17 JANUARY 1835

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The session of the American Congress was opened on the

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1st of December, with a message from President JACKSON. This docu- ment is more the.n usually long even for an American state paper, and occupies six closely-printed columns of...


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and advances or retires in ready obedience to the word of com- mand. Even where they have no legs to stand on, they fire away upon their stumps; well knowing that the next best...

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Accounts from Jamaica, to the 1st December, are not more

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satis- factory than other recent intelligence from the same quarter. The Marquis of Suoo is at open variance with the Legislative As- sembly. The Marquis complains of want of...

It is stated that a body of Portuguese troops, about

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7000 or 8000 strong, is preparing to join MINA in Navarre; but this rumour wants confirmation. There is not a word of authentic news from Spain or Portugal this week, which...

The only news from France worth recording, relates to the

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dif- lbrences with the United States. The Doctrinaires have recalled their Minister, M. SEAM:121FR, from Washington, and offered Str. LivitvorroN, the American Ambassador at...


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11111H0 VI•w Or GAINS AND LOSSES. fear table last week gave 154 Reformers and 110 Tone.; but upon further illiquiry, we think it prudent to remove some of the names from the...

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Elie Court.

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THE King and Queen remain at Brighton, apparently in good health. and spirits. Among their visiters this week, we find the names of Sir Francis Butdett, the Earl of Clarendon,...

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Cbe Countrp.

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At the Cambridge Sessions, on the 5tb instant, George Robinson, aged twenty-three, was charged with assaulting and stabbing Mr. Frederick Lane Birch, student of St. John's...

rb, Sattrapotig.

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Lord Abinger (Sir James Scarlett) was sworn in as Lord Chief Baron in the Court of King's Bench on Saturday. He was received by the bar standing. Sir Frederick Pollock,...


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The Dublin Warder has published an article which amounts to little less than a direct incitement to the murder of O'Connell. It com- mences as follows. "0 Lord God, to whom...

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The death of Mr. Justice Taunton, on Sunday last, was very sud- den. He was apparently in his usual state of health on Sunday ; had been at church in the morning, and taken a...

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SATURDAY. Our table of Members Returned gives 281 for the Reformers, and 207 for the Tories. Since it was completed, we have received accounts of the following additional...

In the Middlesex election the Conservatives have played at "double

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or quits," and have lost the game. They might have brought in Mr. Wood without the least difficulty, but they considered that as only half the game. To attempt any thing less...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Jan. 1311,, Royal George, Wilson, from Bengal ; Jean Wilson Banks. from Mauritius ; Mary Ann. Mallon; ; ad Crania. Donn, from the Cape; 14th, Columbia....


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTIRSOON. The issue of money consequent upon the payment of the Dividends has given a tone to the Money Market, which was very firm up to the closing of...

()pi:limit of tbe Pruitt.

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MR. HUME'S CAREER IN PARLIAMENT. MORNING CHRONICLE—There is no public man who is so much hated by the whole host of corruptionists as Mr. Home. The cause of this is...

On Wednesday, at twelve o'clock, the Right Honourable Sir Henry

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Parnell, Bart. was, on the motion of William Lindsay, Esq., seconded by Bailie Symon, unanimously reelected Member of Parliament for the Burgh of Dundee. At the request of the...

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A THIRD lady lessee is in the field—the pretty Mrs. NISBET, who has taken the Queen's Theatre, and opens it on Monday with two new pieces, and a corps comprising some veterans...


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MATTERS of sterner and deeper import compel us to condense our musical notices. The first Philharmonic Trial was on Monday ; and the pieces per- formed were a Sinfonia by...

Paris, 14th January 1835.

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Sia—The Doctrinaires have made a sham movement, of a sham fight, against—TitE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. They are SO dreadfully unpopular from Dunkirk to Toulon, and from Toulon...

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RESULTS OF THE ELECTIONS. AT the present stage of the elections, it is impossible to furnish a correct classified list of the Members returned to the New Parlia- ment. We...


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IN no way, perhaps, can an independent journalist be more use- fully employed, than in directing attention, not only to the pro- bable designs and movements of political...

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AGAIN have the Tories been beaten out of the Metropolitan County, by their most sincere, active, and untiring foe, JOSEPH HUME. In no part of the country, perhaps, have the...

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LORD STANLEY has taken up a position which a politician of his ardent and irascible temper will find it impossible to maintain in such times as these. Even in a season of calm,...

On Wednesday week, the long and painful illness of Mademoiselle

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Duchesnois, the celebrated tragedian, terminated in her death.... Gallynani's Messenger. The population of Munich, which has now 95,000 inhabitants, has been greatly increased...

Lord John Russell has addressed a letter to the Bishop

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of Exeter in explanation of his statement that the Bishops were opposed to the plans of the late Ministers for the commutation of tithes. Lord John's statement seems to have...

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The Classic and Connoisseur in Italy ant Sicily; with an Appendix containing an Abridged Translation of Lanzes Storni Pitturica. By the Reverend G. W. D. Evans. In 3 vulg....


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THESE volumes are intended as a guide, especially in regard to the fine arts and to the former conditions and presentl appear- ance of external nature, in the countries to...

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THE first edition of this work appeared in 1827; the second is now before us. The slow but steady nature of its circulation in some measure indicates its character,—curious,...

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THIS work, which we noticed * with approbation on its first ap- pearance, for the scope of its design, the fairness anti industry of its execution, as well as for the quantity...


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THE author of lies tang comes out better in prose than in verse— in story than in the drama. His Facts and Fictions, or Gleanings of a Tourist, consist of four tales, which are...

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A second edition of Probation and Other Tales, by the

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author of" Selwyn in Search of a Daughter," is on our table. To our former notice of the volume we have have little to add, unless we say that the author's elegant elaboration...

We know not whether the late Mr. HEBER ever read

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all his books, but there are many who would deem the mere examination of their catalogue no slight undertaking. Here is the Fifth Vo- lume as yet extant upon the subject; and...

Mr. ROWBOTHAM'S Guide to Spanish and English Conversa- tion, is

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very similar in plar. .nd arrangement to his kindred work on the French language. F re are the same useful vocabula- ries, the first (of nouns) beginning with words expressing...


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STUMP-LITHOGRAPHY AND ZINCOGRAPHY. A NEW mode of multiplying the original works of great artists, is valuable in proportion to its ease and effectiveness. Originality is...

German for Beginners, " or Progressive Lessons in the Gee..

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man Language: by WILLIAM ‘VirrIcti, teacher of German in the University of London."—We perfectly agree with Mr. W =ICH in his caution against communicating too much of the...

TrromAS'S Library Atlas of Ancient and Modern G eography,is a

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new serial. The First Number contains six maps, very distinctly engraved and neatly coloured; and though the size of the plate is small, it clearly expresses the names and...

Scottish Songs, by ALEXANDER H ums, is a small volume

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of lyrics, by turns sentimental, humorous, and satirical, and adapted to old Scotch melodies. They are not without merit, and have a homely ballad-like character about them;...

The Saxon's Daughter, a Poem in six cantos, by NICHOLAS

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MICHELL, carries us back to the time of Richard the First, and to the heartbureings between the Normans and the Saxons. The subject of the tale is the loves of Beaumont, the son...

Revealed Characteristics of God, by G. BARROW KIDD, and Bible

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Lives from the History of the Old Testament, by BOURNE HALL DRAPER, seem toe purely devotional for a miscellaneous journal to meddle with at length. They do not appear to aim,...

The French Reader's Guide, by M. pr.: LA CLAVERIE, is

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a mo- derate-sized selection of miscellaneous pieces both in prose and verse, well adapted for young students of the French language, fin whose use it has been compiled. The...

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Tite doom of the renowned Chapel of St. Stephen's, it would appear, is sealed, if the mandate for its utter demolition is not already gone forth ; for the Herald—who dotes on...