16 DECEMBER 1843

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ONE common characteristic of political rumours is peculiarly ob- servable in rumours before the session—that their truth or falsehood makes scarcely any difference to the...

France has its ante-sessioaal heavings just now. Tames and Gtazox,

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indeed, are studiously quiet, and the usual party-feuds are lulled. But the Parisians grow more and more uneasy, as they feel the galling chain of forts closing around them ;...

• "Incendiarism" in the agricultural districts begins to figure as

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a standing head in the papers : and although in particular instances there may be too ready an assumption of the fact, and much ex- aggeration, there appears to be no doubt that...

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A frightful tragedy has been performed in New Zealand, which

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will strike with grief many a hearth in this country. Nineteen British settlers at Nelson, including some of the leading men, have been massacred, after a sort of fight with the...

The Ministerial war now raging in Madrid is as momentous

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to Spain as the fighting which lately devastated its provinces ; and it is likely to have even more marked effects. LUIS GONZALEZ BRAVO having produced in the Cortes a formal...

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THE Queen and Prince Albert remain in quiet at Windsor Castle, after their tour of visits ; the Prince occasionally amusing himself with the gun or his harriers. Her Majesty...

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, to consider the report of the Committee recommending the introduction of a bill into Parliament to amend the Act of the 11th...

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A meeting was held at Stone, on the 6th instant, for the purpose of forming the Agricultural Society of North Staffordshire. Mr. J. Wise, of Clayton Hall, who had taken the lead...


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The Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of Ireland held its half-yearly meeting at Dublin, on Friday ; the Duke of Leinster in the chair. The Earl of Devon was among the...

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A numerous meeting was held at Glasgow Trades Hall on Saturday, to aid the Anti-Corn-law League in i:s new plan of agitation. Provost Lumsden presided ; and Mr. James Oswald,...

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SPAIN.—Our accounts from Madrid. last week, came down to the period when S. Gonzalez Bravo had read the declaration signed by the Queen, respecting the violence which S. Olozaga...

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The death of Mr. J. C. Loudon, which took place

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at his house in Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, on Thursday, will be regretted by a wide circle. His extensive knowledge on agricultural and botanical subjects was refined by...


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Tuesday's Gazette announced that the Queen had appointed Lieu- tenant-General Sir Peregrine Maitland, K.C.B., to be Governor and Commander-in-chief of the Cape of Good Hope,...

A despatch has been received by the Directors of the

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New Zealand Company, from Colonel William Wakefield, their Principal Agent at Port Nicholson, dated June 28th; which, so far as it goes, confirms the published narrative of the...

The Anti-Corn-law League had one of its largest meetings on

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Thurs- day, in Manchester Free-trade Hall, to hear addresses from Mr. Bright, M.P., Mr. W. J. Fox, and Colonel Thompson. The subscriptions in Manchester were reported to amount...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. • Last night's Gazette contains the proclamation for further proroguing Parliament from the 19th instant, and summoning it to meet for the despatch of business...

A "lay protest against Tractarianism," which has created a good

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deal of interest among the Oxford ,University men, has been trans- mitted to Vice-Chancellor Wynter. The address expresses alarm at the deviation from the principles of the...

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The Dublin Evening Packet states that the Irish Landlord and

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Tenant Commissioners have appointed as their Secretary, Captain John Pitt Kennedy, of Cloghan, in the county of Donegal. Captain Kennedy was formerly in the Royal Engineers :...

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Advices from the Cape of Good Hope mention that the

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Bangalore, haying on board Captain Fitzroy, the Governor of New Zealand, and his lady, arrived in Table Bay on the 6th October ; after a tedious rissige, from Torbay, of a...

The Legitimist journals published in Paris on Thursday say, that

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the English Government had issued an order for the Duke of Bor- deaux's departure from England ; but the tale was not generally be- lieved in the French capital.

• The Reverend Sydney Smith's attack on the Repudiators of

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Penn- sylvania has told home : some are angry, some affect to joke in turn— but then they are not Sydney Smiths ; while some are struck with the justice' of his strictures. Here...

We are sorry to hear that Sir Charles Napier, the

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gallant hero of Scinde, is on the point of returning to this countrp, on leave of absence, arising from indisposition.—Globe. [We have reason to believe that the letiesi...

Ile great debate continued in the Spanish Cortes on the

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8th in- stant, with asperity, but without novelty. Madrid was tranquil.


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The Oxford, Marshall, f ern Calcutta to London, was totally wrecked on the Island of Rodligues. 1st Sept.; crew and passengers saved. • ARRIVEIL-At Gtaresend. 11th Dec. Anna...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. During the week the English Funds have risen nearly 4 per:cent; but do not ride& at the highest price, the market having gone back 4 per cent...


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BIRTHS. On time 2d December, at Ruswarp House. near Whitby. the Lady of loszeu CAMPION, Esq., of a daughter. Oa the 3d. in litestrode Street, Cavendish Square. the Lady of...

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L./ • SPAIN: THE CHILD QUEEN. • ' THE constitutional monarchy of Spain is in an edifying predica- ment.' M. OLOZAGA has been dismissed, and his Cabinet broken up." The Queen,...


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a grand passage of arms among the brotherhood of political economists • the chief combatants being Colonel Toe- sees and Mr. NASSAU economists; SENIOR; the Foreign and Colo-...

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ONE of the most startling effects in Colonel TORRENS'S Letter to Mr. SENIOR is, to raise up a great alarm of consequences should the principles of the Anti-Corn-law League be...


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"LIBERALITY of her Majesty" is rather a pompous title to prefix to a paragraph announcing that the Queen has bestowed 60/. upon a deserving elderly literary gentleman, to be...

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MOST of our readers have heard of Homceopathy. The daily advertisements of treatises in relation to it, the publication of a quarterly journal, the establishment of a hospital...

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THE incessant obstructions in the great thoroughfares of the Metropolis ' aused by taking up the pavements, and the filthy state of the roads and footway's, h ave become serious...

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Metpoirsnf Admiral the Right Hon. the Earl of St. Vincent, G.C.B.&c. By Jedediali . Stephens Tucker, Esq. In two volumes Bentley. Taavets, Impressions, Thoughts. and Sketches,...

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" . t Tliis young lady, who has, apparently, a French origin or con- nexions, visited Paris to rub off English prejtiaices, and improve herself in what our ancestors called the...

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From December 7th to December 1455. Bono. The Laurringtons ; or Superior People. By Mrs. TROLLOPE, Author of "Widow Barnaby," &c. In three volumes. Whitefriars ; or the Days...

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SACRED MUSIC AT CROSBY HALL. THERE is peculiar grace and propriety in selecting this princely rem- nant of the domestic architecture of old London as a locality for sacred...


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Tuesday, Dec. 12. PARTNIRSHIPS DISSOLVED. Bsoth and Hoyle. Rochdale. cotton spinners; as far as regards J. Hoyle-Hoyle and Sons, Rochdale, millers; as far as regards J....


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WAR-OFFICE, Dec. 12.-Ist Foot.-T. P. Mathew, Gent. to be Assist.-Surg. vice Clerihew. promoted in the 85th Fsot. eth Foot- Lieut. II. Balguy. from the 25th Foot. to be Lieut....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) • Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wallies Thurs. Faddg, .3 per Cent. Consols , abut Ditto for Account 951 cad. 951 951 951 951 95i 3 per Cents....