15 FEBRUARY 1845

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TAXATION has been the uppermost subject in everybody's mind, every look being turned to Friday and the decree of the oracle. Deputations have besieged Downing Street, bearing...

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79tbatts anb Vroreebinips in Varilatnent.

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RAILWAY LEGISLATION. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, Lord GRANVILLE SOMERSET proposed and carried the following list of Members as a Select Committee to inquire into the...

There is a startling coincidence of allusions to commercial troubles,

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as if our " prosperity" were already hurrying us over the brink into the vortex of a " commercial crisis,' such as sig- nalized the years 1825-6 and 1835-6. In the distant West,...

A veryunpleasant scene was performed in the Theatre of Oxford

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;University on Thursday. Mr. Ward stood there as defendant, hefore the multitudinous and vociferous assemblage called Con- vocation ; and, after feebly defending his Romanizing...

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Ebt (court.

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DIE Court remains at Brighton; where the Queen and Prince Albert enjoy such pleasures as the place and season afford; walking on the Chain Pier, (reserved for their use two...

'be IfIztropolis.

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We believe we are correct in stating, that on Tuesday last Sir William Moles- worth received a requisition from Southwark, to succeed Mr. Benjamin Wood as Representative of that...

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The election of a Member to a seat for the borough of Buekingham, vacated. by Sir Thomas Fremantle's appointment to be Secretary for Ireland, took - place in the Town-hall on...

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We have just heard that the grant to Maynooth is to be increased to 28,0001. a-year, and the College and establishment. to be kept in repair at the public ex- pense. The...

,foreign anti (Colonial.

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Fitatans—On Tuesday, AL Duchatel introduced the Secret-service-money Bill; ■ and distinctly stated that Ministers would take the vote as one of confidence,- decisive of their...

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It is rumoured, and we believe upon sufficient authority, that the title of King. Consort is about to be conferred upon his Royal Highness Prince Albert. This,. we presume,...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Sir Robert Peel's Budget of 1845 will be as famous as that of 1842; for, in spite of large anticipations, he prepared quite a dramatic surprise for the House of...

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The morning journals receive Sir Robert Peers great scheme with

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various affections, but upon the whole they admire. The Ministerial Herald is highly eulogistic on the Premier's "sound, philosophical system of finance." • The Agricultural...

We understand that our tcwmsnureMr. Napier has been commissioned by

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Go - vernment to build an iron frigate for the Navy, of 2,800 tons burden: and that Mr. Napier is about to do so at his new and extensive marks at Govan, near Glas- gow. This...

Mr. Ward has written a strange letter to the Vice-Chancellor

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of Oxford Uni versity, to explain why, after what passed on Thursday, he does not voluntarily give up his degrees ! Of course ' he says, he does not refer to the act of degrade-...

The Morning Chronicle having observed that Mr. William O'Brien's letter

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did not give a direct denial to the charges made against hits and his brother about the South-eastern Railway, Mr. O'Brien in a second letter supplies the want- " Neither...

SU'. Henry Ellis states his opinion, that a possibility still

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remains of restoring the vase to its pristine integrity, by two skilful artists in the employ of the Trustees of the Museum, maned Doubleday and Baldoek,. who have had con-...

A correspondence is in progress between Sir Robert. Peel and

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the Board • of Trinity College, Dublin, respecting the opening of the University to , Roman Catholics and Dissenters, and the adoption of such changes in its constitution...

In a subsequent notice of Mr. lif`Culloch'e work on Taxation,

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we have • assumed that Sir Robert Peel would continue the' Income-tax for two years more; for according to the original plan it was to be enacted for three years, and to be...

The Derby Reporter mentions a serious accident on the North

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Midland Rail- way, on Monday. A train was approaching Wingfield, early in the morni ng, when the axle-tree of a second-class carriage broke; several carriages were smashed with...

By the Paris papers of Thursday we learn that the

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French Minist ry . have ob- tained an advantage in the preliminary struggle on the Secret-service-money Bill; having succeeded in appointing six out of eight members on the...


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&roes EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTEIINOON. Business in the English Funds has been quite unimportant, and the fluctua- tions are scarcely worthy of notice. Almost every day has...

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The arrival of M. Frederic Lemaitre—who is not so seriously

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injured by the upsetting of his carriage on the way as to prevent his appearing on Monday—will render the French Plays more attractive than usual to the English public. He is...


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Hitherto Mr. Fenimore Cooper's exploit of filling three volumes with the passage of an American liner from Cowes to New York has been unrivalled. But the annalist of a late...


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THE novelty of the week is the &Mt of Miss Cushman, an American ' actress of celebrity, at the Princess's Theatre. She appeared as Bianca, the heroine of Mr. Millman's...


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ARRIVED—At Portsmouth, 11th Feb., Earl of Durham, •Longridge, from Calcutta. Off Ditto, 13th. Earl Durham, Dickson, from Madras. Off the Wight, 12th, Robert Matthews, Phillips,...

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THE RIGHT OF SEARCH COMMISSION. DIPLOMATISTS have taken a leaf out of the book of Parliament- ary tacticians. Our late Ministers carried to perfection the art of substituting...


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THE Irish Repealers are strange people. Talk of Ireland's disor- dered state, and you are angrily told that no country. is so quiet : say that it is quiet, and you are more...


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THE abrupt termination of the proceedings in the trial of the great distillery case, in the Court of Exchequer last week, is an apt' illustration of the advantages derived from...

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A roolasu rascal destroys a priceless specimen of ancient art, and is punished for breaking the glass shade over it—value three pounds sterling. This is one of the shifts to...


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Tau Siecie of Paris relates a strange incident, but obviously mistakes the gist of the matter. During the Carnival, the Due De Nemours gave a series of balls and concerts, for...


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WE have the evidence of that great physiologist Mrs. Malaprop, that in the East figures are very unmanageable, when she Ob- serves that some one is " as headstrong as an...

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Pommel. EMMOscr, A Treatise on the Principles and Practical Influence of Taxation and. the Funding System. By J. R.: IPCnn‘vh, Esq., Member of the Institute of France....

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Tun first volume of this work * closed with anaccount of the Expedition's operations in the Paumotu group of islands. -. The two volumes now be- fore us contain the narrative of...

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THE scene of this novel is laid in France during the present time ; but the general character of the work rather resembles the novels of a former age, when the operation of a...

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From February 7th to February 13Th. Boons. Narrative of the anited. Stales Exploring Expedition, during the years 1838, 1889, 1840, 1841, 1842. By Charles Wilkes, U.S.N.,...

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TEE BRITISH rwesTrlsriort : NEW PICTURES. Tstua r the earliest of the annual art-shows, opened to the public; on Moss day. In one respect the exhibition this year is an...


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MADAME DUXES EN'S SOIREE MUSICALE. Tan second of the last series of c,oncerts took place on Wednesday. Ma- dame Dulcken has enlarged her-musical scheme, and now from the dais...

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Tuesday, Feb. 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Burlingham and Co. Evesham, ironmongers-Cores and Jaquin, New Union Street, Moor Lane, button-manufacturers-F. and C. Harrison,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Feb. 14.-2d Regt. Drag. Guards- Cornet F. Rogge to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice Robbins, who retires • V. Carter, Gent. to be Comet, by purchase, vice Hogge. 13th...


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On the 15th December, at Aden, in Arabia, the wife of Charles Barclay, Esq., Madras Medical Service, of a daughter. • On the 31st January, at Easter Anstruther, Fife, Mrs....

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BANK OF ID:GLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 8th day of February 1843. . ISSUE DEPARTMENT. Notes...