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Ireland exhibits some striking symptoms of its critical condi- tion.

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As an apology for his monster meetings, Mr. O'Cosssr.s. has broached a new reason for holding them. He once said, with an air of more verisimilitude than usual, that the real...

Another revolution appears to be spreading in Spain, more rapidly

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than that which displaced ESPARTERO. Barcelona, the focus of revolutionary power, is at open war with the Goverap meat which it has just helped to-instal: Pant occupies a post...

Mr. COBDEN has resumed the Anti-Corn-law campaign ; begin- ning

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at Oxford, with his usual success. The meeting wAs a county meetin4 die three principal parties in the question:--the high Protectionists, the Whig middle-course and fixed-duty...


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QUEEN VicTosta staid but a few days in her own country before she again set out on a more extensive journey than that from which she had so recently returned. Though Belgium is...

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be eourt.

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OUR Queen and her consort have again left their country, as was last week expected, for Bel g ium. Even the brief interval of their stay at Brighton was not without a taste of...

eaten Victariteriu Wit to Ring Kettpont.

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Preparations for receiving Queen Victoria at Ostend began betimes. The London papers sent their reporters thither, and the first whose arrival we note is the reporter of the...

There are more of the obscure accounts from Italy, all

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tending to the one inference, that the cause of alarm is unremoved, and that the uneasiness increases. A London journal, not adverse to the arbitrary Governments of the...

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b liattropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, for the despatch of business. The Clerk of the Court having read the list of applica- tions for freedoms, fifty-one of which were...

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Int vrobintes.

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Doncaster Races commenced on Monday ; but the racing on that day was of little interest, and the attendance was bad. The most notable point was a mischance in the first race,—a...

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The Dublin Evening Mail makes this bold assertion- " We can state upon the best possible authority, that very early in the next session there will be a Committee of the House of...

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At Inverary, on Friday, Mr. Duncan M'Neill, the Lord-Advocate, was elected Member for Argyllshire, in the room of Mr. Alexander Campbell, of Monzie, who had resigned. There was...

goreign anb (Eolonial.

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SPAIN.—Up to the 9th instant, the contest in Barcelona went on. The papers of the 3d contained the details of the outbreak narrated in our last Postscript ; but the only...

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Lord and Lady Lyttelton received a short visit from the Queen Dowager, at Hagley Hall, near Birmingham, on Tuesday. I IThe Marquis and Marchioness of Breadalbane gave a grand...

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A. letter from Stockholm, of the 5th instant, relates an

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accident to the aged King- " A few days ago, the King had the misfortune to fall over a screen in his bedchamber. Both knees were so severely hurt, particularly the left, that...

When the Queen and Prince Albert return to Windsor, next

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week, a vigorous shooting-season in the Royal preserves is promised. It is reported that the Princess Royal and tie Princess Alice will be conveyed from Brighton to Windsor...


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SATURDAY NIGLIT. The news of the morning does not possess much interest, except in the sequel to the reports of the Queen's visit to Ostend, which will be found under the...

In a letter to the Livery of London, of this

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day's date, Alderman William Magnay states that be has become, by the resignation of Alderman Lainson, one of the two senior Magistrates below the civic chair ; and therefore he...

In a second edition, the Morning Chronicle gives the news

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received in Paris yesterday, from Spain- " Madrid letters of the 10th, mention a slight illness of the Queen. Urbis- tondo is named Captain-General of Biscay. The Eco says the...

Accounts from Galveston, in Texas, to the 7th August, have

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been received by the Great Western. A vessel had arrived from Vera Cruz, which was said to have brought the armistice with Mexico, and Com- missioners were to be appointed...

The morning papers contain a memorial from Lord Frankfort, printed

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under the direction of his solicitor, and intended for presentation to the House of Lords as soon as Parliament reassembles. With a good deal of circumlocution and repetition it...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 17th June to the 9th September 1843— Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the Bank of England, from the 17th June to the 9th...

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A WRITER in The Times, reviewing Mr. M'CuLcocu's Principles of Political Economy,* questions a position maintained by that able author—that the extreme subdivision of...


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Steen ED:MANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Funds are not quite so firm as they were last week. An uneasy "feeling prevails on the subject of Ireland, which is rather increased by...


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THE CINQUE PORTS. BOULOGNE has long been half an English town. Folkstone seems about to become half a French one. A strange change is working in that old member of the Cinque...

The correspondent of the Times relates an attack on Middleton-hall,

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the property of Mr. Adams, near Carmarthen- " On returning home, about half-past nine o'clock on Tuesday night, from the Quarter-Sessions held at Carmarthen, Mr. Adams saw a...

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THE Times bestows some of its telling censure on the last great work of its principal aversion, the Poor-law Commissioners—their Report on Local Taxation ; and the censor takes...


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Lear session, Parliament was frightened from interposing to secure a. real education fur children in the factory districts, in place of That counterfeit " education " which they...

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ONE hears much of "practical men." " Practical men" take great airs upon them. The most sceptical and argumentative are awed into submissive silence when told that their...

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Brighton is unenviably notorious for rudeness to the Queen. The Times publishes an extract of a letter written at Brighton Palace on Sunday last, which mentions a new instance....


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Tws public mind in London does not seem to be made up on the subject of bathing ; for the most contradictory proceedings are ob- servable. At Lambeth Street Police-office, on...

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BIOGRAPHY, A Memoir of the Life. Writings. and Mechanical Inventions of Edmund Cartwri g ht. D.D , P.R.S., Inventor of the Power Loom, See. &c Saunders and 011ey. TRAVEL!....

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Da. OLIN is an American Wesleyan minister, whose health gave way under fifteen years of anxious duty in the Southern States. Ordered to Europe, be spent some time in England,...

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Tan title seems rather concocted with an eye to the buyer than founded upon the matter of the book. There is nothing whatever to do with the "Court" in the novel, and very...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, F. September lif ts Septemher

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Boots. Popular Cyclopcedia of Natural Science. Animal Physiology. By Wt. maxi B. CARPENTER, M.D., Author of "Principles of General and Comparative Physiology," &c. A Treatise...

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Waa.ortocz. Sept. 12.-5th Regt. of Foot-Ensign W. Lyons. from the 734 Foot. to be Alit. with the rank of First Lieut. vice Mackay, dec. 18th Foot -F. T. F. A. Mac Donnell, Gent,...


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BIRTHS. On the 27th August, at Winkton House, Ringwood, the Wife of EDWARD WELD, Esq., of ad 'tighter. On the 1st September. at the Rectory, Henley, the Wife of the Rev. F....


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The Thomas Rickinson. Newby, from London, was driven on shore at Mauritius, 27th May. crew and specie saved. The Queen Victoria, Black, from Bombay to Licerpool was wrecked on...


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Tuesday, September 12, PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Thwaites and Rossiter. Brighton, milliners-Weatherley and O'Neil, Wilke Street. Spitalfields, fancy trimming...

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3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account .. 3 per Ceuts. Reduced 31 per Cents Reduced New 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per cent. [waft Stock, 10/ Exchequer Bills,...