15 JULY 1843

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THE debate on Ireland has grown to be the most interesting of the session; the one involving the largest questions and the largest contingencies. It places the whole state of...

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Little has happened beyond the four seas to need note

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here; for the progress of events in Spain, still apparently setting against ri ESPARTERO, has not materially changed. But two notable steps have been made in England's...

Debates anb Vroceebings in iparlfament.

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STATE OF IRELAND. The adjourned debate in the House of Commons, on Mr. Smith O'Brien's motion for inquiry into the state of Ireland, was resumed on Monday, by Captain BERNAL,...

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Slie (Court.

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THE Queen held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Saturday, for the reception of an address from the Corporation of the City of London. The Lord Mayor arrived in state shortly...


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A Court of Common Conagii,,was Amid on Thursday. Deputy Pea- cock gave notice of an address, to the Queen, praying that measarea might be taken to tranquillize Ireland. The...

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Zbe Vrobtnres.

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The annual country meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society of England began at Derby on Tuesday ; the place being all bustle and preparation, booths and other temporary...

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The Irish legal world has lost one of its most illustrious members, in the Right Honourable Charles Kendall Bushe, late Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench. He died on...

irtiscelIanto US.

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The Marquis of Lansdowne has been suffering from an attack of the gout, which confined him to the house for a few days ; but he began to recover early in the week. The death of...

_foreign Nebn.

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SPAIN.—The progress of events in Spain has not materially altered. More places have " pronounced," Badajoz being among the most im- portant. There was a modified declaration at...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of Lords have entered the field of discussion about the state of Ireland ; and the debate last night, though destitute of novelty in fact or argument,...

We have received an able Letter vindicating Lord Aberdeen's declaration

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of Scottish Church law, and attaching the Law Lords ; but its great length, concurrently with the length of this week's Debates, precludes insertion.

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Advices from Tahiti to the 17th February assert that Queen

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Pomare had claimed the protection of Captain Sir Thomas Thompson, of the Quen's ship Talbot, against the French ; and that he had sailed to take instructions from the Admiral on...

The Augsburg Gazette of the 9th instant states that Russia

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has con- curred in the election of Prince Alexander by the people of Servia.

The Marquis of Hertford has instituted proceedings against Nicholas Suisse

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in the Chamber of the Civil Tribunal of the Seine, to recover the value of 30,000 francs French rentes ; and the Paris papers of Thurs- day report the commencement of the trial...

An alarming fire broke out at five o'clock this morning,

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in the ex- tensive oil-a.)01 turpentine warehouses of Messrs. Pinchin and Johnson, situate in the New Road, St. George's East, and adjoining the Black- wall Railway. The flames...

The French telegraph says that Espartero returned to Madrid on

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the 9th instant! Van Halen bad captured the rebel Junta of Cordova, with their escort and some treasure.


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Altman—At Gravesend, 11th July, Favourite. Scadden, from Moulmein; 12th Agnes, Davidson, from Bombay ; and St. Mango, Lamont. from Ceylon ; 13th, John Line. Brodie, from Madras...

Rumours are multiplied in various shapes, that Sir Robert Peel

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means to resign—sometimes that he has resigned. They so abound in Liberal clubs, that people begin to heed them as little as boiler-explosions in the United States. At a late...


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THE Philharmonic season terminated, as we stated last week, on the 3d instant ; but an effort was made on the part of the Directors to ob- tain the Royal presence at an...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The prices of' the Public Securities have been well supported since our last publication. The report of a change of Ministry, which has been...

The Queen and Prince Albert, with the children, are to

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leave town for Claremont today.

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IT is easy to sneer at " white waistcoats and neckcloths" • and they are fair game for the sneerer when there is nothing hetter beneath them. Even on this assumption, it might...


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OFFER very little in the way of novelty : Italian operas and French vaudevilles, either in the original or translations, constitute the whole stock of theatrical entertainments...

Covent Garden is to be opened, for one night only,

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on Monday, for the benefit of M. BENEDICT ; who, in addition to STAUDIGL, announces Miss CLARA Novn.cco in Norma, and Mrs. ALFRED &Law in Cinderella.

The Fall of Babylon is to be performed at Exeter

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Hall on Friday next, conducted by the composer himself; Dr. SPOHR, at the earnest request of the Sacred Harmonic society, having delayed his departure from England for that...


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PEEL'S OWN POLICY. It is now put beyond a doubt that Sir ROBERT PEEL has no policy for Ireland. He avows this, and glories in it. He sees no occa- sion for unusual measures of...

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LORD BROUGHAM'S last new bill for the Suppression of the Slave- trade appears, from his own description of its provisions, to be one of the " curiosities of legislation." The...


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WHILE the crowd are eagerly devouring each gossiping detail of the late duel furnished by the industry of the press, more solid minds strive to profit by the chance of a hearing...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Ballytore, 12th July 1843. Slit - 1 might answer the question, Where does the Repeal Rent come from ?' in our Irish way, by asking another,...


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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. 3d July 1843. SIR—Without presuming to praise or condemn the plan of encouraging art by prizes, and without offering any opinion as to how far...


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GOING westward a few day s ago in an omnibus, we encountered a person whose profession might be read in his figure. He was short of stature, with broad, strong shoulders, and...

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Tasvm.s, Narrative of a Journey from Heraut to Khiva. Moscow, and St. Petersburg, during the late Invasion of Khiva; with some Account of the Court of Khiva and the King- dom of...

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THE third series of The Clockmaker left Mr. Slick appointed Attache to the English Embassy, in consequence of the celebrity which his sayings as a clockmaker have attained; and...

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THE author of Oliver Cromwell attained an adventitious distinction through the circumstances connected with the editorship of Mr. HORACE SMITH, and the fact of the work turning...

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From July 7th to July 13th. BOOKS. Personal Observations on Rindh, the Manners and Customs of its In- habitants, and its productive Capabilities; with a sketch of its his-...

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We have received a complimentary note from Mr. PUTNAM, of the American publishing-house of WILEY and PUTNAM, politely calling our attention to an inaccuracy in the notice of the...


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THE CARTOONS IN WESTMINSTER HALL. [SECOND NOTICE.] ON Monday, the public will be admitted free to view the Cartoons in Westminster Hall. The exhibition will be open daily from...

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Tuesday, July 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Hulse and Co. Birmingham, refiners,- Lethbridge and Salderf, Plymouth, ehip- brokers-Wilson and Co. Whines, near St. Helen's....


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BIRTHS. On the 30th June, at 13orrowstone House, Kincardine O'Neill. the Lady of Captain C. K. Jones-ros, of a daughter. On the 3d July, at Peel Heath, Hillingdon, the Lady of...


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WAR•OFFICE, July 14.-4th Reg. Drag. Guards--Lieut. F. W. Arkwright to be Capt by purchase, vice Leigh. who retires; Cornet M. L. Blake to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Arkwright ;...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Widnes. 931 ex hl. 94 94 94 931 931 exit. 94 94 934 931 944 944 941 944 941 1014 1014 1015 1011 1914 1001 ex d 1004...