16 OCTOBER 1841

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Now that there is no Parliament to engage attention, the unceasing activity of this political world becomes more apparent in its work- ings throughout the country; and indeed...

The recess, it should seem, is to be occupied by

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the new Minis- terial party in gathering up such additions to its strength as lie within reach ; and it has begun with a bold stroke for one source of strength which was perhaps...

The history of Spain has presented a varying aspect since

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the page which we gave last week. The insurrection to restore Curtis TINA to the Regency, which seemed at first to be little more than a partial outbreak by a scatterbrained...

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Zbt Qourt.

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Tint event of the week has been a slight indisposition which the Queen has suffered ; an indisposition, it is intimated, incidental to her present condition, and not affecting...

A curious question has been mooted in the newspapers this

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week, the mode of attacking the United States in case of a war. A pro- minent correspondent of the Times, assuming that the overweening self-sufficiency of the people of the...

Zbz ItIttropolis.

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Ministers were entertained by the Lord Mayor at a grand dinner on Saturday. Ten of them were present ; a greater number, it is said, than ever met in the Mansionhouse before....

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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The Western Luminary says that Mr. Somes, the London merchant and shipowner, will contest the borough of Dartmouth at the next op- portunity. The Morning Chronicle of Wednesday...

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Mr. O'Connell has changed his mind as to refusing the Mayoralty of Dublin : at the meeting of the Repeal Association, on Monday, he an- nounced at once the approaching honour...

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Tuesday's Gazette announced that the Queen has appointed the Right Honourable David Boyle to be Lord Justice-General and Presi- dent of the Court of Session in Scotland. The...

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The Morning Post says that Lord Ellenborough is to be the Governor- General of India ; his appointment having been confirmed at a meeting of the Court of Directors on Wednesday,...

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There is some additional news of the movement in Spain,

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but it makes no progress. The Paris papers of Thursday mention a new name among the chief revolters- " We learn," says the Constitutionnel, " from an English courier, that M.....


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The packet-ships Louis Philippe and Sheridan bring intelligence from New York to the 28th September, three days later than that brought by the Great Western. It...

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The preacher was the Reverend Samuel Jones, Rector of Ardcannyl

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We copy the Reporter- " The reverend gentleman having proceeded for a short tine on general topics, bent his regards immediately towards the corporation, and proceeded to deal...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 20th July 1841 to the 12th October 1841— Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the Bank of England, from the 20th July 1841 to the...

The Post says that the following changes are made in

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the French Ca- binet—" M. Martin remains with the portfolio of Justice, which will be separated from that of Public Worship, which will be given to M. Sauzet, President of the...

Last night's Gazette announces several honorary rewards dispensed among the

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officers who were engaged in the operations at Canton. Sir Hugh Gough receives the Grand Cross of the Bath; Captain Her- bert is appointed a Knight Commander ; and Colonel...

The Limerick Reporter publishes an abstract of an extraordinary ser-

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mon preached in Limerick. Last Sunday was the first after the in- stallation of the Mayor of that close corporation; and the corporate officers went, according to custom, to...


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STOCK ETC/TAN/II, FRIDAY APTERNOOW. There was no political cause for the depression of 1 per cent. in the prices of the Funds that occurred on Saturday afternoon, and which we...

A correspondent draws attention to some circumstances connected with Lord

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Ellenborough's administration as the Indian Minister in Eng- land, which go to show that his appointment to the chief government is one of the very best that could have been...

Lord Eliot had a narrow escape on Thursday morning. On

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riding to his office at Dublin Castle from the Chief Secretary's Lodge in the Phcenix Park, his horse stumbled while turning sharply round the corner of the King's Bridge, and...

In noticing the last quarter's net revenue of thejost-office, both

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the Standard and the Morning Herald fall into the error of considering the year ended the 10th October 1840 as a clear year of the proceeds of Penny Postage. It included, in...

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The grand aquatic spectacle at the Adelphi has been followed

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ttp this week by a little interlude of French origin, called Cocorico, or My Aunt's Bantam; which turns upon the device of a lover to get hut mistress out of her aunt's custody...


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THERE can be no stronger proof of the influence of beautiful scenery and rich costumes on an audience, and of the popularity of JANES SHERIDAN KNOWLES, than the degree of...


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The Urania, Ogilvy, sailed from Liverpool for New South Wales on the 7th, got on shore on West Hoyle, and has since become a total wreck. Arrived—At Gravesend. Oct. 9th. Emily,...

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A Nos gratifying evidence of the success that has attended the Normal School of Vocal Music, conducted on the plan of M. WILHELM by Mr. &me Huhhhu, at Exeter Hall, was afforded...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Chesham, 1st October 1841. SIR—As I have peculiar views on the subject of the great commercial questions by which the country is now agitated,...

SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY.—The first concert of the season is an-

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nounced for next Wednesday ; when SPOHR'S Oratorio The Last Judg- ment, with HAYDN'S No. 3, (better known abroad by the title of the Im- perial Mass, as having been composed for...

Miss HELEN FAIICIT, who has been for some time absent

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from her engagement at the Haymarket through serious illness, returns to the stage this evening, as Julia in the Hunchback; and on Monday is to appear in Money, which will then...

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THE returns of the Census lately completed, we are informed, will show an increase of upwards of 30 per cent. on the population of 1831 in the great manufacturing districts, and...


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THE REVENUE RETURNS.* Tama) merely by the Returns, the income of the country is look- ing up. The steady increase of the Excise, (872,0001. on the year, and 244,0001. on the...

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SOME new Plutarch, in the Quarterly Review, has been running a parallel between our Sir ROBERT PEEL and WILLIAM PITT the younger. The similarity seems scarcely so strong as that...


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Tim main question on all occasions with British statesmen and le- gislators, seems to be, not whether any thing proposed to be done is right in itself, but whether there is any...

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Mammas AND Curium. The Student-Life of Germany. By William Howitt, from the unpublished MS. of Dr. Cornelius. Containing nearly forty of the most famous Student Songs, with the...

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TRIED by the character of the publication and a strict reference to what scientific natural history requires, this volume of the Na- turalist's Library may not be ranked among...

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Is this drama, Mr. Measrox proposes to work out a theory of his own, that tragedy may "derive its incidents and passion from the habits and spirit of the age." " Consider," he...


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IN strictness, the title of Mr. Cussixosam's volume does not con- vey an accurate idea of the contents according to the general in- terpretation that will be put upon it. Hints...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED. Aim October fit to October 14th.

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Boons. Hints for Australian Emi g rants ; with engravings and explanatory de- scriptions of the Water-raising Wheels, and modes of Irrigating Land in Egypt, Syria, South...

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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. 12:h October 1841. Sen—In your remarks upon a letter signed S. R. H., in the Spectator of the 9th, you state an opinion which, if I understand...


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PRINTS AFTER EDWIN LANDSEER. Tna print-shops are filled with engravings after EDWIN LANDSEER: every one of his pictures finds an eager publisher: besides the prints that have...

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BIRTHS. On the 8th October, at Dover Street, the Hon. Mrs. Salmi. of a son. On the 8th, at Petersham Lodge, the Lady of ANDREW Buctrartarr. Esq., her Majesty's Secretary of...


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Wait-orrice, Oct. 12. - 2d Drag. Guards - Lieut. J. H. E. Ridley. from the 7th Foot, to Lieut. vice Persse. who exchanges. 7th Light Drags.-Sergt. 3. E. Parry to be...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. , Wedues. Thurs. Friday. 881 874 874 881 88 88 884 874 874 884 Bak 9911 shut 861 ex d. 861 861 87 0 71 shut...


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Tuesday, Oct. 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Swiney and Hartley. Dublin-J. S. and It. S. Taylor. Sheffield, surgeons-Triebner and Houle, London-Jonesaud Hollis, Portland Place,...