14 MAY 1842

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'THE Tariff has taken the place of the Income-tax as a measure under the practical consideration of Parliament. In bringing it forward again, on Tuesday, after the lapse of...

The business of the Legislature was curtailed on Thursday night

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; for there was the splendid fête at Buckingham Palace, and noble Lords and honourable Members had to don the dresses of EIFWARD the Third's days and take their station in the...

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The week has brought us intelligence of three terrible accidents

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in foreign lands, but in countries with which Englishmen are in habits of familiar sympathy. One of those events is so vast in its nature and consequences as to belong to the...

Debates anix Vroceebings in liarlininent.

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THE TARIFF. Sir ROBERT PEEL made a statement in the House of Commons on Tuesday, preliminary to their going into Committee on the Customs duties. The delay in bringing forward...

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She eourt.

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THE attention of the Court was absorbed in the earlier part of the week in the last preparatives for the grand ball at Buckinginun Palace on Thursday; minor gayeties being...

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rbc .ftletropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Wednesday, for the des- patch of business. Reports were presented on the Royal Exchange and the great City improvements : the material...

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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At a meeting of the Liberal electors in Falmouth, on Friday, it was resolved to tender the suffrages of the Reformers to Captain Plum- ridge, should the arrangements consequent...


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The Birmingham Advertiser announces a toy for the Prince of Wales ; not the best for a baby-potentate to play withal- " A townsman of ours, named Griffiths, has manufactured and...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of Commons met at two o'clock yesterday, for the despatch of routine business : and after a t.lun t adjournment, assembled again at four. The pi...

A half-sovereign, fin. the distressed Pole whose letter appeared in

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our last Num- ber, has been received from a fair correspondent at Havmfordwest ; and on handing it to C a ptain PreTaaaaEwsar, we found that his appeal through our cuhsmnshad...

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• Molly Good was brought up in the Central Criminr‘

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Court today; when the Attorney - General stated, that something like a .arriage had taken place between her and Daniel Good, in Ireland; and ', it , refore he should not proceed...


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GERMAN OPERA AT COVENT GARDEN. SPONTINI'S Die Vestalin was brought out on Thursday night ; but not with sufficient success, we imagine, to induce a repetition of it. SPOE- TINI...

The Flintshire Election Committee met today, and entered upon a

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scrutiny of the votes. Forty - eight were struck off the poll for the Honourable Edward Loyd Mostyn ; and the Committee declared that he had not been duly elected, and that Sir...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. There was a great demand for money on Tuesday, occasioned by the deli- very of the Chancery Stock which, as we noticed in our last, was sold...

Madrid papers of the 5th state that the President of

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the Council had declared, in the Chamber of Deputies, that the present Government of Spain would yield to no foreign influence in an affair of such import- ance as the marriage...


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Arrived—At Gravesend. May 6th, Centurion. Le Maitre, from Miamians; George Fyfe, Pike, from Siugapore; 7th, Yam M•Cartney, from Mauritius; Senator, Kerr, from Ceylon ; Agnes,...

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AMONG, the musical incidents of the times, the Gresham Lectures claiaa occasional notice. The value of Sir Thomas GRESHAM'S gift to his fellow-citizens is now generally felt,...

To our correspondent who asks advice as to the best

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supply of musics for a Protestant chapel, (he does not say whether Episcopalian or Non- conformist,) we would recommend as the best modern collection of Psalm or Hymn Tunes,...


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THALBERG has reappeared in London : he gave a concert yesterday to a numerous audience at Willis's Rooms. An announcement of the fact will now suffice; for a player who has been...

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THE Court of England has just presented to itself a stately pageant. Feathers waved and spurs jingled more gallantly and merrily than they have done since the days of chivalry,...


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ELECTION-PETITIONS: MR. ROEBUCK'S MOTION. MR. ROEBUCK'S motion at once startled and cowed the House of Commons. Some of the honourable Members to whom he ad- dressed his...


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BONAPARTE was as inflexible as Sir ROBERT PEEL can be for the life of him, and the Fellaheen of Egypt are at least as well-broken in to government-extortion as the people of...

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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. " Mark. how plain a tale shall set you down."—Saassesas. Snt—The "disciple of this system," (who I opine might with equal truth and more...

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Tsarists. Rambles and Researches in Thuringian Saxony. By John Frederick Stanford. Esq., MA Parker, Itrwroar, The War in Syria. By Commodore Sir Charles Napier, K.C.S., &e....

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Tins volume is a didactic fiction ; though we are not able exactly to discover the moral it would point, even with the assistance of the motto in the titlepage, "There is no...


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THE object of Commodore NAPIER in writing this book was, no doubt, to give a history of the war in Syria, and the negotiations or rather intrigues by which it was begun and...

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The Nervous System and its Functions. By HERBERT MAIO, F.R.S., • Senior Surgeon of the Middlesex Hospital, &c. This work is of too scientific and abstruse a character to have...

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MILITARY GAZETTE. Wan-orrice, May 13.-al Regi. Drag. Guards-Quartermaster J. Heydon,

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from the 9th Light Drags. to be Quartermaster, vice J. Martin, who retires on half-pay. 4th Light Drags. -Lieut. E. Arkwright, Irom the 9th Light Drags. to be Lieut. vice Kemp,...


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BIRTHS. On the 4th April, at Funchal, in the Island of Madeira, Mrs. CALVERLEY BEWICEE, of a daughter. On the titl May. at Renishaw, Lady SirwELL. of a daughter. On the Silt,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. itiesday. 'refines ileum Pride,. 921 924 924 924 921 924 921 92} 924 924 924 924 911 911 911 914 914 914 994 991 991 99i 991...


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Tuesday, May 10. PARTNE HSU ips DISSOLvED. English and Butler, Seething Lane, surgeons-Tiffin and Brown, Blackfrinrs Road. tobacconists - Watson and Macdonald, Liverpool-Egan...