16 JULY 1859

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It will be observed from these facts that at a date immediately preceding the interview, the Emperor Napoleon must have reviewed the whole state of the Italian question—the...

If Members are to be as actively employed as they

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have been during the remainder of this brief session, the results may pro- bably be set down at the end as " sundries." The subjects of the week have been as various as the...

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According to the latest report, our Government has settled the

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dispute with the transferred British soldiery of India f in a manner probably intended to save the official dignity. The bounty chimed by the men is not granted, but their right...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOOKE or LORDS. Monday, July 11. Volunteers ; Lord Vivian's Question— Petty Sessional Divisions Bill read a third time and passed. Tuesday,...

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The Court of Aldermen, on Wednesday, hastened to take the first steps to oppose the London Corporation Reform Bill, now before Parlia- ment. Alderman Sidney, alone, supported...

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The Queen left Buckingham Palace for Osborne on the 8th of July. On her way she stopped at the Pavilion, Aldershot. Her Majesty was accompanied by the Prince Consort, the Prince...

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THE END OF THE WAR IN ITALY. The news of an armistice surprised the world at the end of last week, and the news of peace surprised it more at the beginning of this. We give the...

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The Earl of Carlisle arrived in Dublin on Tuesday ; and on Wednesday the Corporation presented the customary address of congratulation. In. his reply Lord Carlisle referred to...


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Mr. Charles Villiers, now President of the Poor Law Board, was re- elected on Saturday by his Wolverhampton constituents without op- position. In the course of a speech touching...

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furtign null Colonial.

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,fraurr.—The news of the peace first reached the Empress, M. Walewski, it is said, being greatly surprised to hear it was so summarily concluded. The Moniteur was at some pains...


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The Town Council of Edinburgh have appointed the Reverend Dr. Thomas Crawford, minister of the church and parish of St. Andrew's, Edinburgh, to the office of Professor of...

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An American has written to the Times a long account of his sufferings during the attack on Perugia. He was at the Hotel de France. Storti, the landlord, took no part in the...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Soon after the House of Lords met last night, Earl GRANVILLE ap- pealed to Lord Malmtsbury and the Marquis of Normanby not to press the motions...


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Sin.—In last Saturday's Spectator, you express your belief " that Ministers have the political game in their own hands, if they will go straightforward, use the influence which...

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A motions question has been raised amongst the many that spring out of recent legislation touching India. The following is given by General Birch as the oath of the Sepoy...

We learn that King Victor Emmanuel was consulted by the

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Emperor Napoleon before the offer of the armistice. This simple fact throws considerable light upon the context of the Peace, and disposes of the assumption that the Emperor...

Among the recent arrivals in the French capital we notice

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that of Salamanca, the remarkable financier of Madrid, whose curious practi ca reply to the malcontents of the Press we noticed some time back. Mean- while, the energetic banker...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Since the armistice was first announced all departments of the Stock Exchange have shown considerable animation, and Stocks and Shares with...

The Queen has appointed to be Chaplains in Ordinary to

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her Majesty, the Reverend William Thomson, D.D., Provost of Queen's College, Ox- ford, and Preacher at Lincoln's Inn, London ; the Reverend William Selwyn, B.D., Prebendary of...

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Tha fine weather has prolonged the summer trade beyond its usual limits, and a far better season has been experienced by the dealers in textile fabrics than was expected at the...

A deputation of gentlemen connected with the City. of London

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had an interview with Lord John Russell yesterday, for the purpose of ex- plaining to the noble representative of the City the mischievous ten- dency of the London Corporation...

Some changes have been made in the minor ranks of

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diplomacy— The Honourable William George Grey, Secretary of Legation at Berlin, is to be 'Secretary to the Embassy at Paris. Mr. William Lowther, Secre- tary of Legation at St....


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(From our own Correspondent.) The heats an so overpowering that it is impossible for the mind to devote much attention to dress. Considering that the slightest covering is...

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Although in the very height of summer, dealers in cloth are at present busy selecting their autumn and winter stock. Among the many novelties which will be forthcoming for...


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Bankruptcy Annulled.—Jonu Firrsromr, Starch, Cambridgeshire, auctioneer. Bankrupts.—ALmEn Bowen BLKXKsaa, Fenchurch Street, merchant—HrakY Maros, New Bond Street—ID:war...


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On the 5th of July, at the Wellington Barracks, the Wife of Captain Anstruther Grenadier Guards, of a daughter. On the 6th, at 52, Notting Hill Square, the Wife of Frederick W....

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THE PEACE, ITS PURPOSE, AND PROSPECTS. CANNING boasted that in South America England had called for a new world to redress the balance of the old : Napoleon the Third seems to...


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WE have been unlucky enough never to find ourselves contented with the later attempts to "reform" the City of London. They appear to us always to have gone in the wrong...

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Br a vulgar and ungenerous error, Prince Albert's remark that " representative institutions are on their trial" has oftener been a subject of complaint than of serious...

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WE have already been in controversy with Mr. Cobden's published opinions, and the most recent composition from his hands that has been printed again challenges our dissent ; e,...


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THE current rumour of the day is that " The Manchester Manu- facturer," who gained so much fame in 1835-6, by his defence of Russia against the attacks of Mr. Urquhart and other...

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RUSSIA, FRANCE, AND GERMANY. July 7th. Sin—It has recently been affirmed by Prince Gortschakoff, and reiterated by Count Walewski, in his circular despatch to Germany, that...


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BIJEGOYNE'S MILITARY OPINIONS. ° Mama has been expected from Sir John Burgoyne's long-an- nounced work, and the lover of sound and solid food will not be disappointed. From the...


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MANY will remember that passage in Edward Gibbon Wakefield's England and America, where he describes a girl sitting, in mute despairing thought, before the gates of a Magdalen...

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THROUGH THE SHADOWS. * IF Through the Shadows is not one

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of the very best novels of the season, its place is in the foremost rank after the two or three that are entitled to the first honours. The story is very interest- ing, the...

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been waged in Italy by the third Na- poleon on so vast a scale, and with such rapid and complete suc- cess, has not only revived for the moment the memory of his pre- decessor's...

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an's/cr . rorraY. * A FINE scholarly taste, tender feeling, and tuneful

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versification, are the most prominent characteristics of Mr. Farrar's Lyrics of Li e. Their great defect is want of power to inspire sympathy. fault is most apparent in the love...

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With all the scenic magnificence that distinguished its first revival, and with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kean in their fine parts of Wolsey and Queen Katherine, Shakspeare's Henry...


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A new work entitled "A Life for a Life , " by the Author of " John Halifa x, Gentleman," is announced for immediate publication by Messrs. Hurst and Blackett. The same...


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At last the Poet Laureate's long-expected volume has appeared. The IDYLLS OF THE KING are four poems, each comprising an episode of the great Romaunt of King Arthur. This is not...

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The musical theatres go on languidly. Mercadante's opera, Il Giura- mento, - the revival of which was lately attempted without success at Drury Lane,-was produced on Saturday...

The only concert of any note during the week was

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that of the Phil- harmonic Society-the last of the season, and also the best of the season. Besides two great symphonies of Mozart and Beethoven, there was a pianoforte concerto...

The preparations for the forthcoming "Meeting of the Three Choirs"

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at Gloucester are going on favourably. The days of the Festival are not yet announced ; but it is :stated that the list of principal singers already engaged includes the names...


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Le Philinte de MoltWe, by which the unfortunate Dantonist Febre d'Eglantine attempted to recover the moral of The Misanthrope, has lately been played at the Theatre Francais for...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. Waimea. nun. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 941ex (1. 961 931 951 932 951 Ditto for Account 95 961 951 951 955 951...