16 MAY 1857

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THU'S fax the first session of the new Parliament gives us a history devoid of trouble. Both Houses have spontaneously fallen into the spirit of Mr. Thornely's caveat ; idle...

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The Spectator

PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Homm OP LORDS. Monday, May II. Testamentary Jurisdiction Bill read a first time—Law of Divorce Bill read a first time. Tuesday, May 12....


The Spectator

The Committee on the Bank Act of 1844, and the Bank Acts for Ireland and Scotland of 1845, was reappointed on Monday, on the motion of the CHANCELLOR Of the EXCHEQUER. Mr....

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Of Court.

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THE QUEEN has resumed her usual life in the Isle of Wight. She has driven out beyond or walked within the grounds daily since her arrival at Osborne. The Marquis of Breadalbane...

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The Spectator

The Convocation of the Province of Canterbury sat again on Saturday. The chief business was transacted in the Lower House. The address was agreed to as it had been drawn:by the...

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Although political movement in the provinces is not conspicuous, it is not wholly lifeless. The electors of West Kent celebrated the triumph of their candidates, Mr. Martin and...

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The Spectator

fraiu t.—The French correspondents of the London papers are still occupied with the doin g s of the Grand Duke Constantine, and speculatin g on the motives that sent Prince...

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It has been announced on " authority " that the Queen will hold drawingrooms at St. James's Palace on Saturday the 6th and on Tuesday the 23d of June, and a levee on Thursday...

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On the 6th May, in Grosvenor Square, Viscountess Milton, of a son. On the 6th, at Leamington, the Wife of Major-General Windham, of a daughter. On the 8th, at Medina - Villas,...


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ElkTURDAY. The House of Commons was engaged last night until past midnight, mainly on two questions—the alteration of Parliamentary Oaths, and the clauses of Sir George Grey's...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Market opened on Monday with great firmness ; and with the exception of an occasional slight reaction, has throughout maintained...

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Ifs philosopher would discourse on the aspect of modern society in the tone of a Diogenes or a Menippus, we would scarcely counsel him to choose the stage of a London theatre as...

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EXECUTIVE ENCROACHMENTS. Iv periods of revolution are hazardous, periods of great quiet have their more insidious dangers, and. prosperity aggravates the trials of a state. It...

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The Spectator

ARMY REFORM: MOPE OF MAKING GENERALS. 11th Hay 1857. Bra—Every person interested in our Army must read with pleasure the remarks yen occasionally, now indeed frequently, make on...

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DR. BARTH'S TRAVELS IN NORTH AND CENTRAL AFRICA. * TICE account os Dr. Barth's six years' wandering through the great Sahara and Negroland will eventually be presented to the...

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Boons. Indigenous Daces of the Earth; or New Chapters of Ethnological Inquiry; including Monographs on Special Departments of Philology, Inconography, Cronioseopv,...

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The picture which is sure to strike the eye first when one enters the Middle Room is Mr. Millais's "Dream of the Past—Sir Imams at the Ford" ; which flashes out at once with...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 12. WAR OFFICE, May 12.—Cavaity-4th Regt. of Light Drags.—Major G. J. Brown from half-pay Unatt. to be Major, paying the difference between...


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Partnerships Dissolred.—Groweott and Co. Kings*, inford, butty-miners—Greeir and Jones, Trowbridge, woollen-cloth-manufacturers—litingele and Dietrich, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,...