15 MAY 1847

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THE House of Commons has had another debate on the financial state of the country. It was raised by Sir Charles Wood's pro- position for hastening the instalments of the loan ;...

The contest in the House of Lords on the Irish

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bill, last week, led to talk of a speedy dissolution. It might be supposed that The contest in the House of Lords on the Irish bill, last week, led to talk of a speedy...

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atbatts anb Alirottebings in iliarliament.

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DISCOUNT ON INSTALMENTS OF THE 8,000,0001. LOAN. The House of Commons having resolved itself into Committee, on Mon- dsz, Sir CHARLES WOOD moved II resolution, That every...

Paris has been the scene of several small catastrophes. There

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has been a move in the Ministry. Admiral Mackau, whose con- tempt of the petition on the horrors of slavery in the French West Indian Colonies was only the crowning proof of his...

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Zbe eoutt.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert, accompanied by the Prince of Wales, the Princess Royal, and the Prince of Leiningen, returned to town, from Osborne House, on Tuesday; arriving at...

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gbe _Metropolis.

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Alderman Johnson has announced his intention of standing for London, in the Conservative interest, at the general election. Mr. Benjamin Hawes'e advocacy of the Government...

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Mr. William Keogh, a rising young barrister and a Roman Catholic, has begun canvassing the electors of Athlone on the Conservative interest. There is a second opponent to Mr....

be glrobintts.

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Signs of increased activity among the aspirants for Parliamentary honours abound. Sir George Grey has declined to accede to the requisition of the electors of North...

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_foreign anb eolonial.

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Faiwcz.—The new topic in the Paris papers is the modification of the Ministry; which was definitively made known, on Monday, by the official announcement of the new Ministers in...


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Mr. Arthur Anderson has issued an address to the electors of Orkney and Shetland, in which he professes to aim at their emancipation from the Influence of the Earl of Zetland....

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The following order has been issued by the Lord Steward of the Queen's Household— "Board of Green Cloth, 12th May 1847. "Her Majesty, taking into consideration the present high...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Two financial debates occurred in the House of Commons last night. The first, relating to Railway speculation, was raised by Mr. HUME, on the following...

Last night's Gazette contains an order for the Court to

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assume mourning to- morrow for the Archduke Charles of Austria; the mourning to change on the 23d, and to cease on the 26th instant. A Cabinet Council sat at the Foreign Office...

Several notices of Music and Fine Arts are unavoidably postponed;

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and we cannel promise the insertion of any Letters at present.

An important communication was made to the shareholders of the

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New Zealand Company, at their annual meeting yesterday—a proposal from the Colonial Office to the Company, for colonizing the Southern districts of New Zealand, under the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The determination of the Chancellor of the Exchequer to allow a discount of 5 per cent upon the advanced payments of the Loan, has been a very...

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thOftry LIND has fascinated all hearts in a second character. She has shown the wide range of her genius as well as its originality; her power of giving life and reality to...

There is always a marked distinction between the actors from

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the Thektre Francais and those from the vaudeville houses. The performance of the latter is a looser sort of thing. They represent peculiarities, eccentricities, humours; they...

The managers of the Covent aarden house have not, as

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yet, been happy in the new pieces they have brought forward. Rossini's /faliana in Alpert has been followed by Donizetti's Maria di Rohan; a feeble work, the success of which on...

Again honoured by the presence of Majesty, the St. James's

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amateurs have exerted themselves for a second time in the cause of the Irish and Scotch; being joined on Thursday evening by Mr. Forster, who gained no small distinction some...

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THE SCARCITY. WHILE the country is labouring under a compulsory fit of short Commons, divers distinguished persons are toiling at discussions on banking and currency ; as...


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"THERE is a tide in the affairs of men," says the poet, " which taken at the flood leads on to fortune" : and there is another tide which flows back to disaster. The prosperity...

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A CLERICAL correspondent, writing under what we shall show to be a misconce p t ion of our meaning, passes strictures on some observations we lately made respecting the...


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LORD JOHN Russam, chose the appropriate occasion of a feast, the other day, for a sermon on frugality, as the duty of the pre- sent hard times. "It is the duty of every master...

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Biartrasx HiliToRT, The Birds of Jamaica. By Philip henry (home; assisted by Richard Hill, Esq., of Spanish Town Van Vomit. Taavine, A Summer Visit to Ireland, in 14186. By Mrs....

PUBLIC HELP IN POST-OFFICE IMPROVEMENTS. THE public are naturally impatient

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to hasten the progress of Post-office improvements: a circular just issued to the Surveyors by the head of the Department puts a great power into the public's own hands. It is...

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her husband, paid a visit to Ireland during the summer of last year, confining her excursion chiefly to the Southern and South-western parts of the country; Killarney, Cork,...

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LARGE as is this work of nearly three thousand quarto pages, it is not SO large as the subject. That is neither more nor less than the history and statistics of America ;...


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THE author of this volume was of a reputable family in Shropshire : he came to London in the early part of the century to seek his fortunes, first as a clerk, and then as a...


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IS a clever book, by an able man; but fiction, as a picture of life and manners, is not exactly his vocation. He does not seem to be ignorant of men or unversed in affairs ; he...

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BOOKS. The Birds of Jamaica. By Philip Henry Gone; assisted by Richard Hill Esq., of Spanish Town. History of Greece. By George Grote, Esq. Volumes III. and IV. Friends in...

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Orrunt OR ORDNANCE, May 8.-Royal Ilegt. of Artillery-Gentlemen Cadets to be Second Lieuts. : H. P. Yates, vice Anson, promoted ; M. F. Ferretti, vice Gordon, pro- moted ; B. A,...


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Tuesday, May IL PARTNEEIMUS DISSOLVED. Hayward and Co. Seaton, Devonshire, drapers-Knowles and Mailers, Newbold, Derbyshire, coal-masters-Brown and Dickinson-Duplex and Co....


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liEthe 6th May, at Syderstone Rectory, Norfolk, the Wife of the Res. William Henry Tudor, of a daughter. On the 6th, at Marlborough, Wilts, the Wife of the Rev. M. Wilkinson,...

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BRITISH 8stard. Monday. Assulay. 3 per Cent Consols 864 — — Ditto for Account 809 843 583 3 per Cents Reduced 654 854 654 34 per Cents Long Annuities 87* 9 87 9...