16 JANUARY 1858

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THE despatches from India have all the effect of newness from the different colour which they throw on the most recent events. They do not indeed restore Havelock to life, or...

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A special meeting of the Court of Proprietor's of the East India Com- pany, called by requisition, was held on Wednesday, to consider the communication addressed by the....

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Tim entries in the diary of the Court newsman record little else but the arrivals of distinguished guests at Windsor Castle. Thus, the Chufit and Countess Perpoucher, the...

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A large meeting, attended by all classes and sects, was held at South- ampton on Monday, to hear the Reverend J. E. T. Rogers explain the new statute of the University of Oxford...

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The landlords of Donegal have for some time been engaged in in- proving their estates. As is usual in all these cases, the means adopted have given great dissatisfaction....

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' cfratiff.—An attempt Was made to assassinate the Emperor of the French as he was going to the opera on Thursday night: The Mooiteur of yesterday gave the following account of...

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The first Cabinet Council since Christmas was held at Lord Palmer- ston's official residence on Thursday. All the Ministers, now fifteen strong, were present ; the Marquis of...

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SATURDAY. Telegraphic despatches from India, forwarding summaries of the Bombay mail of the 24th December, arrived in London yesterday even- ing. One is addressed to "Sir James...

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., • • V I SR e f i cjAf il gi t 4 o w i s Y.AlaulPer1aPti o,peia pee. Dig 'been extreme ly a ,e4e.:untien - . 11 4 . ... beets, befween4 i g,i9c$1,,.. • ' 17,11ere eeneral -...

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THE UNIVERSITIES OF SCOTLAND. TliE progress of the movement for University Reform in Scotland was strikingly shown by the tone and substance of the speeches at the great...

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On Tuesday last, Mr. Charles Kean played the character of Hamlet for the first time these two years, and the event caused no small excite- ment in theatrical circles. It was the...

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EVERY mail that arrives proves the necessity of specially increas- ing the administrative strength in India. In order to amend the mischief that has arisen from the rebellion of...

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memorial on an educational franchise appears to have had on the discussion of the contemplated Reform Bill an in- fluence - Which at first looked - Strange but which is really...

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WAR, Goverhor-Generblef hittiii'litiviiittedia , notifieation declaring that:the property found in.,Dellii isynnt /prize

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property, as it was oilftitaken PCIP/1 1 ,0 094(pr o ie ingiti n eers. Thiar.;dtit. cisicai 'donde in viouiforLoest - action. ertht , ment in the ease of Bhurtpore. In 1825,...


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1B1ATMENT. IT is calculated that'. Mere . ..Pa 40,000, have lost their lives kin g dom of A - epics. In so n te,, for example, the whole OfAtte", Others, ' Brienza and...

' OXFORD DEBTS.!:... Ta.-Ecredit system at Oxford Mr, '0 9w Inies i oiier Phiilips

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p ro- nounces . to be "quite shockin g ." . 7:4.. x,cpla..ik . wee. extorte by the incidents of a ease which came hefare4lse ,.Commissioner this week, in which the insolvent',...

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REPRESENTATION OF MINORITIES. London, 11th January 1858. But—In the last number of the Spectator, you quote a letter upon Bel- gian 1)olities, which has appeared in the...


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Silt—It is now generally admitted that a larger European force must be permanently stationed in India, and some alarm is felt lest the vast increase of patronage which will thus...


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Mn. W. CREW HA.ZLITT'S HISTORY OF VENICE. * IT was the boast of Venice during her palmy days that hers was the proud preeminence of a direct and unbroken descent from ancient...

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RECQLLECTIONS. * , THESE recollections of a veteran journalist - and litteratenr norai-

The Spectator

- nally go back tothe last century. • Their interest-commences with the latter end of 1805, when the writer, on his own road to London to seek his fortune, saw William Pitt, at...

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NEW xovtLs.* Tan author. of Adele has been long enough

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before the world for her merits to be well- andersod. Julia Kavanagh has a keen uuderatanding of character; in its strength, its weaknesses, and Its peculiarities, whether...

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Murdered by the mutinous Sepoys at Pak-Pulton, on the Sutlej, whilst on his way to Bombay, to be married, Lieutenant Rothes Hastings Neville, of H.M.'s 81st Regiment ; in his...


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Booas. On Beauty: Three Discourses delivered in the University of Edinburgh. With an Exposition of the Doctrine of the Beautiful according to Plato. By John Stuart Blackie,...


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On the 9th August, in the Residency at Lucknow, the Wife of Captain Charles A. Barwell, of a son. On the 9th November, at the Kabousie post, British Caffraria, Cape of Good...

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUILET IL WAR Orrice, Pall Mall, fan. 12.—Afantry-23 Regt. of Poot—Lient. R. H. 1). Lowe, from the 74th Foot, te be Capt. without purchase, vice...


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On the 6th January, at Burley-in-Wharfedale, the Rev. John Simeon Riley, M.A., of Woodhouse, Loughborough, to Marv, second daughter of the late Dr. Arnold, of Rugby, and widow...

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 12. Partnerships Dissolved.-Penn and Sou, Stourbridge, mercers-le - Akin and Web- ber, Twickenham, builders-Pile and Co. West Hartlepool,...

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PRICES . CURRENT. , Ditto for A.ecount

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9 per Cent Consols 3 per Cents Bcduiced New 3 per Cents Long Annullics • Annuities lass Dank Stock, 11 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer unipi 1W. -per...