14 MAY 1859

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Belgium has declared for neutrality, and has at the same

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time put forward her adhesion to the rule laid down by the Paris Conference of 1856, that the neutral flag shall make neu- tral goods, and that the ships of neutral Powers shall...

The winding up of the English elections completes our report,

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but adds few facts to qualify the conclusions at which we arrived last week ; with the important exception that the statistical anti- cipations of the Ministerial party are to a...


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THE Emperor Napoleon his taken his departure from Paris, leaving the Government in charge of his wife, the Empress, as THE Emperor Napoleon his taken his departure from Paris,...

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Apart from the elections, the domestic news looks not unlike

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a canto from the English journals of many years past. Within the view of the same week, we have Lord John Russell discoursing on education at the meeting of the British and...

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AIMEE* 31712TURNED. :The following is a list of the Ebert vela hate been retained since the date of our kat isublication. It is Wet esiiMated that the Liberals have lost 40...

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No great event has yet marked the war. The information received from day to day mainly in the shape of official bulletins published at Turin is very meagre, and the fuller...

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CO Curt.

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THE QUEEN held a Drawingroom on Saturday and a Levee on Wednes- day. Both were well attended. Her Majesty accompanied by the Prince Consort and the Princess Alice have visited...

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A strong deputation of hop-planters from Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire, waited on Mr. Disraeli on Monday. They were introduced by Mr. Deedes, and Mr. Darby, formerly...

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The Liberals of Carlisle and East Cumberland celebrated their triumph at a dinner on Monday. It was characterized by speeches from Mr. Philip Howard of Corby, Mr. Marshall, and...

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The body of a woman who had evidently been murdered has been found near the Curragh camp. Two privates and a sergeant, who had been seen in her company, and who could not give a...


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The election of sixteen peers to represent the peers of Scotland in the House of Lords in the ensuing Parliament took place on Tuesday, in Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh. There were...

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"TIM .—The Emperor has at last quitted Paris. Accompanied by Prince Napoleon he set out for Lyons on Tuesday evening. The streets were thronged with people. Blouses on foot and...

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The Government has at length responded to the national feeling, and has seen the necessity of Walling for olunteers. The following circular from General Peel to the...

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SATURDAY ifoRNINO. A supplement to the London Gazette of last night contains a Proclama- tion in reference to the war on the Continent, enjoining her Majesty's subjects to...

The Emperor at Genoa has issued the following address to

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the Army. " To THE AUNT OP ITALY! " Soldiers,—I come to place myself at your head to conduct you to the combat. We are about to second the struggles of a people now vindicating...

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The Ministerial reckonings of gain by the general election have

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grown more specific, and we hear that their anticipations have proved more cor- rect than their opponents expected. They count upon a compact party of 310 ; they reckon four...

In consequence of serious displacements in the supports of the

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scaffolding at the Westminster Palace Hotel, a building in course of erection in Vie- feria Street, an upper stage fell down yesterday, killing on the spot four men and wounding...


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(From our own Correspondent.) The summer changes begin to get more frequent and decided, and toilettes are in preparation fit for the country and for travelling. Deep pique...


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erase EXCEL/SOL Fem.: Arm:Koos. A decided improvement has taken place since last week in nearly every description of public securities; and although business is still confined...

The Gazette contains the announcement of the promotion of Lord

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Can- ning to the dignity of an Earl, under the style and title of Earl Canning ; and the grant of an English Peerage to Lord Elphinstone. The Queen has recommended the Chapter...

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Tam continued cold weather unfavourably influences the trade of those who deal in textile fabrics, both wholesale and retail. The linen- drapers of London complain of dull...

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The " Rathbone Art Gallery" is the name of Mr. Lawrence's new show-rooms for his improved leather ornaments, or "relieve decorative carving." This mode of ornamentation has been...

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INVESTMENT OF Ora T.L SAVINGS. SIR — I believe John Wesley once said that he found that as people grew religious, they grew rich. lie said so regretfully, but it indicates the...

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SOME actual measures have been taken since we last noticed this subject to provide the backbone of our system of national defence. The presence of war on the continent, the...


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TER WAR AUCTION. NAPoinosr is on the ground. Every day's delay in the beginning of the contest only proves the magnitude of the labour which Austria has drawn upon herself and...


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SOMETIME since the Russian Government put forward a loan of 12,000,0001. at 3 per cent; but since the commencement of the war tumult in Europe, the same Government has notified...

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Otnt own opinion as to the causes of the Indian mutiny, and the right methods for preventing the recurrence of any such outbreak, were expressed last week. We find it to a great...


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" Ox a dark night in the winter of the year 18—, a man might have been seen " (the writer is not G. P. R. James, but " the story is extant and written in choice" English,) "...


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Fox a genuine love of freedom commend us to the Irish gentle- man, (we should not like to apply any lower title,) who, being imprisoned in the county gaol of Cork on a charge of...

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THE world has just lost one of the most indefatigable and gigan- tic workers that it has ever produced. It is not easy to parallel the immense extent of the field which Humboldt...

The pamphlet war on the Question of Italy, hitherto carried

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on ehiefix by M. Dentu and one or two other Paris publishers, has made its way into Austrian territory, by the appearance of a brochure, written in Italian, by Count Charles...

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M. ABOUT ON THE HOMAN QUESTION. * MANY things besides the opportuneness of its subject have con- - spired to secure an unusually eager reception for M. About's new work. His...

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THERE is vigorous stirring life from the beginning to the end of Mr. Henry Kingsley's novel ; and how indeed shouldit beotherwise, when he has got among his dramatis persome...


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Wir.A.rsvkit oversight in plan or occasional errors in execution may be discovered in this gigantic undertaking by "the critic eye, that microscope of wit," the book should be...

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The most striking library event of the week is the appearance of two additional volumes of the " Supplementary Despatches and Memoranda of the Duke of Wellington." They extend...

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PARISIAN Tnranucer.s.

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M. Auguste Vacquerie, celebrated as an author, whose works belong to the eccentricities of literature, has taken the Parisian public somewhat by surprise, with an elegant little...

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At the Adelphi, a farce of a very commonplace kind, called Ici on parle Francais, was brought out on Monday. A foolish fellow wishes to make money by letting the rooms of his...


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Grid's reappearance at Covent Garden on Saturday last, drew the fullest house of the season. The opera was the Huguenots, and her Valentina was supported by Mario's Raoul, She...

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We announced the death of Mr. C. R. Leslie, R.A.,

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with sincere re- gret. An accomp li shed gentleman, a painter whose sympathies with the wit, pathos, and feeling of Shakspeare , Cervantes, and Sterne were re- cognised...

firm arts.

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Mr. Ruskin has this year produced the fifth number of his Notes on some of the Principal Pictures exhibited in the Rooms of the Royal Academy, with further notes on The Old and...

Six hundred guests answered to the invitation of the Society

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of Arts on Saturday evening at the convoraazione in the Adelphi. The stereoscopic views of the " moon" and the " waves," taken by Mr. Fry, by means of a telescope belonging to...

Madame Pence, prima donna of the Paris Italian Opera, is

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en- gaged by Mr. Gye for three months, to fill the blank made by the death of Bosio. Her immediate appearance at Covent Garden is expected.

The principal concerts, this season, are those given by the

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various musical associations which now flourish in London. They are supes- seding the benefit concerts of individual musicians which within these few years used to be so...


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Blioux Perdus, six airs with variations, selected from the works of the classical composers. (Chappell and Co.) Three numbers of this publica- tion have appeared. It is well...

Miss Augusta Thomson, the young Scotch lady whom we mentioned

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a fortnight ago as having lately gained the first prize for singing at the Conservatoire of Paris, has arrived in London, and is to appear at the concert of the Philharmonic...

Mr. Mitchell of Bond Street, an entrepreneur who leads rather

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than follows the taste of the public, sends us a charming portrait of the young gentleman to whom Punch this week points as an example for vo- lunteering in the Navy. Prince...

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Bankrupts.-ABRAKom Davis, Camden Terrace, Camden Town, commission-agent -EDWARD CouLTuaso, Dowgate Wharf, Upper Thames Street, bottle-merchant- !muss ORMOND COLE, Montagu Place,...


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Bankrupts.- GEORGE Semma, Town Hall Plain, Great Yarmouth, plumber- JOHN FOULDS Sauna, Nottingham, lace-manufacturer-James TESSEYMEN, Leeds, Yorkshire. timber-merchant-ELmA...

The Sceptre found in the King's Apartments in the Kaiserbagh,

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Luck- now, in the (Treasury room,' when our troops entered it on the 14th, was given to Lieutenant Morland, First Bengal Fusileers, by one of the men, and by him was presented...


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BRITISH FUNDS. Salurd. (Closing Monday. Prices.) Tuesday. Wedgies. Thera. Friday, 3 per Cm Consols 901 901 911 911 92 92 Ditto for Account 9ef 911 911 911 912 912 3 Per...


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On the 4th of March, at Foo-Chow-Foo, in China, the Wife of Walter Medhurst, Esq., 'LB-M.'s Consul, of a daughter. In March, at Cawupore, the Hon. Lady Inglis, of a daughter. On...