17 APRIL 1841

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The menaces of Mr. O'CONNELL and his compatriots have not

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been without their effect on this side of the water: some alarm is felt in London at the threatened invasion, or evasion, of the eight, nine, or ten millions, or whatever the...

The papers announce the search of another American-se the fifth

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belonging to Salem—by a British cruiser on ths . ' Africa. These things are very awkward just now. Accounts by one of the Halifax steam-ships bring the history of affairs in...

- The newspapers this week record two fresh instances of

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eccle- siastical overbearing, of a very offensive kind. In one case, Mr. DUDLEY RYDER, the Vicar of Easton, a village in Hampshire, re- fused to admit into the church the body...


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THE Easter recess passes away with unequalled quiet in the po- litical world. The closing of Parliament used to entice the Members to exchange the arduous struggles of either...

The expense of the mere preparation for war, coupled with

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judi- cious moderation on the part of the present Government, appears to have been making a very considerable change in the feeling of the French lately. The fit of military...

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bt Court.

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THE Court has remained in the uninterrupted enjoyment of country life at Windsor. The Queen and Prince Albert have taken walks almost every morning on the terraces or in the...

In Canada, the elections are proceeding with activity. Fifty- five

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out of the eighty-two members who will compose the United House of Assembly had been returned ; but mahy of those returns will perhaps be disputed hereafter. Hitherto the Union...

ZbE fiattropolis.

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The usual popular observances of Easter week have been duly honoured in the Metropolis. On Monday, the Lord Mayor gave the customary entertainment at the Mansionhouse. Among the...

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Mr. Walter the former Member for Berkshire, is the "Anti-Poor-

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law candidate" for Nottingham, one of the seats for which is vacated by the death of Sir Ronald Ferguson. He addressed the electors on Wed- nesday. The Liberal candidate is Mr....

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The Limerick Chronicle has put forth the following announcement- " Lord Morpeth is to be the new Lord-Lieutenant." This is all moon- shine. Lord Ebrington will return to Ireland...

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The Rangership of Windsor Great Park, which has just been con- ferred upon Prince Albert, has hitherto been held by the Sovereign. The emoluments of the office, independently of...


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A correspondent from Edinburgh informs us, that it is generally un- derstood the Earl of Stair is to be the Commissioner for the approach- ing General Assembly. Lord Belhaven is...

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The wounded feelings of party-men who are sacrificed to the

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interests of their party, sometimes betray them to make disclosures which no. constituted tribunal could exact. Sir Thomas Cochrane, the Member for Ipswich, furnishes an...

No appearance of the President steamer; but alarms, reports of

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its arrival at this or that place, and theories to account for its protracted absence, multiply as time advances. Among the known passengers on board, are Mr. Power the...

The election of a Member for the County of Antrim,

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in the room of General O'Neill, who lately succeeded his brother as Earl O'Neill, took place at Carrickfergus on Wednesday, with the anticipated result ; Mr. Nathaniel...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The metropolis of the Anti-Corn-law agitation, Manchester, is the scene of increasing activity in preparing to push the subject in Parlia- ment. A meeting of...

Mr. Baron Parke met with a severe accident this morning.

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Accord- ing to his custom, he was riding on horseback from his house in Park Street, Grosvenor, Square, to Westminster Hall ; when, in passing Grosvenor Gate, the horse took...

It was said that the Chartists had promised their support

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to Mr.. Larpent, the Liberal candidate for Nottingham. The Globe of this evening, however, quotes at full length a placard posted in Nottingham, announcing the formation of a...

It is distinctly understood that Lord Plunket has placed his

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letter of resignation, "upon conditions," in the hands of Lord Melbourne. Sir John Campbell, the English Attorney-General, has not given up his notion of the Irish...

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OF the various Easter offerings that propitiated the fan-worshiping multitudes this holyday-time, the fairy spectacle of Covent Garden is, as usual, unrivalled in its fanciful...


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WE intimated last week that the Sacred Harmonic Society had revived HANDEL'S Jephtha, and we have availed ourselves of an early oppor- tunity to hear it. This oratorio has a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funas have improved during the week; and at one time yester- day the quotations were I per cent, above those of last Saturday. The...

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Of the Olympic, under Mr. G. WLLD'S management, we have

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had but a glimpse ; but that sufficed to convince us that the light comedians of his little company—including Messrs. BAKER, T. PARRY, and Hai, FORD, walking gentlemen, Mr....

The Haymarket recommenced its year-long season on Monday, some- what

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inauspiciously ; the non-arrival ctf the President steamer having not only deprived the manager of the attraction of POWER'S reappear- ance, but damped the public feeling by...

The New Strand, under the management of Mr. H. Haan,

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bids fair to attain even greater popularity than it enjoyed under that of Mr. Hammmen, in whose company the new manager was a principal performer ; his "Old Weller" being a...

The English Opera has also "obeyed the time, " by producing

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a melodrama, the Deer-Stalkers; which serves to introduce some Scottish ballads, sung by WILSON with a genuine simplicity that:makes one for- get the stage, and a personation of...

The addition of IIerr STAUDIOL to the German company has

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been richly felt in the week's performances at Drury Lane Theatre. This, however, is art of too high an order to be touched upon at the end of a sketch of holy day theatricals ;...

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MR. GRAI1AM, a gentleman sent by Government in 1837 to investi- gate the condition of the starving population of the Hebrides, was examined by the Highland Emigration Committee,...


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EXPORT OF MACHINERY. THIS IS the subject of an inquiry before a Committee of the House of Commons, of which Mr. MARK Pumps is Chairman, and Mr. LABOI1CHERE, Sir ROBERT PEEL,...

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No one who watches the zeal and perseverance of the political working-men in pushing their own opinions can doubt their thirst for power. They have had an inkling, too, of what...

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MANNERS AND CIID701111, The History of Duelling; including Narratives of the most remarkable Personal Eficounters that have taken plate from the earliest period to the present...


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Mime aci.Se, &a. ENCOURAGED by the sympathy of Lord JOHN RUSSELL, Lord CAR.. DIGAN is determined that the vulgar inclination to carp at the amosements of a nobleman, so...


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IT is nothing new to hear indifferent spectators allege that a person may be a bully and yet no fighting man, but it is something new to hear a man make the assertion positively...


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Tun elaborate finish of an ornamental cottage erected on the island at the eastern extremity of the sheet of water in St. James's Park, has excited considerable curiosity as to...

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Tars little book is a rarity,—verse exhibiting observation of life, a keen perception of class and party fallacies, with occasional glimpses of larger and deeper thought ; the...

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Belts, as they are technically called, or sand-banks formed at the mouths of rivers, are among the opprobria of science, and are greatly injurious to the country or district at...

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INFLUENCE OF ENGLISH ART ON FRENCH PAINTING. WE have received a note from the manager of the Diorama exhibition, in reference to an alleged "false impression" conveyed by the...


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• Booxs. Treatise on the improvement of the Navigation of Rivers; with a new Theory of the cause of the existence of Bars. By WILLIAM ALEX- ANDER BROOKS, M. Inst. C. E. The...

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OFFICE 'IF ORDNANCE, April 10.—Royal Regiment of Artillery—Brevet Major W. Dunn to be Lieut.-Col. vice Bridge. retired on fall pay; Second Capt. .1. Bloomfield to be Capt. vice...


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Mn. CenEw had a private exhibition, on Thursday, at his studio, in Somers Place, Hyde Park Gardens, of a basso-relievo of the _Descent from the Cross, intended for an...


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Arrived—At Graveeend. April 19th, Eleanor, Jackson. from Bengal; and Agrippina. Rogers, from Ceylon. In the Downs. 15th, Washinetou. Walter; tool Beceplialus, Ful- cher, from...


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On the 10th inst., in Connaught Place, the Viscountess BERNARD, of a daughter. On the 5th hat.. at Genoa. Lady DE TABLET, of a daughter. On the 11th, inst., at Adlestrop House,...

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Tuesday, April 13. PAUTNERSitIPS DISSOLV E D. Perkins and Henry. North Place. Gray's Inn Road -Coates and Co. London; as far as regards Bill-Spencer and Williams. Great...


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BRITISH FUND iSatunitm, S. Monday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) !redoes. Thurs. Friday. Open Cent. Consols 90 90 89: 901 901 901 Ditto for Account 90 90 90 901 90/ 901 6...