15 JANUARY 1853

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THE appeal to the country, through its specimen constituencies, on the reelection of the new Ministers, has fairly carried out the sentiments of those constituencies which first...

Napoleon the Third, it appears this week, is not yet

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firmly at ease on his throne. Russia still holds back the acknowledgment of Imperial brotherhood ; and the new potentate does not yet feel himself strong enough to resent the...

The accounts just received from the principal Australian Colonies are

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in their general tenour exactly of the same kind with those which we have received for the last few months ; only that at every new arrival we have to readjust the scale of our...

An overland telegraphic despatch gives us the meagre informa- tion

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that Pegu is to be annexed, the war against Burmah to be suspended. On this slight revelation a contemporary founds a conjectural defence of General Godwin's dilatory tactics....

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Tire Quesx has been entertaining a circle of illustrious visitors, rather more numerous than usual. The Duke of Cambridge and others departed on Saturday. On Monday Cardwell,...

T4t Rittrnitutto.

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Lord Oranworth took his seat as Lord Chancellor on 'Tuesday, at West- minster. He was accompanied by the Lords Justices, the Master of the Bolls, and the Vice-Chancellors, and...

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'!Jr Vrouturro.

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The Oxford University election seems likely to rival the old county contests of 'fifty years ago. Notwithstanding the continued upward pro- gress of Mr. Gladstone's majority...

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Sir John Young has, after all, been returned without opposition for the county of Cavan. The characteristic of the election, on Monday last, was a series of questions put by Mr....

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i forrigu rtu Cutraini. FRANCE —The Powers have now all recognized Louis

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Napoleon as Emperor of the French. On Monday, Mr. Rives, the American Minister, and several Envoys from the minor states of Germany, presented their credentials; and on...


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The two Scotch elections have terminated in favour of the late Members. The Honourable Francis Charteris met- with no opposition in Redding- tonshire ; and in due form he was...

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We have reason to believe that the Duke of Wellington has accepted the office of Master of the Horse to her Majesty under the new Adminis- tration.—limes, Tan. 10. We...


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On the 2d January, at Glen Stuart, the Vise...Gunton Premiering, prematurely. of S Bon, who survived only a fen hours. On the 3d, at the liectory, Westwell, Oxon, the 'Wife of...

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SATURDAY. One evidence of the feeling of solicitude respecting the relative strength of our defences is furnished to our hand this morning by the Times; which notices a new...

No returns of the state of the poll have been

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forwarded from Oxford today. Mr. Keogh and Mr. Sadleir are not alone in their glory as deserters.: Mr. Vincent Scully, replying to a circular from Mr. George Henry, Moore,...

The first Imperial state ball was given at the Tuileries

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on Wednesday. Report speaks of it as magnificent and successful. Louis Napoleon glittered about in the waiform of a generaloffieer, with white breeches, and diamond buckles in...

A commission de lunatic° inqukendo, touching the state of mind

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of the Earl of Eldon, was held yesterday, at Shirley Park, near Croydon, his Lord- ship's residence by Mr. Commissioner Winslow and a Jury of seventeen gen- tlemen residen t the...

The French man-of-war La Come, bristling with cannon, put into

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Dover harbour on Thursday morning. It was imagined by some that she was the avant courrier of an invading French squadron and thoughts were enter- tained of calling out the...

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We were right in the conjecture that the fear of a legal collision with M. Victor Hugo was the cause of giving the new name of Proscritto to Verdi's Ernani. Some years ago, the...

tqf C4tatr4o. There are certain personages in history of whom

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it is impossible to form even a tolerable judgment unless we know with the greatest accu- racy the circumstances under which they flourished. The shining lights of virtue and...


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under the influence of speculative and other sales, have declined. The dis- couraging reports from the agricultural districts on account of the weather, and also the expectation...

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!Mtn tit 4t Cahn.

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TilE OXFORD UNIVERSITY ELECTION. 10th January 1853. Bra—The last time I did myself the honour to address you, the subject I took in hand was the sufficiently discreditable...


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Branttcood, Lancashire, 4th January 1863. Sin—I cut the following from a leader of the Times (of Saturday, 1st January) on the trial of Mr. Bower- " An Englishman was called...

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THE public begins to be rather mystified at the continued official reserve respectin g the increase of the Army. There is no obvious, at least no sufficient reason for that...


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THE COUNTER-COALITION. IT sometimes aids clearness of conception to define an object by stating what it is not, as well as what it is. We have already characterized the fusion...

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HIIK&N prevision has been seldom rebuked in a more direct and irresistible fashion than in Australia at the present day. - Upon presumption we feared dreadful calamities that...


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IT is ' without surprise and equally without displeasure that we learn the preparation of an organized resistance to the anticipated reform of the Ecclesiastical Courts. Without...

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WHY SOCIETY OUTRUNS THE CONSTABLE. Lrviasu is very expensive in

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London and families that have been well to do and have got into difficu lties go abroad to economize ; a proof, it is too hastily presumed, that living is cheaper abroad. The...


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PUBLIC discussion is so good a thing for most purposes, that we are inclined to hope some advantage from a discussion which according to most 'rules of decorum should never have...


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REFLECTING men are struck with one possible result of a contro- versy that has been raging in the newspapers, much more im- portant than the direct issue of that controversy. We...

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the newspapers, that give novelty and spirit to the book.

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Clad in flannel from top to toe, rowing in a mahogany boat of a form and style to which the natives were unaccustomed, and braving the rapids of the Danube,—some of them, it...

THIRTY-FIVE YEARS IN THE EAST. * Tars is a singular book

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by . a singular man. Dr. Honigberger is one of those numerous foreigners who seek fortune or subsistence in the East, sometimes reaching eminence, but more frequently living a...

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RUTH. * WE have no recollection of having seen the rather

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celebrated Mary Barton of this writer. The novel before us argues a clear percep- tion of external imagery, and a powerful, distinct style, espe- cially in description ; a...

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Books. An Historical Memoir of Frti Dolcino and his Times; being an Ac- count of a general Struggle for Ecclesiastical Reform, and of an Anti- Heretical Crusade in Italy, in...

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TuesdaY, January 11. PAIITNERSHIPS Dissmaren.-Mumford and Son, Adams Court, Old Broad Street, share-brokers-Hughes and Co. Dublin, dealers in earthenware-Cooper and Howlet,...


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WAIL - OFFICE, Jan. 14.-lot Rest. of Foot-Aasist-Surg,. T. K. Birnie, from the Staff, to be Assist-Surg. 5th Foot-Lieut. J. W. D. Adair, from the 20th Foot, to be Lieut. vice...


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B R I T I SH 1" U le D 8. (Closing Pekes.) Sawa. Mender. niessisse, Mewbars. II per Cent Consols 1008ex.d , 1001 1031 Ditto for Account 1008 1008 1 3 per emu Reduced 1011 101...