16 AUGUST 1851

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Austria and Prussia have been attempting to persuade the other

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members of the resuscitated Diet to concur in the establishment of - a general system of police for Germany, under the direct control of the Diet. In so far as the operation of...


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THE revolving year has again brought- on the harvest. Again the amount and quality of the year's produce of vegetable food are the themes that most occupy men's minds and...

The Legislature of France, like that of England,.is in a

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state of suspended animation. The members of the Assembly have in- dulged in a recess which is to last till the be oinning of November. The recess will scarcely be for the...

The magnates of Downing Street govern our Colonial empire as

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Epicurus imagined his gods governed the world; by not troubling their heads about it. But the Colonial system does not appear to- get on under the dominion of laissez faire...

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114t Court.

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Tax Royal Family went to Osborne on Saturday ; and still remain there, in some degree of quiet. The Earl and Countess of Clarendon arrived at Osborne on Monday, and remained as...

Zht Ottrogolio.

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Alderman Salomon was entertained at Greenwich by his supporters on Wednesday. He made a speech acknowledging their hospitality, and referring to the political circumstances of...

The latest arrivals from America report movements, both in the

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Northern and Southetn divisions of the New World, the results of which may be important. The first relates to a second invasion of Cuba, the nature and success of which are as...

There is considerable activity among the military in Italy. The

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A ustrian garrisons and stations are strengthened along the whole e of frontier, especially towards Piedmont. Radetzky is under- Stood to have applied for reinforcements from...

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t4t Prontum.

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The "shipowners and others" of Tynemouth gave an entertainment to Mr. George Frederick Young, M.P., on Friday last week, "in ac- knowledgment of his advocacy of British...

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A number of alterations and SCOTLAN improv .

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are making in Holyrood Palace, in anticipation of the Royal visit. Amongst the most noticeable of these is the conversion of the room adjoining the Throne-room into an evening...


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The Dublin correspondents of the London papers announce with ex- citement, that Dr. Paul Cullen has fairly thrown down the gauntlet to the Government, by a bold transgression of...

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jortigtt gulf entutrial.

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FB.ANCE.—The papers still teemed, in the earlier part of the week, with "further particulars" of the last scenes in the visit to Paris of the Lord Mayor of London and his...

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Some minor official changes are announced. Colonel Reid, of the Royal Engineers, formerly Governor of Bermuda and afterwards of Barbadoes, will proceed as Governor to Malta,...

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SATURDAY.. At the half-yearly meeting of the North-western Railway Company; yesterday, the Chairman, Mr. Glyn, M.P., made this declaration on the subject of competition- "...

The first return from the moors, with the general results

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of the great day of "the twelfth," appears in the papers this morning— The first return from the moors, with the general results of the great day of "the twelfth," appears in...

A commercial friend makes an excellent suggestion to check the

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confu- sion and delay at railway stations, so far as the nuisance originates in the fault of passengers. Passengers who do not present themselves at a stipulated time might be...

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The Prince de Joinsalle is now, say the Paris correspondents

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of the London journals, "fairly in the field as candidate for the Presidency." M. Roger (du Nord), '" a confidential friend of the Orleans family, a re- presentative of the...

Sarah Barber, convicted at the recent Nottinghamshire Assizes of poison-

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ing her husband, at Eastwood, on the 20th of March last, was on Thursday further respitcd "during her Majesty's pleasure." Circumstances tending to show that she was an...

Telegraphic anticipations of the Indian mail which left Bombay on

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the 5th July have been received from Trieste and Marseilles. " It was re- ported that orders had been given for the surrender of the Northern pro- vinces of the Nizam, in...


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STOCK EXCRANOR, FRIDAY AFTERNOOX. The French Funds have been heavy during the last few days, and have declined about .4 per cent. Our own Funds have also experienced a down-...

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rotatrrs ant( 31uuir.

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M. Gounod's opera, Safe, which was performed for the first time at the Royal Italian Opera on Saturday last and repeated on Tuesday, has dis- appointed the expectations raised...

Trttrr5 to t4t 6/abr.

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INCREASING PERILS OF THE CAPE COLONY. London, 14th August 1851. Sin—The latest intelligence from the Cape of Good Hope brings the Caffre , war to the end of its sixth month....

Belles well-known opera Les (*sere Fells *mon was produced, in

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its Italian shape, for his benefit on Monday, and exceedingly well received. It is a very pleasant piece; its lively and comic subject being treated in a congenial spirit by the...

At the Olympic, the bill is changed by the production

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of a version of Victor Hugo's Angelo. The manager here has to follow close on the steps of the St. James's Theatre. Mr. Mitchell brings out M. Scribe's Bataille de Dames—Mr....

A little opera in two acts, called The Queen of

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a Day, was produced at the Haymarket on Wednesday. The libretto is a version of the well- known vaudeville La Reine d'un Jeer ; and the .music is by Mr. Edward Fitzwilliam, a...

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LETTER I1.--FREEHOLD LIFE ASSURANCE : THE SMALL PROPTITETOES - - • socirry OF IRELAND. • • • 23 Pall Mall, 13th August SIR—I have stated, in limine, the objections...


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Sin — As an old subscriber, I beg insertion . for a few remarks upon some of those wholesale assertions extracted from Mr. J. I. Newman's Lectures, re- viewed in your number...

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30th July 1851. Sin—Your paper of the 19th instant only reached me on Saturday last, accompanied by a letter drawing my attention to an article on Mr. Bovill's so-called...

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THE GREAT CONSPIRATOR IN IRELAND. A raw enemy threatens Ministers

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in Ireland ; one not created by themselves, though his worst terrors are their creation. It is the Potato Blight. Again ! that ghost of Famine! Many changes have taken place in...


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A SENSE of mortification in matters of art appears to have seized upon the public mind : the journals teem with strictures, denun- ciations, and defences ; odious comparisons,...


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AWAY! WELCOME is this break in the Parliamentary tread-mill work to the weary Member and scarcely less fatigued Peer. Away !— home ; to the Rhine, to the Nile ; to Paris, or...

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THE AMERICAN PRISONER IN HUNGARY. Anon} the political trials set

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down for future hearing in the vo- luminous records of the Austrian courts, is that of Mr. Bowe, who was arrested while travelling in Hungary ; and if the trial should proceed,...


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ALTHOUGH we are fully aware that the demands of the traffic on the principal railways often exceed the means of meeting them fairly, we are convinced that much of the worst...

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able and only faithful Whig ocritemporary, the Globe, is "writing up" Lord John -Russell, and , is doing it with an inge- nuity that is really surprising. The process-of writing...


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Wrramv ea may be the intention of the insurrectionists in Cuba, the disorder must be considered as dangerous to the national inde- pendence of the island, to the progress of...

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DE LIMARTINE'S RESTORATION OF MONARCHY IN FRANCE.. THE subject of this history may embrace the period from the downfall of Napoleon in 1814 to the Revolution of July 1830 ; or...

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attached to the Consular service in Syria," and resided in the country for eight years. A portion of that time was of course devoted to public duty in fixed localities, or to...

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RODENSTEDT'S MORNING-LAND. * THE author of these volumes passed several years

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in the Caucasian range and the regions adjacent, studying the " ethnographical, statistical, and historical relations, civil and military, of the countries between the Black and...

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GALLERY OF ILLUSTRATION. Those who wish to know what manner of thing might be the realized popular notion of the day, will do well to visit the Gallery of Illustration in order...


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Mr. Catlin's collection of American nationality has received an acces- sion recently in West's once famous picture of Penn's treaty with the Indians. Once famous, we say ; for...

Captain Siborne's large and laboriously worked model of the Battle

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of Waterloo, representing an area of nearly four miles—where the time se- lected is that of the arrival of the Prussians under Blucher—has been open to view at the United...

Ottani - up frum 14r %tut 33uultg.

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Hit. GRAINGER'S REPORT ON THE STATE OF CERTAIN PAUTS. OF THE METROPOLIS. In consequence of the appearance in Church Lane, St. Giles's, of an unusual form of...


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BOOKS. The History of the Restoration of Hodarehy in France. By Alphonse De Lamartine. Volume I. Eustace; an Elegy. Second edition. • [This volume is a tribute of parental...

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This paper gives a summary of the proceedings of the General Board of Health to the end of 1850. Besides the inquiries made in London, two gentlemen were sent to Paris to...


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On the 30th July, the Hon. Mrs. Edward Upton, of a son, stillborn. On the 5th August, at the Rectory, Stoke Edith, Herefordshire, the Wife of the Rev. J. S. Moore, of a...


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Tuesday, August 12. Rairriistismes DISSOLVED. -Burdett and Jones, Birmingham, surgeons-F. and S. Hollister, Cheltenham, corset-makers-Padmore and Bedwell, Ryde, linen-drapers-...

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BRITISH FUNDS (Closing Prices.) Seaga. Monday Tuesday. Incluse 961 96f 961 9:1 981 9 961 9 97} 97 971 97} sat 9 135 69 — -- -- 1 213 2151 2161 2151 241 — -- 261 46 pm. 46...