14 AUGUST 1847

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The Irish boroughs have completed their returns, and a portion

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of the counties. If the lull of party discord makes classification difficult in England, the excess of the conflict equally baffles dis- tinctions in Ireland. Personal fighting...


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THE election returns for the counties have mostly been made ; and the results are satisfactory. We notice neither THE election returns for the counties have mostly been made ;...

Released from the cares of state and toils of "the

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season," Queen Victoria, with her husband and part of her family, is off to Scot- land; voyaging round the Western coast, hitherto unvisited by the Royal squadron. One parting...

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MEMBERS ELECTED. (Continued from page Ms.) Carlow County. • Colonel Breen. arrtnarthenshire Hon. G. R. Trevor. Carrickfergus Hon. Capt. Cotton. Carlow J. Sadleir. Banffshire...

The panic in the corn-market, which began on Friday last,

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has continued this week. The first knawa failure was that of a house at Stockton-upon-Tees ; it was followed by the downfall of the London house of Charles Douglas and Co., for...

The long French session has beeen formally closed, and the

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poli- ticians of Paris look back to see what it has produced. Nothing- • nothing but what is negative and disastrous. Imprimis, it has produced a loan of 350,000,000 francs. The...

Austria holds her menacing attitude in Italy ; while the

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Pope - maintains a firm front, and continues his popular measures. The Austrian Government h RS seen fit to notify, that if disturbances arise in the Papal States, it shall hold...

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Win eourt.

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BEFORE recounting the Queen's departure for Scotland, it will be necessary to record some Court movements which took place earlier in the week. The Queen having assembled...

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gbe titobintes.

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Mr. John Walter, the new Member for Nottingham, made a triumphal entry into the town on Tuesday. Mr. Walter was escorted from Chilweli Hall, the seat of his brother-in-law, Mr....

be liftetropolis.

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An active movement is going on in Lambeth to exhibit by means of some public testimonial the respect of the inhabitants for Mr. Hawes, their late Member. Meetings have been held...

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The newspapers, particularly those of the West of Scotland, teem with the usual paragraphs on the Queen's tour and the loyal preparations for her Majesty's reception. According...

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jroreign anti Colonial.

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Faxes.—The Chamber of Peers brought its business to a close on Saturday, by passing the Loan Bill and the Budget of Receipts. On Mon- day the two Chambers met to hear read the...


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The following important circular, dated the 6th of August, has been ad- dressed by the Relief Commissioners to the Inspecting Officers of Unions. "Sir—The Relief Commissioners...

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Yesterday being the anniversary of the Queen Dowager's birthday, the Dutchess of Gloucester went to Bushy on a visit of congratulation. In the evening her Majesty's various...

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Last night's Gazette notifies the order in Council proroguing Parliament

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from the 21st September to the 12th of October next. It announces that the Queen has appointed Admiral Sir Thomas Byam Martin, G.C.B., to be Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom...

The recent official disclosures in France have borne their first

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political fruit in an imposing demonstration at Colmar; where, on Sunday last, 160 electors of the Department of the Upper Rhine assembled to denounce the public corruption. M....


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SATURDAY NIGUEL. There is no peculiarity in the election news of the morning. We have endeavoured to make the account under the special head as complete as we could up to the...

The mail steamer Britannia, which left Boston on the 1st

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instant, arrived at Liverpool late yesterday evening. There are advice* from Vera (Non' to the 18th July; but they consist chiefly of reports that seem to demand further...

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We announce with great regret the death of Dr. Andrew

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Combe; which oc- curred at Gargle Mill, near Edinburgh, on the night of Monday last. Dr. Combs was only forty-nine years of age; and, although he had long been afflicted by...


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ARRIVED-At Gravesend. 7th Aug., Duke of Richmond, Barclay, from Singapore ; and Manchester, Morice, from Calcutta ; 8th, Tropic, Robertson, from Hobart Town ; John Cooper,...


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Rossini was the master selected for another revival at Covemt Garden, on Thursday, with the same splendour, the same completeness of effect, and the same success, that have...

Information was forwarded to all the Police stations, yesterday, and

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placards were issued offering 2001. reward for the recovery of the following Exchequer Bills, which have been lost or stolen—four for 1,000/. each, dated 16th of March 1847,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FELDAT AFTERNOON. The week commenced gloomily. Several very heavy failures occurred, chiefly of houses in the corn trade; and the general distrust thus...

In the following statement, a well-informed correspondent calls attention to

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a peculiarity in the Royal Family of England, not hitherto pointed out. —"Ever since the accession of the house of Guelph, Royalty has freed itself from one of the most...

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POSITION OF MINISTERS IN THE NEW P AR LIAM ENT. WE do not remember the time, be it said without invidiousness or disrespect, at which the press at large put forth so much that...

The period of "last nights" has arrived at Her Majesty's

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Theatre, and each evening is designated as the last but x, said x of course varying as time runs on. So close are we pressing to the last night of all, that we begin to consider...

• The following rhapsody—disjointed fragments of a longer letter—has

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been transmitted to us from Edinburgh, by the lady to whom it was ad- dressed, that e - e might advise her as to her relative's sanity. We would rather not: he certainly is an...

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moot who are interested in the welfare of Italy cannot at this moment be exempt from the utmost anxiety to know what is the aetual position assumed by the official...


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ONE of the wants in this country is that of some public machi- nery for giving effect to any general opinion or sentiment, on matters which may be severally of minor public...

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Oun bad sanatory regulations daily doom to death human beings under influences which might be converted to support the life of the same creatures. The refuse of towns exhales...


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VOYA.OBS AND Titivate, Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of II. M. S. Fly, commanded by Captain F. P. Blackwood, R.N., in Torres Strait, New Guinea, and other Islands of the...

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Tins is a valuable work. M. Willm, the author, and Dr. Nichol, the translator and commentator, possess in a rare degree the qualifications of comprehensive and cultivated...

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As regards London or Paris, ample materials exist for any kind of work—antiquarian, historical, anecdotical, or topographical. The chro- niclers, letter-writers, and poets of...

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BOOKS. Literary and Historical Memorials of London. By J. Homage Jesse, Au- thor of "Memoirs of the Court of England," &e. In two volumes. Phillipsland, or the Country...

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Tuesday, Aug. 10. PARATIBESHIPS DISSOLVEID. Tubb and Co. Prospect Place, Southwark, ale-brewers-Meek and Roxbrough, Crane Court, Fleet Street, embossers-Chavasse and Sketrett,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Aug. 13.-Ist Regt. of Life Guards -Cornet and Sub.-Lieut. J. 3f. Hogg to be Lieut. by purchase, vice the Marquis of Worcester, promoted In the 7th Light Drags. • T....

On the 28th July, at Heidelberg, Mrs. Browne, of Mellington

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Hall, Montgomeryshire, Of a daughter. On the 3d August, at Edinburgh, the Lady Haddo, of a son. On the 4th, the Countess Dude, of a son. On the 4th, at Libberton Lodge,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Clodeg Priem.) &turd. Xensday. Tuesday. Wattles. news: Rift. 3 per Cent Consols 80 681 871 87* 87 Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 881 87 861 87...