15 NOVEMBER 1856

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The festival of the new Lord Mayor Flunks, at the

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Guildhall on Monday, afforded another opportunity for Lord Palmerston to make a decluation : " No surrender " is our Premier's motto. He was speaking, of course, with a...


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Now that the rumoured danger to the alliance between France and England appears; for the time at least, to have passed, we find that it was really worse than we supposed it to...

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The Russian Railway scheme is not abandoned ; on the

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con- trary, the Russian Government has so enlarged its conditions as to have drawn in Baring of London and Hope of Amsterdam. The new offers are designed to render the project...


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The anniversary of the great civic festival, the day of the Lord Mayor's Show, was celebrated on Monday with rather more than the usual display. First the new potentate, Lord...

The Great Northern Railway of London has been victimized by

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a fraud rivalling that of Charpentier and Grelet on the Great Northern of France, but by a different process. That fraud .con- silted, practically, in a stealing of shares. The...

With some difficulty, it is reported, a contingent of the

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Ger- man Legion, their wives and families, has been shipped off to the Cape of Good Hope. Another contingent is to follow ; the men of the second body being at present dispersed...

Members and " distinguished persons " have been copious in

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public speaking this week. The Parliamentary gentlemen have been delivering their accounts, making confession, or courting new constituencies. Mr. Watson having become a Baron...

tYr Court.

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Tan Queen's Belgian guests, the Duke and Duchess of Brabant, quitted Windsor Castle on Monday, for their own country. It was the birthday of the Prince of Wales ; but in...

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Mr. Hadfield met his Sheffield constituents in the Town-hall of that borough on Wednesday ; and Mr. Roebuck was present to show his gra- titude to his colleague " for the...

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Sir Robert Kane, in a letter to the Cork Examiner, states that a meet- ing of the Senate of the Queen's University will shortly take place, for the purpose of taking two...

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Mr. Thackeray is at this day the most conspicuous man in Modern Athens : he has been delivering his American lectures on " the Four Georges" to the dwellers in the capital of...

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c r Unit 1.—The Emperor of the French returned to Paris from Com- piegne on Sunday afternoon, and immediately passed on to St. Cloud. On Wednesday the Emperor received Count...


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The first Cabinet Council of the winter season was held on Tuesday, at the official residence of the First Lord of the Treasury in Downing Street. The Ministers present were...

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A portion of the despatches of the overland mail arrived

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in London last night, bringing advices from Bombay to the 17th October. It ap- pears still doubtful whether Herat is in the hands of the Persians. Warlike preparations still...

It appears to be still doubtful whether Sir Alexander Cockburn

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has accepted the Chief Justiceship of the Court of Common Pleas. A report to the effect that he had accepted this high office reached. Southampton on Thursday, and yesterday the...


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SATURDAY. The Times, commenting on the " difference " between England and France, makes a merit of speaking out on the subject as the best means of coming to an understanding,...


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An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday, the 8th day of Nov. 1856. MUD DZIPAIIIIMT.S. Notes issued £23,389,805...

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Cantrrri illlh

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There are two g ood reasons for the revival at the Lyceum of le Doc- teur Noir the famous French drame of 1846, wh e n by its composition MM. Anieet-Bour g eois- and Dumanoir...

A tele g r aphic messa g e from Dublin, dated yesterday , points to yet

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another railway ud. "Mr. Little, the Cashier of the Midland Great Westesa Railway of Ireland, c o m m itted s u icide today by cuttin g his throat. The cause of this act is...

The performance of the School for Scandal at the Haymarket

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is one of those occurrences that can hardly fail to awaken regrets in the mind of ev e ry veteran play g oer. No piece on the sta g e is more capable of com- prisin g a lar g e...

Some persons, on Thursday evenin g , visited an empty house in

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Wahner Place, Crawford Street, Marylebone. They saw a naked child paling up shavin g s in the passa g e. Followin g the child, they found in a room, hare of furniture, a naked...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Yesterday, the Bank of En g land determined upon an advance to a uni- form rate of 7 per cent : there will now be no distinction for bills at...

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Handel died on the 13th of April 1759, and already

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there is talk, in different countries, of centenary commemorations of his death. Our Sacred Harmonic Society, taking time by the forelock, in order to occupy the field in this...


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The "great fact" of the day is a new piece, written by MM. T. Bar- riere and E. Capindu, and produced last Tuesday at the Vaudeville, with the title Lea Faux Bon - homtnes. The...

The recent series of Italian operas at Drury Lane having

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proved suc- cess ful beyond expectation, the lessee, in conjunction with Messrs. Beale and Co., has undertaken another series, which commenced on Monday l as t. The company has...


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PALMERSTON'S POSITION ABROAD. THERE are two " Belgrade " : if one were taken as the landmark, Russia would be excluded from the waters of the Danube ; if the other, she would...

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in the University of Cambridge was inaugurated on the 7th instant, by the first election of mem- bers of the Council which, according to the provisions of the act of last...


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THE proposition which we lately made as presenting a practical distinction between dogmatical religion and scholastic instruction has been applied, by a correspondent whose...

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WrrirrN the brief period of her constitutional existence Piedmont has accomplished many reforms, but conspicuously two, that alter the relation of the government to the...


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MOTION FOR A NEW TRIAL. WE note a curious discussion which is going on, solely for the purpose of pointing out its vain character, and the necessity for an improved phraseology...

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NATIONALITY is a fact. It is not to be got up by an association, or put down by an autocrat. It is not to be preached into develop- ment, or reasoned out of existence. It is a...


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Lestanmwat are the ways of the Law Courts; they will give a passive sanction to the most surprising licences, and will call to strict account men who are merely unfortunate. The...

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Sra—Some weeks back there appeared in the columns of your paper a eriticism on the Spanish nation, denying them the possession, if I recollect aright, of high qualities and...

LOCAL MANAGEMENT OF LOCAL BUSINESS. • Belfast, 11th Novemberle46. Sea—In

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the article on Parliamentary Inefficiency in your last number, you revive a proposal which was made some time ago in the Westminster Review to disburden Parliament of its local...

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BILLS IN THE 110IISE OF COMMQRS. Rams, 13th November 18.56. Sua—In your abstract of Parliamentary work; you state my Youthful Offenders Bill, 1853, as it failure ;- a...


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Ashton, Somerset, 28th October 1856. Sin — You have done service to the cause of religion and education by makinka proposition respecting them which has at least the merit of...

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NAPLES: POLITICAL, SOCIAL, AND RELIOIOL'S.• THE Lord B of this titlepage is known for one or tw o fictions illustrative of social and economical questions, in which the...

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Trollope in his readable volume is to account for the queenly character and career of Catherine de' Medici, by exhibiting her youthful training and- the social atmosphere in...

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months' tour in Palestine is a kind of supplement to Dr. Robinson's three volumes published in 1841. It embraces a journey from Beyrout to Acre and Jerusalem; some excursions...

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THE . RE.GISTRAR-GENERAL'S REPORT FOR 1854.* THE present volume has not

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the practical purpose on the affairs of life which has given a. useful. interest to many of the Re- gistrar-General's Reports ; but it contains some new and curious facts in...

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Booxs. Sir Robert Peel, as a Type of Statesmanship. By Dellinger Symons, Esq., Barrister-at-law. Naples; Political, Social, and Religious. By Lord B , Author of " Mas- ten and...

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Addison Road, 10th November 1856. Sin—In your paper of last Saturday, at par 1194, you have noticed my catalogue of inedited coins of Europe : for which I am much obliged to...

lint iris.

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THE TURNER BEQUEST. After five years, the public is actually permitted to have under its eyes a portion of the Turner bequest—a small portion, it is true, but still something....

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C4t Arun!.

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, NOVEMBER 11.. Wen DEPARTMENT, Pall Mall, Nov. 11.-Royal Artillery-See. Capt. A. I r r, Murray, from the Supernumerary List, to be Sec. Capt. vice...


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On the 3d November, in Devonshire Place, the Hon. Mrs. Proctor Beauchamp, of a son. On the 4th, at Carew's Wood, county of Cork, the Lady of Edmund W. Meade Waldo jun., Esq.,...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, NOVEMBER 11. Partnerships Dissolved.-Duck and Wilson, London Road, metal-merchants- Hindle and Co. Old Accrington, engravers ; as far as regards S....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saferd. Monday. Tuesday. !resins'. 921 921 924 921 924 93 921 921 9211 924 911 911 911 911 911 911 911 914 911 911 — — — -- — 174 2; — — 173...