15 NOVEMBER 1845

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Mr. Smith O'Brien held possession of Conciliation Hall this week

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while he dilated on the dangers that threaten England from abroad ; ringing the changes on O'Connell's maxim that " England's necessity is Ireland's opportunity." In the midst...


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" Is there to be no Order in Council, then ? " meets one at every turn, but never an answer to the question. There is no news on the subject, but only rumours scarcely worth...

There are some kinds of assault less significant of dano.er

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to the assailed than of weakness in the assailant. Of that kin d are recent attacks on Government for certain impartial appointments.' Dr. Kirwan, a Roman Catholic divine of...

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The little Windsor election has quite startled the world by

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the appearance of a new political comet, which shone with sudden effulgence and has disappeared again in the profound obscure. Such was Mr. Rupert Kettle. Who is he ? A...

The gossip of the foreign journals is not without interest.

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Marshal Soult has actually retired from all official duties but the Presidency of the Council. He is succeeded in the War- office by General St. Yon ; unfavourably mentioned as...

Zbe eourt.

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THE stay of the Royal visiters at Windsor Castle has been enlivened by the usual amusements of country life—walks, drives, and field-sports. In the gentler exercise Queen...

'itbe _Metropolis.

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The new Lord Mayor, Mr. Alderman Johnson, was sworn into office at the Guildhall on Saturday, with the usual ceremonies. The 9th of November having fallen on Sunday, the...

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'rbc Probintes.

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Sir Robert Peel " turned the first sod" for the works of the Trent Valley Railway on Thursday. The railway is to ran from the Rugby station of the London and Birmingham to Stone...

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At the meeting of the Repeal Association, on Monday, Mr. Smith O'Brien made his first appearance after a long absence; and his may be accounted the principal speech of the day....

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_foreign anti

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FruarcE.—The Dutchess of Aumale gave birth, on Monday, to a Prince. ThC"Moniteur of Tuesday published several Royal ordinances; of which the first, expressing regret at the ill...


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We understand that a Privy Council will be held at Windsor Castle on Thursday next, the 20th instant; when a proclamation will be agreed upon for further proroguing Parliament...


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The Municipal elections have taken place as usual in Scotland; but we have to complain, as in England, of returns so imperfect as in most cases to tell nothing. In fact,...

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SATURDAY NIGHT: There will, it seems probable, be no Order in Council; but it seems equally probable that Ministers are preparing to grapple with the subject of provisions for...

Four hundred of the nobility, clergy, and gentry of the

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county and town of Galway, have signed the following public declaration— - " We, the undersigned nobility, clergy, and 4-entry of the county and county of the town of Galway,...

BIRTHS On the 26th October, at St. Petersburg, the Lady

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of Andrew Buchanan, Esq., Secre- hay to her Majesty's Legation at that Court, of a daughter. On the 5th November, at Scarborough, the Lady of John Rhodes Holme, Esq., M.D., bl...

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" We are enabled," says the Church and State Gazette

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"confidently to state that another student of Christ Church, the Reverend Mr. Coffin, M.A., Vicar of St. Mary Magdalene, has resigned his preferments at Oxford, preparatory, it...

Guildhall, with the festive decorations of the 9th, is to

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be used this year, not for a " Polish ball," but for a ball and concert in aid of the Ward Schools of London City; seminaries of approved utility. The ball and concert will take...

Since our paper (in a subsequent page) on the Bar

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and Newspaper con- troversy was in type, the following report has appeared in the Law Times, which had hitherto strongly sided with the bar- " We have learned from an authentic...

The Empress of Russia has suffered an alarming accession of

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illness; but letters from Naples of the 1st instant say that she was better again. The Duke de Saulx-Tavannes, a Peer of France, committed suicide, by hanging himself on...

Last night's Gazette contains the formal announcement of some appoint-

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ments already known,—those of Mr. Edward Turner Boyd Twisleton to be the Fourth Poor-law Commissioner; and of the Reverend Samuel Wilber- force, D.D., now Dean of Westminster,...

- The Queen's ship Thalia brings intelligence from Rio de

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Janeim to the 22d September. The Resistance had arrived there with the Forty-fifth Regiment on board, originally destined for the Cape of Good Hope; but, instead of proceeding...


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STOCK Erni...nos, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds have experienced considerable fluctuation; frequently rising and falling 1 or 4 per cent in the course of one day. The...

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PEACE holds the civilized world ; on the borders only, in bar- barous or savage regions, is peace interrupted. Yet men talk and act as if war were imminent. France and England,...


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M. JULLLEN has again converted Covent Garden Theatre into a huge concert-room; and his "music for the million" attracts, as usual, hosts of hearers. The stage part of the house...


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" How lively and natural the French actors are! they look like real people!" was the naive remark of a young playgoer, who made a first ac- quaintance with the French Plays in...


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THE MAN COME. WE understand that the Queen has " sent for" Sir Robert Peel's successor. Even those who are most anxious to reintroduce their friends the Whigs own some fear...

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TEE more judicious members of the bar are heartily vexed at the s • the members of two circuits have picked with the newspaper press; and would sincerely rejoice to see it...

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AT a late meeting in aid of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, Dr. Wilson, the Bishop of Calcutta, suggested a way of redeeming Hindustan from its...


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THE government of the Inns of Court is vested in the Benchers or " Masters of the Bench." The Masters are elected by the Bench of each Inn from among the members who have...

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THE Globe attempts to mystify the question between Sir George Gipps and the ' squatters ' of New South Wales.* In a string of flippant paragraphs it alleges that Sir George has...

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THE return of all new places and appointments made since the 1st of September 1841, which Mr. Hawes moved for in March last, has just been issued. A return of this kind...


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[The following letter was sent to us from Scotland a fortnight ago, but kept back by the casualties of publication. It contains some suggestions that are not i of a transient...

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WORLDLY POLICY, The Maxims of Francis Guicciardini. Translated by Emma Martin. With Parallel passages from the Works of Machiavelli, Lord Bacon, Pascal, Rochefoucault,...


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COLONEL CapAnoss has been stationed these sixteen years in the West Indies ; and, either on duty or as a tourist, has visited nearly every British colony except Jamaica and...

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IT may be fancy, but we think Mr. James , rather suffers from the avowal of Isis mode of composing by dictating to an amanuensis; especially when we see from his numerous...

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THIS volume is posthumous and unfinished. Its author, who died of consumption in New Zealand, whither lie had gone as Chaplain to Bishop Selwyn, appears to have inspired strong...

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Front November 7th to November 13th. BOOKS. The Maxims of Francis Guicciardini. Translated by Emma Martin. With Parallel Passages from the Works of Machiavelli, Lord Bacon,...

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The Easter Morning; a Sacred Cantata for three Solo Voices

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and Chorus. Translated from the German of Tieck, and respectfully dedicated to the Choral Harnwnists Society, by W. Bartholomew, Esq. The Musk by the Chevalier S. Neukomm. This...


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HANDEL'S " ALEXANDER'S FEAST!' THE upper classes of Mr. Hullah's Singing-schools were heard in this work on Wednesday evening, at the Apollonicon Rooms; and the occasion...


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Tuesday, November 11. PARTNERSHIPS DtSSOLTED. Perry and Searle, Fleet Street—Morgan and Thomas, Pont y ty pridd, Glamorgan. shire, coal-merchants—Foreman and Clark,...


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Aexiven—At Gravesend, 6th Nov. Paragon, Plank, from Moulmein ; 8th, Olive Branch, Murdock, from Bombay ; 9th, Mary Ann, Guy, from Alva Bay ; 10th, Tartar, Gregson ; and KRblain,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Nov. 11.-4th Regt. Drag. Guards—Lieut. J. Cunningham, from 52d Foot, to be Lieut., vice Townsend, who exchanges. 7th Light Drags.—Lieut. T. H. Preston to be Capt.,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Monday. nudity. Wainer. Times. Friday, 3 per Cent Consols 96 951 96 961 Ditto for Account . 93 961 96 96 9 e 9 a 3 Per...