16 JUNE 1832

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PARLIAMENT, following the usual custom at this season, did not sit on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, the House of Commons discussed the Irish Reform Bill in part. This bill...

Paris continues perfectly tranquil, and the Government proceeds with little

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intemption in its new course of military domination. The state of siege in which Paris was declared to be on Thursday sennight, still continues;. nor is there any present...

There is yet no authentic information respecting- Don PEnito's expedition.

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Lord W. RUSSELL has signified to Don MIGUEL the intentions of the English Government, that if the King of Spain commit any breach of neutrality, the English squadron will im-...

The Deputies of Belgium have at length plucked up a

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spirit, and have voted a supply of 50,000 men, and 'passed a resolution, which wants only to be executed, that M. THORN'S release and the evacuation of the citadel of Antwerp...

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atai anti 3raccain0 in Parliament.

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1. IRISH REFORM BILL. On the motion for recommitting this bill, on.Wednesday- Mr. LEADER and Mr. O'CONNELL complained that the requisite in- formation for coming to a judgment...

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ebt Court.

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The King and Queen, on Tuesday, attended the triennial exhibi- tion, called the Eton Montem, in which the youthful aristocracy of England make the earliest display of those...

Mr. Roe, pointing to the board, asked one of the

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policemen if he was aware what the painting represented ? The policeman replied, that it represented John Bull trampling on the heads of the Dukes of Cumberland and Wellington....


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There are to be in town so many fine displays in honour of the Re- form Act, that we earnestly wish we could say with precision when they are to be made. The Lowther Arcade is...

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ST. ALBAN'S ABET:Y.—A meetina . (not very well attended) was held at the Thatched House Tavern, on''Wednesday, on the subject of this moulderinn . pile. The Bishop of London,...

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REPRESENTATION OF SIIETLAND.—A discussion has appeared in the Times, and

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has been repeated by the Chronicle, respecting the portion assigned to this "far awn' " country in the Scotch Reform Bill. There are two questions, of very different...


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A meeting of the Edinburgh Reformers was held on Friday, at which Sir James Gibson Craig presided. A recommendation from the meeting, calling on the people of Scotland to fix...


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Mr. Stanley had better add a clause for the immediate return of the new College member; the Church will be defeated before he be ready to defend it. The Cork Reporter states...


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This disease has been rather on the increase in the Country during the past week ; probably on account of the damp weather. There Ia. not the most remote chance of its ever...

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ARUNDEL.—The Holmes interest will be nearly annihilated by the passing of the Bill. BARNSTAPLE.—Mr. Chichester; the present member, will be requested to continue. BATIL—General...

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EDINEuRGIL—Mr. Aytoun, head of the Political Union, has proposed himself

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to the lieges of Edinburgh in a long advertisement, offering a variety of pledges,--first, to obtain a thorough Reform of the present system of electing the Magistrates of the...

The Duke of Wellington gives his annual dinner on Monday

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to the General officers who figured in the battle of Waterloo. This is all that he ever gives, or has given, to his companions in arms. The Duke has all his life been a taker....

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His Majesty's packet Spey has arrived at Falmouth from Lisbon,

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in eighty-eight hours. She brings no intelligence of' Don PEnno. All British ships of war had received instructions to leave the Tagus and Douro ; and Admiral PARKRB was...


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A telegraphic despatch, it is understood, has reached Paris front Bayonne, of the landing of Don PEDRO on the coast of Portugal, but no particulars are given. The troops of the...


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DIRT HS. On the Ilth inst. Mrs. J. AT.LEN ADANITIIWAITE, of Woodberry Lake, Stoke 'Nevving- ton. of a son. On the 29th ult. the Lady of EDWARD PREST, Esq., of Heslington, near...

A letter from Smyrna, dated Alay 9, says—" We have

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received accounts from Boudron that St. Jean d'Acre has surrendered to the troops of the Pacha of Egypt." In the late conflicts in the streets of Paris it is calculated that...

The Lyra packet brings letters from Rio Janeiro to the

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27th April, at which time every thing was quiet. The Lisbon papers of the 9th, in mentioning the arrival of the Con.; stitution United States frigate ' say that its commander...


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Arrived—Off the Wight, June 14th. Thalia, Mike, from Bengal. At St. Helena, April 21st, Betsey, Barclay; Royal. Sovereign, Thompson ; and Fair Ellen, Desbelat ; all from...


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WAR.OFFICE, J11110 15.-3a nee. of Dragoon Guards: Capt. 11. B. Edwards, from half pay 13th Light Dragoons, to be Capt., y:ee Sullivan, dec.:asset-7:Ii Regt. Light Dra- goons:...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. Consols closed on Saturday at 851,and Exchequer Bills at 9s. tolOs. premium. On Monday there was hardly any business, and no alteration. Tuesday...

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CANDIDATES FOR THE REFORMED PARLIAMENT. IN preceding columns, we continue the Election Talk, collected from all quarters. The Times, the Globe, and various others of our...


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MINISTERS are, it seems, determined to give to the Irish as little Reform as for very shame they dare. On Wednesday, two motions—one for the extension of the franchise, at...

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THE bills which announce the first appearance of Robert le Diable, are headed " French Opera." This is a misnomer : it would be just as absurd, and not more so, to perform...


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MERE exists a Society whose object it is to reform and provide for destitute children, juvenile beggars, infant pickpockets. It is slenderly provided for ; nay, its continued...


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LORD MILTON'S avowal of his intention to refuse the payment of taxes, in case of a successful opposition to the passing of the Re- form Bill, has given rise to a controversy...

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Madame STOCKHAUSEN'S Concert, on Friday morning, was,., as it deserved

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to be, well attended. A Sacred Cantata, adapted to English words, the composition of Monsieur STOCKH.AUSEN, was. performed by Madame STOCKHAUSEN, MISS MASSON, MT. HORN- CASTLE,...


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Mn. KIALLMARK'S Concert, on Tuesday morning, attracted a nu- merous and fashionable audience. His bill of fare was agreeable, consisting of some substantial articles, and some...

We are induced to recommend to our readers' attention the

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case of an unfortunate and ingenious artist, who, just before he was enabled to complete a work of great labour and skill, was thrown into prison, whence he has just returned to...

Mr. ELIASON'S Concert was on Thursday. Madame SCHRCEDER DEVRIENT sang

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BEETHOVEN'S exquisite Cantata "Adelaide," with the most sweet and touching expression; and TAMBURINI, by his admirable singing "Non pin andrai," showed that, unlike some of his...

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'THE Statistical Sketches of Upper Canada is the very book we have been long looking out. for. It contains, as far as Upper Canada is concerned, every thing an emigrant needs to...


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Statistical Sketches of Upper Canada, for the Use of the Emigrants. By a Back- woodsman Murray. Fic-norr, Fitsgeorge ; a Novel. 3 vols. F Mason. La Coquetterie; or Sketches of...

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Tam is a version of the life of the late King, in the form of a novel. The Honourable Augustus Fitzgeorge means the Prince of WALES; Lord Fitzgeorge, his father, GEORGE the...

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- Tux author of these volumes has quite mistaken his line : he might write a tour, or a volume of sketches of manners,but a work -of fiction requires higher powers of the...


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'THIS is a work of considerable humour, and of small pretension. The hero is an Irish footman. The object of the writer seems to be, the exhibition of character generally; for...

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two stories, both of which are tales of vehement passion. The Three Nights is a sentimental story, laid in England, and of modern manners. Inis-shairloch is a tale of romance...


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THESE are some of the Beauties of Cmbbe—where are the rest? However, let us rejoice at having so much in so small a space, and at so small a price, instead of regretting the...

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An artist named LFXASSEUR has been attempting to portray in li- thography the attitudes of the new dancers Brugnoli, Heberle, and Samengo ; but he has miserably failed. The fact...


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THE NEW NATIONAL GALLERY. So it seems we are likely to have a National Gallery at last ! The poor English Nation may expect to be indulged with a building to receive its...


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THIS is a calm and rational inquiry into the nature of the extra- ordinary malady which has lately afflicted the nations. Dr. WEB- srrER is a Non-contagionist ; but at the same...


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We cannot refrain froth calling the attention of all lovers of pictures and pictorial effects to the preeminently splendid scenery by Messrs. GRIEVE, &c. in Robert le Diable, as...


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There are no fewer than seven collections of pictures consigned to the hammer within a week or two,—those of Mr. MORANT, Mr. WATSON TAYLOR, and Mr. THAN?, which have been...

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"Beauties of Byron." The Poetry selected from the Works of Lord BYRON; the Music composed by ALEXANDER LEE. Mr. LEE has contributed, as much as any man living, to the inunda-...

" I've left my home where violets gleam." A Fairy

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Song, written by JAMES KNOX, Esq. The Music by ROBERT Guviorr. This song is so good, both in its design and execution, that we re- gret the distressing fault of rhythm which...


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PERKINS'S Steam Gun, and other mechanical novelties, form a very curious and interesting exhibition, which has recently opened in Ade- laide Street, Strand, at the back of St....