and stringent police-regulation is, it is...

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A vacancy in the representation of Bradford is caused by the death of Mr. William Busfield, "for the last forty years a stanch Whig and Re- former?' The representation of the...

The party in the United States who favour intervention in

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the affairs of Cuba, have set on foot an active and unscrupulous agitation throughout the Union. The Central Government pro- fesses (and with apparent sincerity) a desire to...


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Though the Court and the Parliament, and all the multitude of town residents who follow the Court and Parliament, are now in Scotland or in the provinces, or abroad, still...

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The Presidents of the Queen's Colleges in Ireland have made their re- ports for the session 1850-1. The information is on the whole encou- raging. Dr. Shuldham Henry, of...

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FRANCE.--;Little more has transpired concerning the Paris plot-which -was-published by the officials last week. The-first arrests were several hundreds ; but some scores have...


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The Queen. is very quiet at Balmoral. Only once has ahe.chiven.out farther than the residence of her inether,at Abergehlie. On the 9th. she drovein an open carriage to...

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The vacancy in the representation of Great Britain at the Court of Florence, caused by the death of Mr. Shell, into be filled by Mr. James Hudson, now Minister at Rio Janeiro....

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Wellt-OFFICE, Sept. 9.-17th Re g t. of Li g ht Hra g m—Cornet G. Boss to be Adit. vice Howard-St. Geor g e. who resi gn s the adjutancy only. Ath E. Boss to be Adjt. vice...

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The late declaration of the Archbishop of Canterbury, as to

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the need- lessness of the episcopal ordination of the clergy, is not, it appears, to be passed over in silence. A protest against such an opinion is already in course of...

The Paris news is of no very particular interest. The

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effect of M. Carlier's edict against resident foreigners is still the leading topic. A letter stales that the Prefecture is crowded all day with foreigners of all classes...

At the Mansionhouse, yesterday, a number of seamen appeared to

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answer charges of desertion preferred against them by Mr. Colman, from the Ship- ping Registration Office. Clear cases were established, against William Thomas Dawson, of...


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The Gazette notifies formally the appointment of Lieutenant-Colonel Reid to be "Governor and Commander-in-chief in and over the Island of Malta and its dependencies." Three...

Additional particulars from "the Australian , California," in the papers of

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this morning, cause anxieties for the fate of regular industry and legi- tiinate commerce_ in the mania for gold-searching. The ship Arbuthnot, Which brought home the news, was...


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SID= EXCIIANOR, FRIDAY AFTERNOON.. The unfavourable nature of the intelligence from the Cape of Good Hope has operated prejudicially on the Stock Market ; the indications of...

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IN the act of the Emperor Francis Joseph, throwing away the mask, Despotism showed its insolent countenance, unaltered; in the note of Prince Schwarzenberg, the old philosophy...


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.1.111, NEW POPULAR MOVEMENT—IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES. A NEW movement! There are rumours of such a thing—a new, great, unperverted, genuine, unfatigued, political, popular, " i....

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The novelties of the week furnish new proof of our dependence on the invention of French dramatists. Our writers can write and our actors can act better than Gallomaniaes think...

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SINcE we last touched upon the subject of Cuba, the affairs of that island have assumed a totally new position: the actual shedding of blood has probably committed the United...

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Tire frightful accidents at Bicester and Hornsey—two out of several reported this week—illustrate, for a hundreth time, three deficiencies in the railway system which we have...

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THE RAILWAY MASSACRE AT RICESTER. Oxford, 10th September 1851. Sin—It is not long ago that the readers of railway reports were startled by an assertion of Mr. Glyn, the...

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Sin—As before, / resume the inquiry into Mr. Newman's bold claims to some great men departed, as a subject possessing an interest beyond the mere object of exposing his...

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MIGNET'S MIRY QITEEN OF SCOTS, a THE subjeets of this concluding volume are the impisonment of Mary in England, the discussion of her guilt or innocence before Elizabeth's...

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'POEMS A:IID )(IMOD?. 0 . 1r TII01/A LOTELL BEDDOES: * 111:E author of

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"Death's Jest-book, or the Fool's Tragedy," t was .uadoubtedly possessed of great poetical spirit and power. He failed by directing his attention to art instead of nature, and...

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A vrtononou mastery of the materials, and a style easy, clear, and English, are the main features of Lady Selina Cliforcl, the principal story of this book. The materials...


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Lands" is not exactly a book of travels ; nor is it altogether a book containing the results of travel. It is rather the reminiscence of remarkable subjects or scenes that...

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Gn the 7th August, at Nassau, New Providence, the Lady of the Hon. J. C. Lees, Chief Justice and President of the Council of the Bahamas, of a son. On the 20th, at Oporto, the...


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Booxs. Oxford University Statutes. Translated to 1843, by the late G. R. M. Ward, Esq., M.A. &o.; and completed under the superintendence of James Heywood, Esq., M.P., F.R.S....

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Tuesday, September 9. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-J. and A. Giddings, Edwards Street, Portman Square, dressitakers-Hodgkinson and Macdonald, Manchester, commission-agents-Spiller...


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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 5 p. Ct 811 Massathusetts (Sterling)...6 p. Ct. Belgian 4 1 — Mexican 5 - Ditto 21...