16 AUGUST 1856

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SCIENCE takes the place which politics have abdicated for a sea- son. Although the attendance at the meeting of the British As- sociation has been less numerous than for the two...

The representative men of the Edinburgh community, in pub- lic

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meeting assembled, have taken up the case of the Scotsman,: and have rescued it from the narrowed and technical treatment which it had received. The speakers at the meeting...

The meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society of Ireland has

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beeii held this year in Athlone, with Lord Carlisle in his true- voeiktion as a lecturer on the progress of opinion. The Con- stabulary had supplied him with raw material, in...

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Judgment has been delivered in the ecclesiastical prosecution of Archdeacon

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Denison at the snit of the Reverend Mr. Ditcher. The charge was, briefly, that Mr. Denison preached the doctrine that there is a real presence in the consecrated elements of the...

The Californian section of the American Union yields other products

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than gold. By the latest intelligence, San Francisco was in the hands of a Provisional Government—the.Committee of Vigilance. What part the Federal Government will take does not...

The news from all parts of the Continent is for

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the moment simply neutral. Rumours continue to be circulated, apparently by Russian channels, that the points on which the treaty of Paris seemed about to be violated will be...

Tan QUEEN has taken a four-days trip along the coast

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this week, in the Victoria and Albert, as far as Plymouth; returning to Osborne via Exeter, Salisbnry, and Gosport. The royal flotilla sailed from Osborne on Monday morning. It...

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London is a large place. Nearly three millions of persona go daily about their usual avocations ; the streets are pretty full, although die Park drives are empty ; cabs and...

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The Scientific Congress at Cheltenham came to an end on Wednesday. Besides the reading of papers in the sections of the British Association, there have been two lectures...

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The Royal Agricultural Improvement Society held their annual show at Athlone on Wednesday. " The exhibition of stock of all kinds is de- scribed as being unusually fine." At the...


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About two hundred leading inhabitants of Edinburgh met on Friday last, in the Waterloo Rooms, to express sympathy with the proprietor and editor of the Scotsman and devise a...

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fortigu it tutnial. ,franu.—The Emperor returned to Paris on Saturday

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evening. He was received by the Empress, at the Tuileries, and thence both went to St. Cloud. " His Majesty," says the .7ifouiteur, "is in the enjoyment of perfect health."...

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We are happy to be enabled to announce that Miss Florence Nightin- gale has arrived at her home in Derbyshire, after her arduous and honourable career of public service in the...

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THE MOORS.—News from the Scotch moors at present speaks despond,

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in 4y of the prospects of grouse-shooting. The sport on the 12th was " very poor "; the birds are wild and scarce—" in some places even scarcer than they were at the close of...


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SATURDAY. The journals of the morning do not abound in news ; but they con- tain some statements of fact, and a few rumours of average interest. The Moniteur of yesterday...

The half-yearly meetings of the London and North-Western and the

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Great Western Railway Companies were held yesterday. The London and North-Western met at Euston Square station : a dividend of 5 per cent per annum was declared. The Great...

An esteemed correspondent reminds us that the two recipients of

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Go- vernment favour, as " Deputy Speakers," as well as Life Peers, under the Appellate Jurisdiction Bill, were to have salaries of 60001. instead of 50001. as printed in our...

Dr. Buckland, Dean of Westminster, so well known as one

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of the earliest inpoost active promoters of geology, died on Thursday. Unhappily, his mind had given way, and he had been for some years in confinement. Dr. Bucklaud was born at...

The Persia arrived at Liverpool last night, with advices from

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New York to the 6th instant. The Persia made the quickest passage on record ; she came over in nine days. The House of Representatives had passed a bill appropriating 1,100,000...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. There has been little alteration in the English Funds this week : the fluctuations have been within the range of 1 per cent ; but the market...

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IT is a well-known historical fact, that the artists of ancient Egypt were so strictly restrained by the laws of their country that their inventive powers were not exercised at...

The death of Mrs. C. Mathews, or, as she was

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theatrically called, Madame Vestris, on the 8th instant, hits, caused a feeling of deep regret among the playgoers of every age. The veterans can recollect her as the principal...

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1 Adam Street, Ade4thi, 11th August 1856. Sra—It seems quite a clear ease, that till the human race all grow wiser, it is essential to freedom that those who dislike fighting...

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CRIMEAN CHAPLAINS. Sm—Sympathy has been frequently claimed, and on just grounds, for Crimean Chaplains thrown out of office by the cessation of the war. If these reverend...

PARISIAN Tunanucat.s.

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A grand ballet, entitled Lea Elfea, was produced at the Academie on Monday. The story resembles that of Pygmalion ; a statue being ani- mated by supernatural powers, but the...

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THE CITY OF OMNIBUSES. POLITICS are in abeyance. " Questions" have either been closed, or are as yet but in the bud, so unopened that it would be idle to discuss them....


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THE continued high price of bread has set people to inquire the causes. The dearness is disproportionate to the price of corn, and does not harmonize with the movements in the...

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Iv Dove's confession had been laid before the Jury, it might per- haps have modified their verdict. Opinions may differ as to the degree of imbecility which it indicates ; there...

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A STORY of flagrant injustice perpetrated by the English Govern- ment on an unoffending citizen, when George the Third was King," has been brought before the public, not for the...

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Miss NIGJITINOALE declines a public welcome on her return home. She had the courage to face the society of a camp ; to confront the unutterable horrors of a neglected. soldiers'...


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Any one: who penetrates the crowded b.uildings near Chancery Lane will find, bursting from among some of the back-courts and alums, a,fine building in an ancient style. It might...

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CREASY'S OTTOMAN TURKS.. THE concluding volume of Professor Creasy's History of the, Otto- man Turks is scarcely equal in interest to the first volume. This falling-off is...

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chosen for the title and moral of his novel a principle of all but universal applicability, and likely•to be especially popular at the present time in his particular mode of...

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GALT'S CAMP AND CUTTER. * DURING the later autumn and the

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winter of last year, Mr. Galt made a trip to the Isles of Greece, Constantinople, and the Crimea, in part by public conveyances, and for a while in his own yacht. He has...

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this narrative, was born in Virginia, in 1798, but was bred on the frontier of the great Western wilderness ; his father having removed to S. Louis, then a poor settlement of...


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. • Booxs. The avonian in Norway ; or Notes of Excursions in that Country in 1854-'55. By the Reverend Frederick Metcalfe, MA., Fellow of Lincoln College, Ox- ford. In two...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, AUGUST 12. WAR DEPARTMENT, Pall Mall, August 12.—Royal Regiment of Artillery—Brevet- Col. J. Hill to be Col. vice Clarke, retired upon .-C full-pay ;...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, AUGUST 12. Partnerships Dissolved.—Smith and Garnett, St. Mary Axe, manufacturers of es- sences—Bigg and Brewer, West Wycombe, corn-dealers—L. and W,...


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On the 19th June, at Monte Video, the Wife of Edward Thornton, Esq., her Britannic Majesty's Charge d'Affaires and Consul-General at Monte Video, of a son. On the 27th July, at...

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BRITISH FUNDS (Closing Prices ) Saturd . Monday. Tuesday. Wants. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Rank...