16 AUGUST 1975

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Industrial democracy:

The Spectator

a timely i nqu iry The Government was right to set up an inquiry into industrial democracy, whatever the outcome of this may be. For too long, the economy of this country has...

Benn's importance

The Spectator

Principally through the exercise of his remarkable powers as a Parliamentary debater Mr Wedgwood Berm managed, last week, to extricate himself from the more humiliating...

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Lloyd George and reparations

The Spectator

From Lord Shinwell, PC, CH Sir: I accept Mr Chen - ington's correction (August 9): it was Sir Eric Geddes and not Lloyd George who made the arrogant remark about squeezing the...

Writer's money

The Spectator

Sir: In answer to the compiler of 'A Spectator's Notebook' (August 2) I very much doubt whether there'll be any money in the coffers of Fleet Street by this time next year. If...

Peregrine's troubles

The Spectator

Sir: I am sorry to read that your pseudonymous contributor 'Peregrine' is suffering from the same sort of troubles as poor Mr Brezhnev. He ought to have something done about it....

Spectator change

The Spectator

From Mrs Isla Atherley Sir: Many of your readers will be dismayed by The Spectator's loss of Mr Harry Creighton, who fought a really magnificant campaign against the surrender...

Common language

The Spectator

Sir: As Daphne Hereward stated in your issue of July 26, the ComMon Market could solve a lot of problem, and in the long run save a lot of taxpaYers' money by adopting a common...

Doctors disagree

The Spectator

Sir: As a general practitioner apd part-time writer I have been content until now to disagree in silence with most of your medical correspondent's opinions but his article in...

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Abortion alliance

The Spectator

From Mrs P. D. Riches Sir: The 'unholy alliance' referred to in Miss Sanders's letter (August 9) is far More widespread than she may realise. The Abortion Law Reform Society...

Demand and request

The Spectator

Sir: On a number of occasions recently I have seen Miss D. Sanders (August 9) and her colleagues quote a Gallup Poll Which shows that "78 per cent of women Oppose abortion on...


The Spectator

Sir: Martin Sullivan, discussing the Transfiguration (August 9), says rather defensively, "I do not propose to discuss the historicity of this episode," but adds rather rashly:...

Former colonies

The Spectator

Sir: The natives of Angola and Nigeria, and the paramount chief of Uganda are the latest in this heaving, discontented continent to behave in a manner in which, historically,...

Rejection policy

The Spectator

Sir: How fortunate for Charlotte Bronte — and for posterity — that she did not have to do with Mr Farrar! Bookbuyer quotes Mr David Farrar, editorial director of Seeker and...

Falling sales

The Spectator

From Mrs V. J. Empson Sir: Your article, 'Falling Sales' (Robert Ashley. August 9), makes no mention of the reason why many of us have given up taking newspapers. We were being...

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No flowering of talent

The Spectator

Patrick Cosgrave There is not a great deal that is cheerful to be said in an end of term report on the present Parliament. The amount of legislation has been so great — and...

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A Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

While we must all deplore the slide towards a Communist dictatorship in Portugal, we should think twice before jumping to similar conclu sions about the forward march of...

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Lessons from the German experience

The Spectator

Ralf Dahrendorf Three times in the last sixty years, changes in the constitution of companies designed to give workers' representatives • a greater say have dominated political...

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A divided Labour Party

The Spectator

Ian Ross it isn't only the oil which 'concentrates the Government's mind on Scotland nowadays; it is the 41 seats here which Labour holds, must hold again if they are to stay...

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Por tugal Por tugal

The Spectator

Power to the people Robert Moss ,••••• The immensely heartening thing about what is now going on in Portugal is that so many ordinary people seem prepared to fight, if...

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The weather

The Spectator

In a heat situation Stanley Reynolds I'd like to fool, with My baby tonight, Break every rule, with my baby tonight. But, pillow, you'll be my baby tonight, 'Cos it's too dam...

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Spectator peregrinations

The Spectator

Ever since I said last week that Paul Callan equipped himself with a bottle of champagne and an Old Etonian tie to write his story about Lady Antonia Fraser in the Daily Mirror,...

Westminster corridors

The Spectator

The famous Gratian, in his little Book wherein he, lays down Maxims for Man's advancing himself, advises his Reader to associate himself — with the Fortunate and to shun the...

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WM Waspe

The Spectator

I cannot express surprise that our great subsidised organisations, led, naturally enough, by the Royal Opera House, have sprung so nimbly and patriotically to the support of the...

Book marks

The Spectator

Sorry news for Futura, the British Printing Corporation's paperback subsidiary which has just been celebrating its move to opulent new premises in Camberwell. I hear that the...

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The Spectator

Robert Blake on the problems of the Whig succession Charles Watson Wentworth, second and last Marquis of Rockingham, was twice Prime. Minister — for just over a year in 1765-6,...

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Freaks of chance

The Spectator

Francis King Isaac Rosenberg, Poet and Painter Jean Moorcroft Wilson (Woolf £4.75) Isaac Rosenberg: The Half Used Life Jean Liddiard (Gollancz £6.00) When my brother-in-law...


The Spectator

Please let THE SPECTATOR know when you have received from a fellow subscriber the books that you required. ANY TITLES in the 0.P. series "Art Of The World': (Methuen). Buxton,...

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Black gold

The Spectator

Richard Milner A Hundred Million Dollars a Day Mtchael Field (Sidgwick and Jackson £6.95) Once upon a time, Sheik Shakbut bin Sultan al Nahayan of Abu Dhabi went down to the...

Exploits exploited

The Spectator

Magnus Magnusson. The Viking Saga Peter Brent (WeidenfeId arid Nicolson £5.00) Who actually were the Vikings? What actually were the Vikings? Come to that, who and what were...

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The fall of Lin Piao

The Spectator

Joan Robinson Inside China Peter Worsley (Allen Lane £6.00) The Second Chinese Revolution K. S. Karol (Jonathan Cape £8.00) Professor Worsley's account of a visit to China is...

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The old tricks are the best

The Spectator

Peter Ackroyd Hard Option Gwen Moffat (Gollancz £3.50) A Spider in the Bath John Lymington (Hodder and Stoughton £2.95) 1. - et us all admit, as we shOuld, that the - English...

Talking of books

The Spectator

Barrie's ghost Benny Green In the spring of 1891 the smallest journalist in England, finding himself surrounded by Henry Irving one night at the Garrick, tried to turn the...

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Traits in the ashes

The Spectator

Alastair Mackie Out of last week's Commons questions about the Government's new action against smoking _ grew a rambler rose of an answer. What Dr David Owen said wound itself...


The Spectator

Sudden death Robert Ashley The cover of the current issue of Nova shows, in titillating close-up, a distinctly female hand unzipping a distinctly male pair of trousers. It...

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Crime and consequences

The Spectator

On parole lam Scarlet The other day a group of prisoners on the Isle of Wight took to the roof of their cell block in protest against the unreasoned way in which they had been...


The Spectator

Laboratory sleuths Bernard Dixon Textiles imported into Britain have to be correctly declared for Customs purposes. During the second half of 1974, there was an influx of...

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City churches Martin Sullivan The City of London, the famous Square Mile, is a village, and a stroll through it in the evening or at the weekend reveals many of its joys. None...

Grouse shooting

The Spectator

Moor big business Geoffrey Wheateroft This Wednesday is the Gastric Thirteenth when American and Japanese tourists sit down at West End restaurants to dine off the 'first...

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Incomparable Cowes Oliver Stewart There was no artificial insemination nonsense about . Cowes 'Week.' As in so many previous years it burst spontaneously forth from the...

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Opera The truth about the Coliseum union Rodney Elms It seems - a great pity that the Arts Council report on the state of industrial relations at the Coliseum is not to be...


The Spectator

Now and then Kenneth Robinson That Lucky Touch. Director: Christopher Miles Stars: Susannah York, Roger Moore, Lee J. Cobb, Shelley Winters, 'A' Odeon, Leicester Square (90...

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The Spectator

Touched up Kenneth Hurren Engaged by W. S. Gilbert; National Theatre Company (Old Vic) Since I am not privy to the intramural discussions that precede the selection of items...


The Spectator

Give me Liberty's (or...) Evan Anthony _ Frankly, I am not awfully fond of shopping, but I once did buy a suit at Liberty's, Regent Street, and, wore it for three summers (it...

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Pouring dear oil on inflation Nicholas Davenport The ink was hardly dry on my protest against Labour's extreme egalitarianism last week before I read in some gossip finance...

Skinflint's City Diary

The Spectator

A word of warning to all of you who still think accounting is, if not wholly an exact science, at least a reasonably precise and fiercely delimited method of adding up...

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Sleepy steel

The Spectator

There is something tragically wrong with any manufacturer who needs production at 96 per cent of capacity to break even. Yet that is what Sir Monty Finniston admits is the case...

A fool and his money

The Spectator

Job interview Bernard Hollowood As good white collar jobs in industry become increasingly difficult to obtain, candidates are realising that their Vehaviour at the final...