15 NOVEMBER 1975

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The Civil Service -power without accountability

The Spectator

Forty-five years ago a quarter of the net United Kingdom National Product was organised by bureaucrats or, as they are more usually called in this country nowadays, civil...

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Letters to the Editor

The Spectator

The new reformers Sir: The chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Thorneycroft, will recall that the Tory Reform Committee, of which he was a prominent foundermember in 1943,...

South Pacific

The Spectator

From the Revd Tebuke Rotan Sir: I was reluctant to comment upon the letter you published from the Chief Minister of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, (September 27). My...

Sir: The gist of Mr Clarke's contention (Spectator, October 25)

The Spectator

appears to be that the Banabans are very like the_ Gilbertese and that for this reason Banaban assets must be shared with the Gilbertese. It should be said that the Gilbertese...

Monetary matters

The Spectator

Sir: The last sentence of the second paragraph of my article 'Who are the radicals now?' in The Spectator of November 8 contained a transcription error. The sentence should have...

Cosgrave, MP?

The Spectator

Sir: Mr Cosgrave's article 'Explai n ! Labour differences' (November 1) 'thought-provoking but unfair in accusation of Labour politicians 35 i inherently and inevitably, lovers...

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Parish pump

The Spectator

S ir: Mrs Ewing's letter on Scottish ! nd ePendence — which she says means ' Ild ePendence for England and Wales as Well (no mention of N. Ireland) is typical of the kind of...

Sir Victor Gollancz

The Spectator

Sir: A letter from Jack Barnett, pub. stied in your issue of November I, has Just come to my attention. While I am P l eased that he should have realised the contribution made...

Happy valleys

The Spectator

Sir: Kenneth Hurren's admirable piece about the world premiere of the play Nye Bevan evokes many happy memories of that time shortly after the second world war when I toured two...


The Spectator

Sir: I have been wondering what is the flaw in Mr Stahl's specious article on the gold market in your issue of November 1. The answer appears to me to be that the value, not...

More so

The Spectator

Sir: In attacking the Minister for the Arts (November I) Will Waspe has got his figures wrong. Our funds for revenue purposes show an increase this year over last not of 6.6...


The Spectator

Sir: Not content, some weeks ago, with attributing 'Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien' to Sir Karl Popper, you now, in your leading article of November 8, garble Goldsmith's (and...

Going left

The Spectator

Sir: With dismay and disgust we perceive increasingly left-wing tendencies displayed in some of your columns. We sincerely hope this trend will not continue. The Spectator has...

Out of court

The Spectator

Sir, Mr Peto of the Stowe Political Club is "slightly alarmed" at what has happened to the image of Edward Heath. Lots of people have thought Heath an able Minister but not a...

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Where is our European policy?

The Spectator

Patrick Cosgrave The high generalisations about Britain's role and influence in the world which form the staple of most ministerial contributions to foreign affairs debates in...

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A Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

To put it mildly, the Queen would hesitate — and continue to hesitate — before dismissing the Prime Minister of the day. She would pause — and pause again. We may be sure that...

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The Rambouillet conference

The Spectator

Down and out in Paris Brian Griffiths The past few years have in many ways been a painful experience for the Western world. Inflation has reached proportions unknown for half...

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United Nations

The Spectator

The barbarians take over Raymond Fletcher ip n Monday the United Nations General A ssembly voted, by a vote of 72 to 35, that ,,, Zi onism is 'a form of racism and racial...

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Asian Guide

The Spectator

Who really is who? Amit Roy There must surely be an easier way to make a living than compiling a Who's Who. When that task is to produce the first ever Who's Who of Asians in...


The Spectator

Behind the lines Robert Moss 'Fir Angola, independence is an end, not a beginning,' Dr Jonas Savimbi, the leader of Unita — the guerrilla movement that controls most of...

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Devolution debate

The Spectator

Preparing for battle Keith Raffan The new session of Parliament opening next week will be dominated by the devolution debate. The battlelines are already drawn up, not so Much...

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Equity Let's play trade unions

The Spectator

ani Higgins Equity i s Equity i s the trade union for actors. In the natur e of the profession and character of the members it is rather different from most others. If its...

Scottish Daily News

The Spectator

The end of the story Ian Ross With so many journalists now apparently doomed to a lon g winter or more of unemployment, we can probably expect at least one history of the...

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The Herrema seige

The Spectator

How to make friends and influence people Anthony Clare Many words have been written of the part played by psychologists in the breaking of the Spaghetti House and Monasterevin...

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The case for reform

The Spectator

Douglas Jay MP One of the most frequent and emphatic promises made by the Government and EEC enthusiasts generally during the referendum campaign was that EEC membership would...


The Spectator

Cardinal Heenan How to succeed Peter Hebblethwaite The elegantly understated obituaries of Car-' dinal Heenan nearly all contrived to say what everyone knew: he mistrusted...

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The Spectator

A. E. (GEORGE RUSSELL) The Castle Of Vision (1916) and Song and its Fountain (1922). Also •Bernanos, Diary of a Country Priest (English Translation). Farnham Common (Bucks)...

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The Spectator

Philip Mason on Amis, Kipling and the modern mind Long ago I read something by J. B. Priestley about Evelyn Waugh. Immense admiration for the style and structure of his work...

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Living in the past

The Spectator

Colin Renfrew The Middle East and the Aegean Region c. 1380 to 1000 BC: The Cambridge Ancient History volume II Part 2 edited by I. E. S. Edwards, the late C. J. Gabb, N.G.L....

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Nehru, hero or villain?

The Spectator

Zareer Masani Jawaharlal Nehru. Volume One: 1889-1947 Sarvepalli Gopal (Jonathan Cape E10.00) Nehru's criticism of Indian biographical writing, Dr Gopal tells us, was that "it...

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Far out

The Spectator

Gabriel Josipovici From A to B & Bach Again: The Philosophy of Andy Warhol Andy Warhol (Cassell. A. Michael Dempsey Book. £4,50) Mom always said not to worry about love, but...

Private lives

The Spectator

Robert Blake Disraeli's Reminiscences ed. Helen and Marvin Swartz (Hamish Hamilton £5.95) Advice to a Grand-Daughter, Letters of Queen Victoria to Princess Victoria of Hesse...

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The Spectator

Pat Rogers Jonathan Swift: Major Prophet A. L. Rowse (Thames and Hudson £5.95) In his time Dr Rowse has thought up some startling ways of gaining literary notice. And when you...


The Spectator

Modern times Peter Ackroyd The History Man Malcolm Bradbury (Secker and Warburg £3.50) High-Rise J. G. Ballard (Jonathan Cape £2.95) Enter the giant race before the Flood, the...

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Talking of books

The Spectator

Booker fun Benny Green I have been reading the two novels shortlisted for the next Booker Prize, and every moment of my scrutiny has been coloured by my admiration for the...


The Spectator

I have often wondered exactly which corner of cloud cuckooland houses the contributors to lain Hamilton's New Review. But an article in last month's issue convinces me that at...

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Two under the eight Kenneth Hurren Fallen Angels by Noel Coward (Greenwich) The Charles Pierce Show (Fortune) Double Edge by Leslie Darbon and Peter Whelan (Vaudeville)...


The Spectator

Flaming movie Kenneth Robinson Bug Director: Jeannot Szwarc. Stars: Bradford Dillman, Joanna Miles, Janie Smith Jackson. 'X' Ritz (95 minutes). I'll be getting back to...

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The Spectator

Hoyland and Law John McEwen Abstract is the worst word to reconcile with pictures that don't i mmediately present a recognisably natural image, because the reality hasn't...


The Spectator

Children's hours John Bridcut I have a young cousin called William who at the age of three developed a penchant for Prokofiev • — well, to be more precise, for Peter and the...

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Education William Tyndale or Alum Rock? Rhodes Boyson It is said that it is always darkest before the dawn and it could be the most dreadful areas of current educational...


The Spectator

Destination London Robert Ashley As a child I was always taught that . virtue was its own reward. Being a realistic kid, I understood this to mean it wasn't much use being...

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How to survive John Linklater ,"If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except...

Country life

The Spectator

Hedgehogs Denis Wood Driving out to dinner the other night, we saw a hedgehog begin to cross the road in front of us. Fortunately for once no projectile was homing on our back...

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Solomon's song Martin Sullivan How does it come about that a frankly sensuous and erotic group of love poems, called the 'Song of Songs' has found its way into the Old...

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Living on tick Nicholas Davenport As a Chancellor Mr Healey is not loved either by the left or by the Light but you cannot call him a Skinflint. He goes on borrowing gaily...

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Skinflint's City Diary

The Spectator

It is obvious nonsense to put Chrysler UK onto the taxpayers' heart-lung machine that is currently infusing a semblance of deceptive life into moribund outfits like Leyland and...