17 DECEMBER 1842

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THE meetings in London and in-the country to aid the Anti-Corn- law League in their new plan, prove that, if the agitation might be managed with more tact in some respects,...

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Zbe (Sow.

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TEE life of the Court at Windsor Castle has been very quiet this week ; the Queen walking with the Prince, and occasionally riding in a pony phaeton ; the Prince diversifying...

gin Aftetropolis.

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An unusually full attendance of the Committee appointed by the Con of Aldermen to investigate the charges against Alderman Thom Wood, with respect to the affair of the Talacre...

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Zbe Vrobintts.

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The Steyning Agricultural Association exhibited their annual fat stock show on Monday. They afterwards dined together, to the number of one hundred and twenty ; the Duke of...

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The Tuam Herald contains the following statement- 4 , S o formidable is the resistance to the payment of poor-rates in that part of the Ballinasloe Union called Scheehan, that...


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The memorial to the Government from the late Convocation of' Non- intrusion ministers at Edinburgh has been published, bearing the signa- ture of Dr. Chalmers. It is a very long...

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The two Houses of Parliament met pro forma, in order

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to be pro- rogued. The Lords Commissioners—the Lord Chancellor, the Earl of Haddington, and Lord Fitzgerald and Vesci—were the only Peers present ; the Commons were represented...

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Arrived—At Gravesenc, Dec. 13th. Gratitudd, Mirvey, from the Cape. 14th, Alba- tross, Mylne, fr...m Calcutta. 16th. Pink, Paterson, from Calcutta. At Cowes, Kilmaurs. South....

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' - .Accounts have been received directly from Barcelona to the 9th.

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The French papers have talked of daily executions of insurgents : it appears that 200 of the more violent were given up to "condign punishment "; but only one execution had...

The North American mail-steamer Acadia arrived at Liverpool yes- terday

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morning ; having left Halifax on the 4th and Boston on the 2d, and bringing New York papers to the 30th. They add scarcely any- thing to the intelligence received by the arrival...

It is a step in every public question when London

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begins to move; and the pertinacity of the Anti-Corn-law associators has at length roused some signs of motion in the huge body. The address of the League to the Metropolis,...

It appears by the New York Express, that Mr. Baldwin,

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the Attor- ney-General for Canada West, had sustained a second election-defeat ; this time in the Second Riding of York, for which a vacancy had been occasioned on petition...

Through the intervention of Miss Jane Porter, whose family were

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intimate with that of Sir Sidney Smith, Sir Robert Peel has given 150/. out of the Royal Bounty to Mrs. Dwyer, the sister of Sir Sidney, who who was recently discovered in a...


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- SATURDAY SATURDAY NIGHT. of grievance. The merchants, tradesmen, and inhabitants of the Tower Ward met yesterday, Mr. Deputy Finnis in the chair, to complain of the wholesale...

By an ordinance dated October 16th, Santa Anna has established

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pri- mary schools of instruction, on Lancaster's system, throughout the Mexi- can republic.

Letters from Canada report that Sir Charles Bagot's illness had

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assumed the most serious character. His complaint is said to be an affection of the lungs, produced by excited action of the heart, andf causing great difficulty of breathing,...

We have received papers from Van Diemen's Land to the

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23d August, and from Port Phillip to the 16th; and they contain news from Sydney to the 6th. Some of the prisoners employed in loading a schooner at Norfolk Island. where...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNonE. The only circumstance of importance connected with the Money-market dining the week has been a notification from the Government of a loan of...

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The programme of the French Playa at the St. James's

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Theatre gives promise of a more brilliant season than even the last : iu addition to BOUFFE, Mesdemoiselles DE.LazET and PLESSIS, we are to have the inimitable VERNET, and...

CONGREVE'S Way of the World, dulled for decency's sake, is

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adver- tised at the Haymarket tonight. The announcements of the Pantomimes herald the approach of Christmas merriment. William Tell is the subject at Drury Lane, and affords...


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The Patrician's Daughter met with an indulgent reception from the audience assembled at Drury Lane on Saturday ; the majority of whom appeared predisposed to favour the first...

The Adelphi burletta, called The Merchant and his Clerks, is

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founded upon a novel freak of somnambulism. A clerk, apprehensive for the security of a large sum of money, gets up in his sleep and transfers it from the safe to a hole in the...

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Now we are upon the eve of a more extended intercourse with China, it is to be wished that the British Government in India should cease to be implicated in the opium-trade. Not...


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" DESPATCH OF BUSINESS." PARLIAMENT i8 to meet on the 2d February, " for the despatch of business." And that business, if an inference may be drawn from the prevailing topics...

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BEGGARS are certainly a nuisance. One meets a beggar with a doubt whether to give him something, and run the risk dl' throwing away money on a scoundrel; or to pass on, giving...


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Ova Law and Police Courts this week have exhibited a few anoma- lous proceedings, which would surprise any one who expected to find sense in law, by the bare enumeration. One...

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The merchants of Glasgow allege a special grievance to this

The Spectator

country in the New American tariff. By a treaty between the United States and Great Britain, in 1815, it was provided that neither country should impose a higher duty on the...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. City, 14th December 1842. Sta—By all parties connected with our Eastern empire the expected arrival of the Honourable East India Company's...


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EXTREMES meet. The desperation of the coward merges into the valour of the hero; the careful miser assumes the condition of the improvident beggar ; and the Quixotic...


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OP THE SPECTATOR. Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, 15th December 1842. SIR—Some time before the late Norwich Festival, you allowed me to state what had passed between me, as the agent of...

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Ilnrroercat, 131002APEIT, Memoirs of the Court of England, from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George II. By John Heneage Jesse. Esq., Author of " Memoirs of the Court...

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Ma. Miaow has been employed by the Bible Society in various countries, and among others in Spain. On a former occasion, he gave to the world a not very edifying account of the...

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FROM an incidental allusion to the death of Sir HUMPHRY DAVY, Dr. YATES appears to have found himself at Malta about 1830, bent upon a pilgrimage to Egypt and Palestine to...

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From December 8th to December 15th. BOOKS. Memoirs of the Court of England, from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George IL By JOHN HENEAGE JESSE, Esq., Author of "...

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SIR ROBERT PEEL has been acting in the character of a Minister of Fine Arts. The Premier has found time, among his multifarious duties, to visit the studios of several sculptors...

At the annual distribution of the prizes to the students

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at the Royal Academy, on Saturday last, the President was very voluble and ener- getic on those sore subjects the rivalry of foreign schools and the strictures of the " minor...


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BIRTHS. On the 10th October. at Cawnpore, in the East ladies, the Lady of Captain EDWARD Daarrau., Fifty seventh Re g iment Bengal Native Itsfautry, of a daughter. On the 4th...

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BRIT I 3 per Cent. Consols ..... ... S H FUNDS. Saturday shut Monday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Wedges, Thurs. Prissy. - - - - - Ditto fur Account 3 per Cents. Reduced...


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WAR-OPFICE, Dee. 13.-17th Regt. Light Drags. - Assist - Surg. G. Anderson. from the 75th Foot, to be Assist..Surg. vice Cooper, deceased. 1st Foot -G. G. Ewart, Geut, to be...


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Tuesday, Dec. 13. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Baine and Rankine, Accringtou. Lancashire, drapers-Gilbert and Tayspill. Col- chester, land-ageuts-G. H. and L. H. Haslewood, Angel...