16 JUNE 1838

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THE Parliamentary week opened with a scene at the Foreign Office; where, on critical occasions, questions are subject to real discussion previously to the sham debate in the...

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The opposition in the French Chamber of Deputies to the

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bill for granting an additional supply for the African service, became languid as the debate proceeded; and finally the money was voted, by a majority of 208 to 94. In the Paris...

A packet which left New York on the 21st of

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May has brought accounts of a disgraceful riot which occurred in Philadelphia on the 17th ultimo. It appears that the Slavery Abolitionists had excited the angry feelings of the...

The OPAL: A Ministry at Madrid is said to have

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been consolidated by a recent vote in the Cortes of 93 to 64 in favour of preserving the tithes in full. The accounts from the seat of war are not de- serving of particular...

il3tbatri anti VractetringilIn Slatlittntnt. hum MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS.

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In the House of Commons, on Monday, the order of the day having been read for the further consideration of the report on the Irish Me. nicipal Corporations Bill, Lord JOHN...

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The Magistrates of Westminster have resolved to fit up the

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Guild. hall, opposite Westminster Abbey, for the use of themselves and their families on the day of the Coronation ; and it is anticipated, from the manner in which the...

In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Wednesday, Sir John

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Campbell showed cause against the rule obtained by Mr. Hogg, 31. P., against the publisher of the Satirist, for a libel on Mr. Hogg. The particu- lars of this case were stated...

QM, Court.

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THE Queen held a Court, on Monday, at Buckingham Palace ; at which Prince de Ligne, Ambassador from the King of the Belgians, was introduced by Lord Palmerston. In the...

Vic gictropolig.

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The City Tories are exerting themselves to procure the election of two Sheriffs as well as a Lord Mayor of their politics, for the next year. - ... • A Meeting was held on...

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At the Guildhall, on Wednesday, Sir Peter Laurie, relying on

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an opinion he had procured from an eminent counsel, decided that the sale of Sunday newspapers was not contrary to law ; and dismissed the com- plaint of 'Mr. Herbert Smith...

On Tuesday night, the farming premises and a considerable quantity

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of hay belonging to the Reverend Dr. Moreland of Chilton, near Read- ing, were burnt down. The fire is said to be the work of an incendiary. A Liverpool Policeman, William...

The nomination for Maidstone was on Thursday. Mr. Fector and

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Mr. Roberts were proposed. Mr. Fector was present, and addressed the assembly ; but Mr. Roberts did not appear. The show of hands, however, was in his favour; mid a poll was...

the Countrn.

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Ascot Races commenced on Tuesday. The company on the heath was very numerous and gay ; the weather being tolerably fine, and the turf in good order. The Queen, with the...

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From the Glasgow newspapers we learn, that the electors, anticipat. ing the transference (it can hardly be called elevation) of Lord Wil- liam Bentinck to the Peerage, are on...

A meeting of' the citizens of Dublin, summoned by the

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Lord Mayor in compliance with a requisition most respectably signed, was held at the Royal Exchange, on Monday, for the purpose of petitioning Par- liament against the...

Meetings against tithes, to be held in the open air,

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are announced in the counties of Kildare, Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny, and the Queen's County. It is stated that resolutions similar to those adopted at South Wexford, pledging...


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The death of Chief Baron Joy, which took place at Woodstown on the 6th instant, was noticed in our last number, but not in the whole impression. The filling up of the judicial...

The 1Vestm .ath El .ct'on Commission is to meet at

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Mullingar on the 27th. The Commissioners are Counsellors John O'Dwyer, Richard Jebb, mid James Plunkett. Mr. Knox, son of Lo rd Northland, was elected for Dungannon, the old...

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The following letters are the sequence of the correspondence be-

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tween Lord Brougham and Mr. Benjamin Smith on the Slavery ques- tion. It would appear from Lord Howick's letter, which Mr. Smith publishes, that Lord Brougham's memory has...

The English fleet arrived in the Bay of Naples on

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the '2Stil of May. The Princess Challotte, of 1 . 20 gulls, with Admiral Stopford's flag flying. east anchor there at about ten o'clock in the morning, and fired a salute. The...

According to time Sun, Mr. Harvey has declined the offer

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of a Consulship iii the United States. No doubt the Whigs would gladly remove the Member for Southwark from the House of Commons; but he will beat his post when their sham...


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Major Keppel will be the new Groom in Waiting, in the place of the Honourable Charles Murray, appointed Master of the House- hold.—Courier. No fewer than three of her...

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Two hundred and seventy persons were massacred, about the begin-

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ning of March, by a native African chief, into whose territory, at Colesberg in Southern Africa, they had been inveigled, with a view to settle there. William Lyon Mackenzie...


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SATURDAY. A conversation respecting the legality of large meetings occupied the Peers for some time last night. The Duke of WELLINGTON, Lord Wiciumw, Lord FITZGERALD, and Lord...


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On the 11th inst., in Hanover Square, the Countess of Ilit.tsrioaorair, of It som still-born. On the 7th inst., at Mote Park. Ireland. the Right Hon. the Lady CROFTON, of A...

At the close of the r..:1 at Maidstone, yesterday, the

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numbers were— For Mr. Fector 715 Mr. Rawls 514 Majority for the Tory candidate 201 So the late Whig victory in the Election Committee goes for no- thing ; though the petition...

The numbers at the close of the first day's poll

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for Linlithgow- shire— Mr. llope 294 Mr. Johnston 168 Majority for the Tory' 126

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Dijeuners a la fourchette on the day of the Coronation

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will be given by the United Service and all the other Clubs to the ladies invited. This example will be followed by all the leading families occupying the line of the...

The Gkisgoto Argus, received this morning, at last breaks its

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omi- nous silence on the subject alluded to in our compilation of Scottish u ses. He blames the precipitancy of a portion of the electors, and presents the picture of a very...

Several columns of the morning papers are occupied with a

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pro- gramme of the ceremonies to be observed at the Coronation. They possess nothing like novelty or interest, and perhaps were stereotyped at the last coronation ; or the...


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THE two Theatres in the Haymarket are now diverting the attention of playgoers from the rival houses in Covent Garden ; which, were it not for the Coronation bonus, would...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. An extensive sale of Reduced Three per Cent. Stock, on account of the Court of Bankruptcy, occasioned a depression in the English Funds ; and...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, June 11th, oe, nt. White, from Bengal ; and 1204 Pm-shire, Clarkson, from Bombay. In the Channe!, Pei siao, Spokes; and NIsr2aret. Vanity, from Singapore;...

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ECONOMICAL SUFFERING AND POLITICAL DISCONTENT. IT is well observed as well as ably and decorously enforced by the Standard, that " the actual state of feeling among the humbler...

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MR. BARING'S New Zealand Bill, an account of which appeared in this journal last week, has alarmed the section of Wesleyan Methodists who job in missions. Like Demetrius the...


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MR considerable majority by which Sergeant TALFOURD'S bill concerning the custody of infants was passed in the House of Commons, is one of the few things highly honourable to...

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BY the regulations of Gresham College, which are now no longer a dead letter, each of the Professors delivers a short course, or series of lectures, (luring each term : four of...

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Dr. Chalmers's declaration (at a public breakfast in Edinburgh) that

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his church-extension scheme can only be carried by " spiritual O'Connellism," has led many to wonder what part of Daniel's tactics the Doctor intends to adopt. The matter seems...


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YE Tories, subscribe! subscribe ye Conservatives ! ye fiercely Protestant, relax your purse-strings I For behold, a monument is to be erected to him whose cry was ever " No...

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PAPERS. Tuts is a very agreeable volume, of a novel kind ; containing a memoir of' the most distinguished person belonging to several families of gentle blood, ancient descent,...


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WODRADNY AND MAMMA, The Correspondence of Sir Thomas Hanmer. liar', Speaker of the House of Corn. mons, with a Memoir of his Life. To which are added, other Relics of a Gen-...

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TIIIS work, which is a translation, or more correctly, a very ex- cellent abridgment, from the French, contains a brief notice of its author, ALEXANDER ANDRVANE, by himself ;...

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nions, and language of the Chinese, he proceeded to Canton,

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and, tracts. His volume contains a narrative of this voyage; a brief " We have reached a most anxious and decisive moment," said I ; " for in a man, well acquainted with his...

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Want of room obliges us to postpone a paper on

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the new exbibitim of Old Pictures at the British Institution, till nett week.


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Loudon, 12th June 183R. Slit—The favourable mention which has been made in the last number of the Spectator of the new medallion portrait of the Queen, engraved in the has-...


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ARCHITECTURAL views have commonly one of two very opposite faults —either the details are sacrificed to pictorial effect, as is the case where the artist is not scientifically...


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THE WYATT-WELLINGTON STATUE. MR. MATTHEW COTES WYATT, the animal sculptor, who made the caricature statue of George the Third—a figure for passersby to shy at as well as the...